Thursday, January 1, 2015


I first learned about this at the Moncton Christian Academy (Wesleyan Church in Moncton, Canada).

The parent and teacher conferences are a bit much.  However, since we sign up to promise that we will attend them all.  The Administrator always has something for the parents.  This one time, a parent counselor had been invited to talk to all the parents.  These people are very highly paid but we got her advice for free.

Imagine my shock when she said to leave the kids alone. I followed the advice.  The girls always their rooms looking like hurricanes had passed through.  In Canada, it is not everyone who can get a cleaning service.  When we were in Toronto, it was a joke.  When we moved to Moncton, things changed.  Well, my salary was frozen for one thing but the girls had to learn to adapt.  I have no regrets and they do not miss Toronto except for visiting and shopping.   Our cleaning auntie (she only comes in once a week) has watched us grow.  She cleans the common areas and any rooms if we put things off the floor.  Which kinda does not happen weekly.

Our rooms always look like a hurricane just tore through.  The girls, it is always clothes all over the place.  My office is papers everywhere. Until she told me that kids are like that.  My bad mommie would have punished me for being messy.  What is interesting is Bad Mommie is now with our family in Canada and she keeps saying "do not farce anything". So my sister did well.

In our house, we have an engineer (my niece), a medical sciences kid (she is so tiny it is scary but born end of the year and going to University at age of 17).  Then we have one who will not be a teacher but a psychologist...she found out that this profession makes more than teachers fresh out of school

I am now happy to leave the 3 girls alone.  They are always on their laptops or phones.  I have no idea how much that even costs but they are well adjusted.  You should read my other blog.  Kids are not anti-social.

Dora, Becky, Tasha and their best friends, Theodore and Pumpkin keep life flowing.  No minute is boring.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

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