Monday, January 19, 2015

Academic Pressure on Kids is now taking over from the games we used to play

I have no idea how I even survived this system.  When I see people say that kids these days have no social skills I stop and tell them, it is not true.  We have kids going to school for 7hrs Mon to Fri. Then they do homework for another 7hrs.  I watch the girls go to bed at midnite or later because they have to finish their school work.  We are sucking the life out of these kids.

Okay, Becky and Tasha are high achievers but no well meaning kid will walk away from marks.  They work so hard.  Much harder than I would have ever done at their age. Then they have other activities like school things, sports and music and living.  So the girls text their friends a lot to keep in touch.  I had one Ugandan ask me how come the girls do not comment on my posts on FB.  They do not have the time to follow all my posts.  Besides, we have a none said rule in our family.  You will hardly find my siblings commenting on my posts.  You will have an even harder time finding the kids commenting on my posts.

Respect the kids.  We are pushing these kids to deal with an education system which does not remember that many rural families have kids running in the fields and helping with house work.  We are training robots really.  It is rather sad.  At the age of 16yrs, my sister still had to help me to wash and fashion my hair.  Then last year when I watched this kid at 16 get admitted into a good University (she was very stressed just to get in and she did get in), I realised that the times have changed.  She goes to Uni at 17 this Sept and she will do well.  I watched the 13yr old Mini work so hard for Defense on her soccer team, then track and field (she needs puffers but will never let you go past her).  Now the little one is on the basketball team and she still plays in the Moncton Badminton club.

We are raising kids for what?  They spend too many hours in school, on homework and then we have these other activities for them.  I THINK IT IS TIME TO TAKE A STEP BACK.  The girls still have to do chores (wash their clothes, practice their music, load and empty the dishwasher, look after their animals).  KTM.  Kids are not anti-social.  They are just faced with far too much and we did not have this when we grew up.  Kids do not even climb fruit trees.  That is how bad it is.  They no longer climb their apple trees.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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