Tuesday, January 27, 2015

South Sudan continues to suffer while the world watches and the Oil grab goes on.

Arusha Peace Deal.  What deal?  We even had China send more troops apparently to protect their Oil investments.  Uganda better beware. If you do anything where CNOOC and the other Chinese companies have invested in Uganda, you too will face Chinese military.  What is going on in South Sudan is nothing short of a tragedy.  What does the African Union do?  What about IGAD.  This many number of deaths, the misplaced, the suffering, the lack to medical treatment, the incredible suffering, kids with no school. One day, History will write a horrible chapter of what we have done and what the world did while Africans died.  This atmosphere will also lead to terrorism.  A desperate population can turn to desperate measures.  THIS ARTICLE IS LONG BUT YOU MAKE A MISTAKE NOT TO READ IT. Thanks Moses.

In Late December 2013 Uganda’s superior firepower quickly tilted the balance of power in the ethnically charged conflict in favor of Mr. Kiir’s forces, capturing several key towns and South Sudan’s rich oil region in a quick offensive. But the rebels still control large swaths of territory, and both sides continue to engage in clashes in a conflict that has displaced 1.5 million people.
The tide has severely changed against SPLA Juba faction in the battle for control of the Oil fields ,with the recent arms race SPLA I.O destroyed this T-72 battle tank with its Latest weapon " The Saxhorn 2 this was after a futile attempt to recapture Omthelawch oil field.
According to sources close to SPLA .I.O 150 Battle tanks have been put out of service in the last 13 month of the war and the implication with the changing dynamics in the battle means,Museveni being the key player in the conflict and the talks, given the Ugandan’s army’s (UPDF) deployment to the country following the outbreak of violence to fight alongside government troops, who are battling to contain an armed rebellion led by former vice-president Riek Machar. For that basis of involvement in siding with one faction of the warring party UPDF as no escape from this carnage in loss of equipment and boots on the ground due to rules of engagment,bare in mind there is agreement that allows Uganda to purchase weapons and technological support on behalf of South Sudan referred as military and weapons cooperation.
In principle Museveni ,should be held responsible for triggering this latest round of Arms race in a country that 1.5 of its citizens are living in Internally displaced Camp and the government rellies on aid agencies to provide relief supplies to feed the population.UN FAO estimates 3.7 million people in South Sudan will face acute food security problems.
Statistics indicate:
South Sudan has one of the worlds human development indicators.
It has one of the worst maternal mortality rate,nearly 1 in 7 pregnant women die of pregnacy related disease
Worst primary school enrollement
Life expentacny is 42 years
75 % of the population are unable to access medical treatment.

Its shamful that the regional leaders can not tackle this crisis seriously ,other than shuttling around in the regions capitals in a red carpet showbiz diplomacy in pretentious rounds of peace jokes, continually Museveni still does not get the fact that engaging natural resources of a struggling economy like Uganda in his foreign wars can not bring everlasting peace in the region and neglecting domestic matters ,the continued UPDFs presence in South Sudan war is a recipe for future disaster for the ordinary Ugandan tomato and potato vender in South Sudan.
--------------- The writer Moses is of Ugandan Origin.

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