Sunday, January 18, 2015


This is such a big problem with Uganda I must put it global and even beyond Face Book.  Why do some people think saying Hai is okay?  Well, you are interrupting somethings.  And then you use this language called Unglish.  I even had no idea it is now considered as a language  until a friend of mine from school sent me the info.. and he is from Sierra Leone (he only did it because he knows I do not understand it and it infuriates me).  So you just met some one.  In my case, apparently Face Book no longer allows people to inbox me so you have to send a friend request first, I accept and then you inbox me.

Besides everything going on I have to put up with "hai dia".  I always answer with, "I am here, how may I help you today".  Then these fools say I am being rude.  What is so rude about that?  You just sorta dialed my number and the polite thing is to say "how may I help you today".  If you do not like politeness, I am not your swiri or sexi.  Go jump off the bridge.

How many times must I tell Uganda that you must not bounce in people's inboxes without a mission?  So many of you see me posting --- I am starting the news now, please do not inbox.  WHOA, then so many of them will come in hi swiri,  Some even have the audacity to say, "I know you are married but I want you to be my best friend on FB"...  There must be something I am missing from Uganda.  Do these people even know that Robert can block them overnight.  He just does not because he watches the fools fall.  Gosh, please, give me space.  I am here for God and My Country but not swiri (such a bad word and I have no idea how Uganda came to think it is okay for people to use it).  Get a better phone and stop using abbreviations.  They are really annoying.  Most people in Uganda do not even abbreviate anymore.  They write full words and full sentences.

Hey, if you do not like what I just wrote, Face Book has a function called Block.  Exercise it right now and block yourself because I will never be anyone's Swiri OR accept them, that is Uganda.  NEVER.

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton Canada
Born and Raised in Bududa District, Uganda

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