Tuesday, January 20, 2015


SINCE SOCIAL MEDIA AFFECTS YOUR LIFE AND ALL EMPLOYERS, BUSINESS PARTNERS AND SCHOLARSHIP GIVERS READ YOUR FB, GO DO SOME CLEANING UP.  Did you know that English is the language of Commerce the world around.  Yes, it is also the world for navigation so learn the call signals.  It is actually the one we use for computers.  Ya think that UNGLISH will get you a job?  Pray tell me, why is the unemployment rate among graduates in Uganda 80-95%? Unglish is a factor but hey, I am fluent in English and French besides other Ugandan languages and do I look like I am job hunting?  Use FB for your good, not your downfall.  Just imagine some people have the audacity to send a job appliction via inbox and using Unglish (surely, you are from Uganda so you understand).  Imagine how their project reports would look for the funders.  Yeah, you may be a Briton but you have to understand Unglish because that is how we talk here.  One has the money and the other one needs it.  Tumbafu!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Uganda has a pandemic of laziness and stupidity.
They wonder why they have a very high level of unemployment.  This is a conversation from a Ugandan who actually even uses a fake profile but her friends know her well.  She has no time to write full words.
Martha Leah Zesaguli Write proper English for crying out loud. The employers are watching. Abbreviations are a sign of laziness.
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Nampeera Remmie Bushira Sha!
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Martha Leah Zesaguli I am a recruiter. Write proper English. Contact me if you need a job.
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Nampeera Remmie Bushira Neva
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Nampeera Remmie Bushira 2 Hell With Prnper English 4 As Long As U Get Wat I Min, I Hv No Tym 2 Write A Full Wad
------------------------------------------------------------ By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)

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