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Sacre diable!!!  Tabernacle!  Sacre Diable!  Well, if I said those words in English you would not like it. Bloody Hell, NRM has spent 29+yrs fixing a system which had no functioning education, no functioning hospitals, no good roads, no low unemployment, no corruption, no bribery, no brutal arbitrary arrests, no beating to near death of journalists, no families going 2-3 days with no food, no slums in Kampala, no beggars on the streets, no land evictions, no land grabbing, etc.. Sacre Diable.  I love Museveni.  Deal with it.  He is fixing all the institutions which did not exist before he took over from the bush.  DID you even go to the bush?  Do you want me to take off my clothes and show you that I went to the bush?  Kumanyoko. No worries, I wear Vic Sec. Ohlalala  - The New Vision is a RAG.  Red Pepper is even better.  I cannot believe how they can write an article like this.

By Vision Reporter

KANUNGU - President Yoweri Museveni has said it has taken time to rectify some of the important development infrastructure in the country because the NRM Government inherited a failed economy and non-existent state institutions in 1986.

The President made the remarks on Saturday, while responding to concerns by the people of Kanungu over electricity outages in the area.

Museveni said according to the explanation given by the energy ministry, the existing power lines are old and cannot adequately handle the existing energy output that currently stands at 850 megawatts (MW) up from 60MW in 1986.

“We found a dead economy and started from zero. As we handle one challenge, another one comes up. We solved the energy issue and now we have to replace transmission lines countrywide. You need to bear with us.”

The Ugandan leader however said as the Government handles its part of providing the much needed services, the people should devote their efforts to wealth creation and income-generation.

Museveni said for the rural population, profit-oriented modern agriculture is the answer.

He said the Government has already secured funds to upgrade the road from Rukungiri to Kanungu.

Work on the road will start soon.

President Museveni talking to Kisoro Potato Processing Industries Director John Bahana. (PPU)

In Kanungu, the President commissioned the newly built Gorilla Summit Coffee Factory that is owned by Hamlet Kabushenga.

He also commissioned Rugyeyo Community Hospital, a private-public partnership hospital and commended the hospital promoter and businessman, Garuga Musinguzi, for supplementing the Government’s effort in the health sector.

While in Kisoro district, the President commissioned a new Irish potato processing plant constructed by businessman Tom Mugenga.

The factory, which is valued at $5m, (about sh14b), processes Irish potatoes into chips, crisps, corn and makes mixed vegetables.

Museveni said the Government is ready to avail funds for agro-processing, starting with the tea factory to be built in Kisoro.

Mugenga said he is targeting regional and Arab world markets.
The president poses for a group photo with workers of  Kisoro Potato Processing Industries Ltd  of Tom Mugenga (not in photo) during the commissioning the first factory in the district at Mutolere. (PPU)
Here, Museveni with Agriculture Minister Buckyandayani (right) being shown Mutolere Catholic Parish tea estate by Fr. John Bazimenyera during the tour of Kisoro district. (PPU)
A crowd attending President Museveni’s rally at Kisoro Boma Ground on Saturday. He has been in Western Uganda traversing Kigezi region on a wealth creation campaign(PPU)
President Museveni introducing the new PM Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda to people of Kisoro during the rally at Boma ground. (PPU)

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