Thursday, January 29, 2015


Usually all my social media accounts are logged in whether I am awake or sleeping.  Tonight while I was posting a chapter from a biography from Nelson Mandela, I got notifications from Face Book that my account had just become compromised.  Which took me by surprise as there are only two people who log into my accounts and it was neither of them.  One is Robert, the other is Natasha (Husband, Admin Assistant).

I naturally changed all the passwords immediately as it was required.  Then something came to my mind.  When I was at UofT, we did something for one of our projects for school.  We wrote something that you deploy on computers to keep all the key strokes. BANG!  Yes, it can be deployed anywhere to where one has your IP address and then it is on your device.  It can record every keystroke (password included).  I never bothered with that thing after graduation but people, beware, this is IT now.  Some apps you install might contain something like this. NOPE, it is not UofT.  This was being written and tested by many IT students around the world.  The trick now to steal passwords is to deploy it in the back ground when you do not suspect anything.  Then, your accounts will be compromised.

I personally do not care if people hack my accounts.  All my communication is with my family, friends and colleagues.  My 3 banks have secure logins which will detect anything and everything.  I feel sorry if this hacking was from #Uganda because their ICT people are poorly trained and never know their heads from the tails.

So what if I was hacked!  Always use the internet and anything that uses the internet intelligently because you could get hacked anytime and all your life secrets will be online.  Never use the internet for something you cannot stand behind.  I stand behind everything I write on social media and any other internet engine.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
IT all my life the minute I left school.

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