Sunday, January 18, 2015


When I left Uganda at a young age, I learned what my rights were coming into Canada and my rights when I returned home.  Do you know that a person born in Uganda automatically had citizenship?  Did you also know that a child born of a Ugandan qualifies for Ugandan Citizenship.  So our 4 daughters are Ugandans by default and one of them is adamant on getting this on paper.  No worries, she is going to be an export of a medical doctor to Uganda.  What bothers me is when people ask me why a Canadian has interest in Uganda.  Well, I was born and raised there.

Uganda has bastardized the constitution so much I no longer even know where we stand in terms of our rights.  I know that now dual citizenship is allowed but when I took the oath to be a Canadian Citizen, it was not allowed.  So here I am trying to reclaim my Ugandan Citizenship (which by the way no one will ever take away from me) and the cost is some $400 just for a piece of paper.  But if you sit back and think through this one, how many countries can I get into with a Ugandan passport?  Canada gets you into every country in the world.

I think Uganda has to think about efficiency.  Your best people are in UK, USA, the Nordic Countries, Germany, Canada.  And you want us to pay you $400 to apply for our citizenship back - for what?  We already remit a lot of money home.  Make it simple and we will partner with you.  One day those foreign investors you are courting who have no affiliation to Uganda will rip you off.  Mark my words.  It is just a matter of time.  We want our citizenship back without submitting pages after pages of registrations and not paying that $400 for each application.  Our family is in a position.. 5 of us applying for that for that amount?  Nedda, we will stick to Canada and France.  Do you know what $400 can do in Uganda?  I guess you would not know since you are used to getting free money.  Some of us have to work for every penny.

THE INTERESTING THING IS  - Aronda is in the media saying any foreigners can apply for Ugandan Citizenship.  I will leave this here for you to digest.  A Ugandan has to pay a lot to regain their citizenship but a foreigner can get it scot free or for some pathetic fee like sh. 50,000 (it is not even $30). Damn it.  What has happened to Uganda that you all do not see what is wrong?  AHA, I do get it though.  We found Oil and we have an army so we will do good for our people.

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Zesaguli
Born and Raised in Uganda -- and waiting to reclaim my citizenship in Uganda.

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