Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to walk away from a potential female friend or business partner.

The writer of this one is aware of it because I did mention what was wrong with his post on his FACE BOOK wall before I blocked him.  I am accessible via other social media so this is not a show stop.  Who on earth thinks it is okay to post this as  their status?  But I have seen much worse.  Do you people ever stop to think what you are doing on Face Book?

No one wants to hire a sexist man, especially if you are the woman boss.  No one wants to hire a man who calls women names, not even men unless they are dimwits.  En plus, everyone on FB knows I post only news and education articles and then you befriend me and this is your status?  Take it from me, the non Ugandan will check your FB profile before anything else.  Good luck buddy.

Women need to humble themselves for a minute... When did any woman travel the seas with just a female crew, and only like one or two dudes for extra activities etc... ??? its hard being a man, respect your dad first (even if he f#cked up a bit) and then also respect your man. If you chose him, you gotta fvckin respect him... A man has to work hard in life, a woman can just easily open her legs and get whatever she wants from a man... not saying all women do that, but yeah...

Opening remarks by Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama), Moncton, Canada, Born and Raised in Uganda

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