Sunday, January 11, 2015

Only the most despicable regimes militarise everything. Uganda Military Police took over Public Transportation

If you are not angry, you are not paying attention.

Dear Mzee,

Mulembe Naabi,

In some 29+ yrs Ugandans have been waiting for you to show love and you have done some of it. I think now you have to deliver more now that the country is living in pain.  Do you know that your people are afraid of you.  When a population is afraid of you, it means you might be a dictator.  I still err on the other side where I believe that people voted for you because they love you.  Now you have to show them your love for them and why you liberated them.  It is anormal to think that a whole country is afraid of you.  I am not afraid of you.  Why would I be afraid of my own father? NEVER

You will remember when you first went to Bugisu and castigated people for marrying off their daughters too early before giving them a solid education.  I am one of the products from that place (father had always focused on educating the girls but the other elders listened to you).  Mzee, I beg you to listen.  We have a lot of work to do.  You may have been shielded from this but I promise you no mercy.

There is no medicine in the hospitals.  The healthcare workers are not paid on time.  Neither are the police and soldiers.  Our teachers go many months without salaries.  Our roads are in horrible shape.  So many health centres you hoped would help the people have had no equipment or paid staff.  Some of our own hospitals have no electricity or running water.  Worse, many do not even have toilelets.  We have arbitrary arrests and you know this yourself as when you found out that Kagingo (I love that sister though) had ordered an IT person from your team to be arrested, you were not happy.  Mzee, if I do not tell you these things, who will tell you them when so many are running scared of you? Mzee,  the graduates write horribly and cannot articulate.. why do we graduate kids who cannot even write?  It is an embarrassment to the world and makes Uganda look like a mediocre education system set up.  I feel annoyed about this one.

I read an article that NAADs was sitting on some sh. 200 billion.  My suggestion is to use it to pay the people who are still waiting for their salaries.  You see, I am a Problem Solver...kind of.  You cannot hold onto power without paying the people who work for your people.  You make a big mistake  to ignore all my letters.  It is not because I even need your attention as I work for one company that you also know about. Pay all our servants.  Listen to your people.  Tell your team to stop harassing and arresting people with no reason.  The Judiciary system in Uganda is pathetic.  Fix it.  You are so lucky I did not go to law school in Uganda or I would have been your nightmare daughter.  While at it, tell your people to get the goons off Social Media because your enemies are not on Social Media. I am one of the few that tell you what I sense from the ground and tell you things as they happen.  I scan the internet constantly to post news that affects Uganda.  I read with a fury and I also write furiously.  Your low paid spies make a mistake to abuse me on Social Media and I know it is not you but they know no better.  Uganda needs their brainiacs back home.

Uganda is in a terrible state now because you have been shielded from too much.  I know one of these days you will get all my letters to you and you will see that I mean only good For God and My Country. Mzee, we need medicine in all the hospitals.  We need electricity, running water and basic equipment like Xrays, Ultra sounds, etc.  These  things should be in all the regional hospitals.  Paying for private health care for our family members is hard.  Imagine the people who cannot afford to pay.  Mzee, I hope you are listening.  Will you be that man you promised in 1986 to deliver Uganda from suffering?  The entire country is waiting.  I am waiting.  Yes, Sister Cephas also was one of my key influencers for life forever.

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Born and Raised in Uganda

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