Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HOW TO RAISE KIDS -- And I am not an expert at this, just life experiences.

When we had the girls in schools in Toronto, we did the over programming of kids. They had to take music, dance and sports.  When we moved to Moncton (a city of 100,000 compared to the big one of 5 million or more), I did a Martha decides.  No more programming of kids. All activities had to drop off so they could enjoy nature.  The first drive we took on Scoudouc Road was to admire the cows and horses (they had only seen them on paid farms).  We used to fish in the Kawartha area and here we can fish on the ocean.  In Canada, kids under 16 do not need a license to fish so they had some fun.  Except one day, they stopped putting the worms on their fishing rods.  You see, kids have feelings for living things.

What I have noticed over life is kids need music, sports and a lot of love.  There is even one kid missing now. She did not come home last night.  Well, she can drive.  Exam week.  She stayed with her older sister in town just to catch up on some reading for the exams of today.

The girls take piano, guitar, dropped out of Voice lessons, they take sports (too much in my opinion).  I  think parents have to realise that music wires the brains of kids to take the sciences like it is part of their nature.  Many of us did not grow up with parents who could afford to pay for us to attend conservatory music lessons.  Our parents still did the best they knew at that time.  What I would hope for is that the parents of today try to put their kids in music. Maths and the sciences will be a breeze for the kids.  In Canada and USA, we suffer from kids becoming obese.  Sports fixes that.  And besides, little people like to burn energy and sports does it all.  Mr. P at Shediac Cape is hard on the kids, he makes them do hard sports during Phys Ed hour.  Then he also coaches them for other things like soccer, basketball, track and field, badminton, volleyball, etc..  Okay, maybe he is not the coach for all the sports (I only remember the great teachers and he is a precious one).  Our late Mr. Harris at the Moncton Christian Academy did the same.

Yeah, I just said it.  Music, Sports and Love.  Your kids will be set for life.  There are many books about this.  Use Google and you will see them all.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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