Tuesday, January 20, 2015


My dear father,

Mulembe naabi.  Father I am writing to you after some weeks with no letters from me.

Papa, did you know that some people show up on Social Media (face book mostly) to tell me that you will hurt me.  I do not understand why they say such things.  A father cannot hurt his own child.  You know about me and all your Intel does too.  But these people who threaten me also threaten many Ugandans.  I am not afraid of you and I will never be afraid of you.  I was also raised by Sister Cephas.  When you worked under Amin and Obote, you knew about our family so these ridiculous threats mean nothing to me.  You have Uganda at heart.  Sure, I am a numbers person so sometimes I analyse contracts in Uganda and I know when you are being fooled by the people you trust.  All the construction deals are a maze.  Any kid with a business degree can tell you that.  My affiliation with Oil does not mean that I know a lot about Oil in Uganda.  My preference is to kill useless jobs, bring in Best Business Practices and Accountability.  Believe me, you do not make friends doing this.  I would also like you to consider my other strength in Job Migration where we move jobs to low cost areas.  Your people are not telling you the truth.

The corruption must end.  I am all over the internet writing about corruption and donor funds being stolen.  I would like you to consider this too.  Please notice that I am on the payrol of the biggest Oil company in the world so I do things for Uganda none paid.

Papa, what have we done with Uganda that we now let people go days without food?  I do not blame you at all.  I have been posting about education and people at home tell me to apply for them.  Do you remember when you were young and did not have access to education and scholarships, you would have said thank you.  I would have praised the person.  But our youth now ask me to do the applications for them.  I do not understand.  A good immigration consultant in Canada will charge you some $25,000 to get you a visa for a year.  I give this information for free and they all end up in a nice place.  But what is with Uganda that when I  tell them that we are having interviews in Kampala, they ask how much they have to pay me to apply for them.  BUT how can this be because I do not even know the people and even if I knew them, I would not do their applications.

Papa, what am I missing?  I am missing a lot apparently.  One more thing.

Our civil servants are going months without pay.  So are the police and soldiers.  I do not understand this one at all.  Did you know that if you do not pay me, I will quit over nite.  I will just grow food for the family and I am great at this (you should see the garden and sheep do not baa, they mee).  So we have doctors, nurses, teachers, police and army going with no pay.  They could all strike one day and refuse to work.  Think about the consequences.  Yes, think about it.  I am not inciting but I am telling you what I would do if you missed paying me even one cheque.

Finally, you might want to read what I post because I do not sugar coat anything (obwavu).

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)\

ps: Yes, I have the nerve to write to our president.  Some of you complain without writing to him.

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