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An Impoverished population is easy to rule over and control.  A country where the majority do not read or learn of want to know information is a sure guarantee of non development.

This is my second year trying to understand #Uganda.  Not that my people cannot read and we do have a democracy as we elect our president with each term.

What I find as a hindrance to Uganda's development is the people who do not read and do not want to read.  They are much too contented in their poverty and the country cannot develop with such people.  I have watched many other Ugandans who care (in the country and in the diaspora) and try to inform and educate. Yet many of them face nothing but abuses from people who can even barely communicate in the country's official language - ENGLISH.  Then so many complain about unemployment.  Yes, we have over 80% unemployment but if you write horribly and abuse anyone and everyone who could help you, then how do you dare ask the government to help you get a job.  How many of you have even written business plans or project proposals? Yet when asked to write such a thing, you cannot because you have taken the easy path of blaming Museveni for everything.

I am aware too that education in Uganda is not the best.  Well, then why do you not apply for the opportunities to study abroad like the kids of the rich people in your country?  How many times have I posted scholarship and education opportunities abroad only to be  told that "it does not load on my phone, can you do the applications for me?".  Take a step back. If the government favours certain tribes and families, then why do you not use the information we give you where it is you alone for those scholarships without any government intervention?  It is your life. ENOUGH.  Wake up.  We need to all wake up if we want a better Uganda.

For God and My Country,
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

I got comments on this post on FaceBook so here we go.  Totally stunning.

  • Mary Kelly Martha Leah Zesaguli,are you aware Three Quarters of Uganda has no Roads, Electricity and Running Water? Applying to Study Abroad? How can Poverty Stricken Citizens Afford Tickets and International School Fees??? Let us be Realistic Dear. A Country that Does not Look after it's Children has no plan for the Future of that Nation! Period and Full Stop!
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  • Christine Zook Mary Kelly, Germany does not charge for college, and people can find work to feed themselves and to rent a room. There are other countries where education is free as well. If they can pay to go to Israel or other Arab countries where they become nothing but slaves, they can come up with a way to get to a free college.
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  • Martha Leah Zesaguli What stuns me about Mary's comment is that she does not even realise that the information I provided in my post includes full scholarships and everything processed in Kampala. It also includes the European schools which charge nothing to apply or pay for school there. You see, now I realise what my problem is. Even the people I respect the most in Uganda refuse to read what I write very clearly. For one thing, UWC Scholarships, all applications are via mail or email and no fees charged with the interviews being held in Kampala and I am on that committeee. We pay for the passport, visas, airline and then pocket money after the kids get into the exclusive 11 only schools around the world. Next, the Canadian Univerisities, you find a program, locate the school and contact the school and many will forego the application fee and fund all your education. Then the beauty of Europe is how many countries have eliminated tuition fees and then give students permits to work and pay their way. I am feeling very disappointed and for that, I am signing off this thread. If the most intelligent people in Uganda cannot even read the basic information I share, and been sharing it for 7 months (God is my witness and so is the world), then how can I rely on those people to help my people? Fracking unbelievable.
  • Martha Leah Zesaguli One day.... one day.
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