Monday, January 19, 2015

Bachelor Degrees funded in Canada

I get asked about scholarships.  The way University works in Canada and even USA for a bachelor degree, you have to apply and then be considered for a scholarship.  Think about it, one has to know what you are admitted for before funding you.  So read my other posts on education abroad because in fact many other countries in Europe fund education.  I did all my studies in Canada so I do tend to focus on Canada.  Try google "nangalama blog education" and you will find the link which has all the information about Canada and Europe.

It is rather interesting because in Canada, a bachelor degree can get you a full scholarship.  A masters, law, or medicine is not easy.  We have a young lady here who attends UPEI for an Executive MBA. She is not funded.  My sister and her father have to send money to pay for all her studies.  Kid is a Civil Engineer with Transportation so an Executive MBA (4 days a weak in class) is not easily funded because she even has working papers.  By the way, in Canada, when you get your student visa, now you get permission to work anywhere while going to school.  I will deal with this another time.  I am just trying to get this application thing out of the way as most deadlines for International Students are March 15th and time is running out. 

If you do not read what I post for education, you are denying yourself opportunities.  Bachelors degrees are for anyone.  All our Universities take anyone with Alevels from Uganda.  But get this, even from Universities.  We also have this thing called Mature Entry.  I have helped some people with this one in the past.  Basically, as long as you are 21yrs old or older, even you dropped out of school, you get admitted as long as you write a convincing letter to say why you think you need to go to school now.  Incidentally, mature students get funded more than young kids.  Main reason, they have life experiences to bring into the lectures and discussions.  Even graduates with degrees can use this one. 

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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