Saturday, January 10, 2015

Everyone has a writing style and communication style. Learn how your family and friends communicate

You know how you each have a unique thumb print?  It is the same with your communication style.  We all spend a lot of time on Social Media but believe me, we all tell all the key people about our writing style.  I can tell the very first sentence from an impostor using an account to someone I know.  Yes, I have busted some people with this one.

You have a unique way that you communicate.  Your writing is unique to you too.  Even in computer coding, anyone will always tell what code I wrote because I document and comment in my own style.  When some people have received replies from my Face Book when my husband was logged in to help me, some were sharp and saw it was not me. However, he is so good that so many did not even realise it was Robert.  When my Assistant replies to my emails, many think it is me but the ones who know my style were able to tell that it was someone else replying to them.  She now takes all messages whose Subject says "For Martha" and she puts them in a folder..  One time I got my niece to reply to all my Whatsap messages.  This one is a good one.  No one noticed that it was her replying and not me.  But she is an engineer so they are kinda far ahead.

Please learn the writing style of your friends and family.  It might be the one thing they rely on to save their lives or yours.  I have some key friends that will know if they get a message from me and they will know that it is not me sending it.  Anyone in Uganda (especially) can be arrested without any reason, forced to log into their account and communicate with you using their account.  It is crucial that you learn about the thumb print, the voice of the person and the writing style of the people you care about.  The silent cues that we all give to the people who care about us.  So when some Ugandans accuse me of writing on that blog called change of the guards, I think it is rather silly.  For one thing, I do not have access to that information.  The other thing is I write in a lazy style (sometimes with anguish), that blog is too this and that, meaning too kinda organized.  Not, I do not communicate that way and many know it now. 

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Born and Raised in Uganda 

Kasulu Bana says this is the Luther Vandross of Uganda.

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