Thursday, December 31, 2015


End of year financial analysis for #Uganda.

On December 31, 2014, the Uganda shilling closed at 2771 on the US dollar. On December 31, 2015, it closed at 3372 on the US dollar.

Coffee Arabica closed at $4.34 per kilo on Dec 31, 2014. On Dec 31, 2015 Arabica closed at $3.26 a kilo.

Coffee Robusta closed at $2.20 per kilo on Dec 31, 2014. Robusta closed at $1.8 per kilo on Dec 31, 2015.

I am skipping gold for this analysis.  Uganda has no impact on the gold market. Well, if you sell things illicitly you cannot expect the major markets to monitor your volume and prices.

The big one is Oil. Since it is #Museveni's oil.

On Dec 31, 2014, Brent crude oil closed at $62.16 a barrel.  On Dec 31, 2015, it closed at $37.28 a barrel. 

On Dec 31, 2014, Uganda's inflation was 12%. It is now 9.3%. But since we did not have much use of Social Media in the past elections, ensure you are not drinking anything. In 2011, the inflation was 30.48%. 

The World Bank and IMF have reduced Uganda's GDP from 5.8% to 5%.

Moody's has down graded Uganda from stable to negative. This means it is riskier to lend money to Uganda oh heck, we always have China.

Uganda's GDP per capita was $422 in the year 2014. It is now in the neighbourhood of $725. GDP per capita is truly "number fudging". This number is what many economists play with to influence loans and funders. A country like Uganda where there is no transparency in accounting is a toss. Means give your money at your own risk. At regime change over, you could lose it all.

You will remember that the World Bank (WB) recently cancelled $265 million for a road project in Uganda due to lack of accountability. And they will be reviewing all projects.

Some people were surprised that Total is taking Uganda to a tribunal in USA for arbitration. Again, transparency and accountability. Tullow Oil has not even settled the court order to pay Uganda.  Hey, if you want to hide things, The Devil Wears Prada.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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Here are reasons why we must do this asap.

1) People are being arrested or kidnapped in the night.

2) Some are taken in broad day light.

3) It is very hard to get people out of the hands of the kidnappers. More so when the police deny even arresting a person in daylight in front of cameras.

Neighbourhood watch in Canada and USA means all the neighbours watch out for each other day and night. Upon noticing anyone suspicious, they call the police. In Uganda, good luck with your police.

Ugandan opposition has to approach this differently. 

The P10 by FDC has to think and look beyond protecting the votes.  People are vanishing daily so opposition must immediately address this.

My suggestion is for you to have a schedule of 8hrs. Volunteers.  Money will not help.  So you will have 3 shifts per day. Each person on each shift sounds an alarm when they see the goons coming. The alarm wakes up everyone. Then all the people show up. This is a numbers game. And never think of having one or two people on each shift. The country has many unemployed people so do it in numbers, day or night.  When the alarm is sounded by the shift watchers and all the village comes out, these goons will stop taking our people. Your people need to have pangas, big sticks, etc.. If any crime preventers show up with guns, you know what to do.

I am aware that this post is being read by opposition and government. I am not inciting. Hell no way.  Just thinking of all those dead bodies. No more. You can make a difference. Let the goons face the wrath in every community and village.

Keep your phones on. Take all the pictures and videos you can safely take. Send them to all your activist contacts. We will show the world.

I thank you. We all thank you.  Without your help, we cannot help you or change Uganda.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a death trap


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

'When a man hath no freedom to fight for at home,
Let him combat for that of his neighbours;
Let him think of the glories of Greece and Rome,
And get knocked on the head for his labours.
To do good to mankind is the chivalrous plan,
And always as nobly requited;
Then battle for Freedom wherever you can,
And , if not shot or hanged, you'll get knighted'
(Lord Byron)

As 2015 goes, the struggle for democracy, freedom, economic and social liberation continues to progress and victory is now in sight. With extra persistent effort we can see a realistic chance of victory.

Free Uganda is at the forefront of this struggle against the #Museveni government and we will not relent until we achieve victory for the people of Uganda.

On behalf of the external leadership committee office I would like to thank all of you who have supported and assisted Free Uganda in our ongoing struggle for freedom. Free Uganda values your support especially that support which is helping us mobilise our people on the ground in Uganda. I also would like to invite all Ugandans who wish for change to join Free Uganda in this noble cause.

It is not that I a dilate the people......
.......I wish men to be free
As much from mobs as Kings......
Lord Byron ( In Don Juan)

Yes, it our objective as Free Uganda to ensure that the citizens of our country are free from all kinds of oppression.

Sacrifice is not a measure of greatness. If it was then some Ugandans were born great, some became great, but many others will have greatness thrust upon them. Many a married couple in Uganda today makes love in order to forget that they were hungry. That is one of the reasons Free Uganda is struggling to liberate our people from the Museveni misery.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2016.

Major Twaha M Mukiibi
External Coordinator
Free Uganda


This gentleman in Uganda posted the picture on Facebook.

A Felix Obasoni


BY KB (not Besigye).


President Yoweri Museveni returned home after Mandela's funeral and immediately called his top political and army advisers where he dropped the bombshell: “I’m going to retire to my cows, I did not realize just how much the world has changed, till I went to South Africa,” said Museveni to the shocked members of his inner cabinet. “There will be no other rap,” he quipped.

“I have travelled a lot in Africa and abroad, I do not want Uganda to be like our neighbour Zimbabwe and Gabon with retired presidents so old they can no longer run a kilometre, I thank comrades in the army and the NRM, we saved Uganda from a savage and we must now look from aside” Why is he now fighting JPAM. This man is planning to die in office and this will happen only under VOUR's dead body.  Stop singing 2016. the time is now, Burkina Faso's way.


The #Uganda shilling is closing the year at 3373 on the US dollar, 4974 on the British pound, 3664 on the Euro and 33 even on the Kenyan shilling. Could someone give us the rates for 2014 year end? I have run out of MBs. If you notice depreciation in the value of the Uganda shilling, take it up with Muchebile.

Coffee is still the same.

Gold is at $1062 per ounce.

Oil is trading at $37.60 a barrel. Tiny drop but the chart looks good. It is going to move up and hit resistance at $40 then pull back but the momentum and chart says Oil is going up.  This might be a good time for Uganda to start production. How is that refinery construction going by the way. No refinery, no oil. You cannot seriously expect to export oil in jerricans!

Martha Leah Nangalama
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It is now clear for all that have been defending this regime for not killing its citizens to wake up. We all saw Christopher Aine being arrested by policemen wearing black uniforms. Christopher Aine's name appeared on the list of suspects to be arraigned in Ntungamo Magistrate Court with other seven suspects but his name was scraped off the list and this was published by Daily Monitor. Why would a simple assault result in a bounty of 20 million shillings? Unless the case is up graded to a murder charge. What Kayihura forgets is that, they used to kill people and got away with it but now we have cameras everywhere and the citizens do not rely on the press that much for information. How come people who embezzle public funds by the billions, no bounty is ever  brought forward? Why do we have political parties and campaigns if the opposition is harassed and its members slaughtered? Does Museveni believe that political campaigns do not include opposition? Can you imagine how many people have lost their lives since 1972 in which #Museveni had a hand? If Museveni can kill while in power, how many did he kill while seeking power? We are better than that Kayihura and you guys thought that by beating the press into self censorship, you will get away with everything. Social media is a nightmare for dictators.


Below is what is happening in one whatsap group. You can see this one Mbabazi mobilizer now using a desperate attack on Molly Kamukama while implicating Mrs. Mbabazi. This is a very poor tactic in campaigns. Framing opponents. In addition, framing the candidate you are working for. This simpleton does not realise that this is a double edged sword. For the record, I have sent a copy of the conversation to Mrs. Mwesigye. Those who know Molly are requested to warn her asap. Thank you.
[31/12 9:46 am] ‪+256 702 324720‬: Stanely Mutyaba
speaker Uganda poor youth
Wish u a hapi new year
[31/12 9:51 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: Which suburb? You guys are just jokers. Tell Stanley Mutyaba to grow a brain. Stop posting garbage. 67 dead bodies and none of you gives a hoot!!!
[31/12 9:53 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: Besides that, only a total simpleton would believe that trash. So Mbabazi discloses that Molly is working from inside to over throw M7 and this is public information now? Do you people want her to get killed too? Tumbafu.
[31/12 9:57 am] ‪+256 702 324720‬: Martha, if u c any story that has not been medialised, just knw it has mafias behind it
[31/12 10:00 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: Sixty dead bodies and you all post garbage?  Jesus Christ. You are next. RIP
[31/12 10:01 am] ‪+256 702 324720‬: Martha molly is a double dealer, she's a mafia
[31/12 10:02 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: So meaning she is of no use to JPAM? Is Hope Mwesigye and JPAM aware that you have publicly exposed their insider?
[31/12 10:09 am] ‪+256 702 324720‬: Double dealers must be exposed like I did to sadam
[31/12 10:10 am] ‪+256 704 044735‬: Trash just!!! #RIP innocent people.


IT IS A LONG ARTICLE PREVIOUSLY SHARED. IF YOU HATE READING, ENJOY BURYING YOUR DEAD. WHAT YOU ARE SEEING NOW WAS PREVIOUSLY TOLD TO YOU. YOU IGNORED. How many dead bodies from the lake so far? Sixty seven in 7 days. And this is only the beginning. The opposition in #Uganda is finished.
Monday, 3 August 2015
Last week Uganda's military dictator Museveni picked nomination forms for renewing his 30 years hold on power. He has used all dictatorial means to block whoever intended to contest against him in the party's primaries. He launched the sole candidature scheme in February 2014 and has been promoting it through intimidation, harassment, bribery and blackmail. This followed public outcry over wrongly perceived intention to be succeeded by his son in the so called Muhozi Project - which actually did not exist but the rumor was generated for diversionary purposes.

Fresh on the long list of victims of his political greed is his long time comrade Amama Mbabazi. Until recently Mbabazi had stood as the only historical member whose association with Museveni was still intact after many others were knocked off at different stages of Museveni's life Presidency. When it was suspected that Mbabazi had intended to seek the highest office in the country, Museveni dropped him from the positions of Prime Minister and party Secretary Generalship. His efforts to consult with the electorate were frustrated by the regime security machinery who arrested him and continue to harass and arrest his supporters. He has now withdrawn from contesting on the party ticket but insists that he will remain a party member and will contest as an independent candidate. Unfortunately, Mbabazi whois yet to come to the reality of Museveni's dictatorial tendencies is preoccupied with legalities. By the time he realises that dictators follow no law, he will be politically '6 feet deep'. He knows  more than anybody else how dangerous and ruthless Museveni can be when it comes to retaining his hold on power. Unless Mbabazi stops being shy from the reality of Museveni's dictatorship and resolve to destroy Uganda thus adjust his approach to the ugly situation, he is in for a big surprise of his life.

He will be framed on criminal charges and sent   to jail the same way Dr. Besigye was treated. The current regime false  pretense to tackle corruption is a smoke screen to frame Mbabazi while at the same time hoodwinking Ugandans that Museveni is serious with fighting corruption. With both the regime cadre law enforcement agencies and Judicial officers, Museveni has all that it takes to finish off his political opponents. The regime is very mindful of the fact that the masses are craving for change for which Dr. Besigye is riding on his popular nationwide mobilization tour and call for change through civil disobedience. Parallel to neutralising Mbababazi, the regime has the uphill task of ensuring that Dr. Besigye does not come up as the main opposition party flag bearer. Once Dr. Besigye is rigged out, he and many of those towing his line of civil disobedience will be arrested and charged with inciting violence/terrorism. Gen Ssejusa who is currently towing the Dr. Besigye school of thought will also be dealt with in the same way.

The regime will undermine the cohesion and strength of the much cherished opposition alliance (TDA) through  fomenting of further division in the traditional political parties (DP and UPC). Museveni has of recent been courting the northern region and its not by coincidence that the architects of the split in DP and UPC are Norbert Mao and Jimmy Akena respectively who hail from northern region. Norbert Mao has in the past been a stumbling block in opposition alliance to Museveni's advantage and is set to do it again. His being very crafty and ambitious coupled by his closeness to the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya makes him well placed to be used by Museveni.

Between now and end of November 2015 the regime will focus on the above mentioned behind the curtains political schemes while at the same time building capacity for the security forces and the power of cash as that main weapons for the final March 2016 showdown. The timing is dictated by the impending Papal visit at the end of November 2016 which Museveni intends to exploit to boost his international image. The same period will also witness improved cosmetic security, political freedom and tolerance by the regime. The ongoing security swoops under cover of the Papal visit targeting unemployed urban youth will be intensified in order to deplete urban centers with the youth who may take part in civil disobedience. Those youth will be subdued through arrests and detentions while others will either flee to rural areas or forced become less active through bribery. The current acts of unexplained killings especially in and around Kampala are designed to provide a justification for a security crack down - the Operation Wembly way. The military training and arming of millions of ruling party youth under cover of Crime Preventers is also in this regard. There is going to be no more killing of Muslim clerics because the objective of getting Jamil Mukulu extradited has been achieved but more so because the Muslims came out strongly and threatened to take on the regime for its systematic persecution of Muslims.

There is a high possibility that after the Pope's visit a stage-managed terror attack will take place in order to win back the attention of the West and more especially President Obama and the USA. It happened in 2010 when the West had put Museveni in the spotlight over his intentions to seek another term and he had been shy to declare his intention.. A twin terror attack in Kampala left over 70 dead and immediately President Obama made a telephone call to Museveni reassuring him of USA's support in fighting terrorists. Indeed in that confusion Museveni simply embarked on campaigns without even declaring that he was to seek another term. That is why during that attack no foreign national from the Western countries was targeted. Most of the suspects in that attack were reportedly arrested and they easily confessed. However it has taken five years until recently for the suspects who confessed to be tried. The trial coincided with the murder of Muslim clerics and the lead Prosecutor Joan Kagezi. Indeed the on going trial proceedings are revealing a lot of anomalies by the security and law enforcement agencies. Whatever the case, Museveni will have to design a special response to President Obama's recent direct attack on his life presidency scheme.

Once the Papal visit is over and the world has turned its eyes off Uganda, hell will break out. The TDA will have not taken shape and some political parties will have opted out of the electoral process leaving Mao's DP and Akena's UPC in the race. The elections will be conducted in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.  Gen Aronda the Minister of Internal Affairs will play a pivotal role in the electoral process to ensure Museveni's high score assisted by the Commission's Secretary Sam Rwakoojo.  Moreover, already Gen Aronda has been at the helm of preparing the voters register from the fraundlent National ID project. He will also coordinate the stifling of the media before,during and after the election in conjunction with the Media Center, Uganda Communication Commission (UCC), the Election Security Task Force under Gen Muhoozi's SFG and the regime Police in liaison with the Information Minister Gen Jim Muhoozi.

If Dr. Besigye will have been eliminated from the electoral process, the voter turn out will be very small and Museveni  will be declared the winner. This will be after security forces will have been deployed at every corner of the country unlike in 2001when concentration was in Kampala city. As usual opposition will cry foul backed by the West which will stop at only discrediting the exercise and calling upon the regime to form a government of national unity. Instead Museveni will appoint either DP's Nobert Mao or Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya as his Vice President. The Prime Minister will come from the eastern region in the names of Mike Mukula. There will be some slight semblance of protests against the outcome of the elections but will be met with decisive brutality and persecution of opposition supporters more especially those of Mr Mbabazi. In order to scare off those who may resort to take up arms, a real or stage managed attempt to form a political armed group will made but either way it will be used to further purge political dissenters. Among the army representatives to parliament will be Museveni's son Gen Muhoozi who will have played a major role in identifying and facilitating the youth who will come to parliament on the party ticket. That way many old guards who are now dancing Museveni Pakalast will be surprised if they are undermined not to return to parliament.

As the new government will be settling down and consolidating its victory, the opposition pressure will loose momentum and civil society activities will be highly curtailed thus many will gradually join the oligarchy. Security services will be reorganised and restructured with many old guards either retired or depending on the situation relocated to other sectors. Towards 2021 almost all personnel in the security forces, public service personnel and parliamentarians will be loyal to Gen Muhoozi. Museveni will focus so much on East African Community political intergration in the hope that he becomes its first President. That is why currently there is renewed vigor to sensitize Ugandans about the community. Depending on how best he manages to manipulate the new President of Tanzania who will have been elected in October 2015, he already has the support of Kenya and Rwanda. He will work towards bringing on board South Sudan and Somalia in order to secure a military alliance under the guise of an economic block. The Nkurunziza regime in Burundi is likely to fall in the near future unless Nkurunziza kneels before him and Kagame.

There will be a slight improvement in the health sector in terms of infrastructure and facilities in order to account for the oil but meaningful health care will be for the oligarchy in expensive private hospitals and abroad.The education sector will be further destroyed in order to breed ignorance which is a breeding ground for autocracy. Em


Asuman Balaba

Museveni is working for his son, wife, other family members, relatives and a group of henchmen willing to worship him as their godfather at a cost of national development. It’s on those grounds that he will use all state agencies in cruel acts to sabotage true democratic process come 2016 general elections.
The current political environment in Uganda shows that Museveni and his group learnt nothing and forget nothing to what led to the downfall of the past regimes.

People can’t have bread; but Museveni and his group ridicule them to eat cakes. This is visible with deplorable public health services, were patient are asked to first meet medical bills before accessing treatment. And failure to pay, patient are left to die, later asked to meet mourchary expenses for dead body before it is released to the family members. 
Public servants complain of unfair pay and they are advised to rear goats, ride boda boda, parents struggle to educate, then graduates find it hell to get jobs, those with enterprising skills struggle with authority through unfriendly taxation.
Unfortunately, Museveni and his group seek medication abroad using state funds, meet by wanainchi through exorbitant taxations policies.
They involve in illegal activities rest assured of protection from Mr. above; hence creating classes of touchable and the untouchables.
Briefcase investors working for Museveni get tax holiday with access to infrastructures and borrowings from Museveni’s cartel of financial institutions who determines the profitable projects to fund.

Museveni and his Group have personalized national resources. They take-up well funded projects involving government foreign borrowings like roads, power generation, supply of logistics to various government agencies and they engage in corruption to fulfill personal desire. 
Remember government borrowings are paid back by nationals through taxation. And this affect personal resource envelope, since Museveni regime heavily tax nationals.
The regime exclusively applies laws to only those opposing their looting of national resources, to hoodwink the public that they are serious on fighting corruption.
Museveni and group are not ideal for national development. They can promise heaven on earth, but deliver nothing. They lied, killed through the barrel of guns to get power, with promises guided with the 10 point programme.
After 30 years in power, they still promise to keep Ugandans in poverty, distributing hoes to farmers and fake agricultural inputs with Xeroxed programmes like Bona bagagawale, NAADS, Youth venture capital, Youth livelihood programme, Operation wealth creation among others, without success stories, but just an avenue to embezzle national resources allocated to those projects in trillions.
Politics has been monetized to cartel democratic participation by the willing forces of change, who want to make Uganda work for all.
However, despite all those Museveni regime schemes, the wave of change by the willing forces will deliver Uganda to the promised land were national interest are fronted first before personal desires that have derailed development under Museveni rule.

Ugandan must take on the mantle to say enough is enough under Museveni misrule, by wholeheartedly mobilizing the masses to vote. It’s possible to end dictatorship through the coming general elections without bloodshed. 
Uganda will not fully be liberated, when some individuals think that its only Museveni to rule Uganda till death in the presence of 19 daily dying mothers while giving birth, corruption in broad day, unquestionable misappropriation of public funds, unexplainable statehouse daily over 300million spending, relegated local entrepreneurship to promote briefcase investors working for Museveni, peanut allocation to agricultural sector, worrying youth unemployment, among others.
Time is now to mobilize for votes, cast your vote on 18 February 2016, and protect that vote to deliver victory for Uganda that work for all.

UWC scholarships - #Uganda pay attention

Scholarships. #Uganda pay attention.  United World Colleges (UWC).  There are only 15 schools in the world. They are for IB (International Baccalaureate diploma).  Most students who go to these schools end up receiving scholarships to the most prestigious universities in the world. It is a 2yr program.  Applicants must be 16-21yrs of age.  Pre-requisite is you must have completed Olevel so the real deal is for Olevel and Alevel students.

We have a UWC committee in Uganda (I am on it). The interviews are done in Kampala. The deadline for applying is February.  The interviews are done in March. These scholarships are not affiliated with State House. School starts in August or September. Please visit this link and familiarize yourself with the information on UWC schools.  We have about 290 Ugandans who have gone through this. I personally went to UWC Pearson College.  Enjoy reading. AND NON, I will not inbox you the information.  By the way, the scholarships include an airline ticket and spending money.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Brian Kyeswa

5 hrs · 

In my life there girls I have met and I got into relationship with, we were so compatible, we had good and admirable love, we had a lot of fun and we shared great moments. I prayed for our love to last forever and I thought we are inseparable. But guess what? Time came and we fell apart over small, daft and solvable issues.
Happiness turned into sadness, smiles turned into tears, promises turned into lies, "I love you(s)'' turned into "I hate you", sweet names like “my prince charming, honey pie, sweet pie, babe, bubu...” all turned into ugly names, sweet words turned into abuses, great moments turned into regrets and a great couple turned into strangers!
Honestly, it hurt me a lot back then and it scared me so much but it gave me lessons and it made me realize a lot of things. Among the things that I realized are:
1. There is nothing in this world that lasts forever. Whether it’s sweet love, friendship, or anything, they all come to an end at some point.
2. People change and things change. They never stay the same or maintain what they say or start with.
3. People never appreciate or get enough of what they have. They always want more and more. They are really hard to please.
4. People give up so fast. A small argument, misunderstanding, or rumor makes them give up easily. They never think twice, they never search for the truth; they never fight for what they had. They just let go without thinking twice.
5. People forget so fast. They are easily taken up by the excitement and love in the new found relationship. They forget what they had and what they have been through. They see it as shit or nothing because of the rough times encountered in it. They forget that the excitement in the new found love can also fade away and a relationship becomes a war zone at some point.
6. People aren't patient at all. They never want to start their relationship from scratch. They want already made things; already made pesos, already made good life and already established people. They think that's all it takes to have happy and endless love.
7. People aren't loyal and trustworthy. They disappoint a lot, they lie, and they pretend, they give empty promises, they fool around, they are never open enough and they waste a lot of our time.
There many others but those are the major ones. But what does that imply? We need to enjoy what we have to the fullest while we still have it because you never know what will happen tomorrow, we need to appreciate and be contented with what we have, we need to have strong hearts and be determined to finish what we start, we need not to be so excited and taken up so easily by new sugarcoated things and forget or throw away what we had or held on for so long, we need to be patient enough and constructive, we need to trust but not a 100%, we need to be careful with our fragile hearts and bodies, we need to learn to forgive and forget, we need to love but leave a room for disappointments, we need to be careful with the people (friends) we share our relationship secrets with, and lastly but not the least we need to commit everything to God and trust Him to lead us.
Think about it and act accordingly.
Lots of love,

© Symon


I spent the whole day mulling over whether to make a statement on the 17 dead bodies which were recovered from the beaches of Lake Victoria in Uganda or not.  People kept asking me what my take is on it.  Here you go.

1) Dictator Museveni said very clearly that he would crash the opposition.  The video is one of the ones at the end of this post.  He also said that those who mess around with NRM put their fingers in the anus of a leopard and would pay.

2) Many youth who support opposition have been arrested and held incommunicado.  We communicate this information timely to the world and Uganda. You have also seen the pictures of youth languishing in Luzira prison.

3) Christopher Aine was arrested in broad daylight by the State Operatives who keep saying they do not have him and yet has not been near his friends, colleagues or family.  Social Media is buzzing with him being tortured to death and dumped on the beach at Entebbe. He was the head of security for opposition leader #Mbabazi (aka #JPAM).  We await word from Mbabazi.  You will remember that after the State sponsored "Crime Preventers" attacked Mbabazi while on a rally in Ntungamo, they got beat up pretty good. Oh yeah, power to the people.  It was after this incident that Museveni while in Mbale (my home town) mentioned the leopard.

4) Museveni has said publicly that he will not leave power. To wolves.  And absolutely not leave his Oil behind.  Are you paying attention?  The production for oil will not start until 2022. Consequently, even if you vote for him in February 2016, there is no guarantee that he will step down in 2021 because of his oil which he himself found.  Damn!  I wish my father had found his oil too.

5) The opposition leaders need to make a decision and make it now.  Stop all rallies. Sue the Electoral Commission and government of Uganda for rigging the elections via intimidation, torture, kidnappings and murder of opposition supporters. 

You make a very big mistake not to initiate this lawsuit immediately.  You shall have no recourse if you are rigged out of the 2016 elections.  You have enough circumstantial evidence to begin this process.  Why do you wait?  You even have your supporters missing and you wait?  WHY?

6) All the opposition leaders need to put measures of security in place to protect their supporters. 

Our youth are not punching bags.  Our youth are being arrested and tortured.  What risk planning did you do for these arrests and murders?  Nothing from the way it looks.  You will now face your supporters abandoning you and joining the Museveni team. Simply for fear of their lives and the lives of their families plus income.  Imagine yourself with a family with no money to support them and living your life in fear of being arrested or kidnapped.  You people are not even serious.  It is one thing to say "I will die for a cause" and another to say "I am protected and my family has a roof over their head and food".

7) The ongoing intimidations, arrests, tortures and murders are only the beginning.  If you do not stand up now and act, you will regret it. We have 40 days left till the polls.  Do not say you were not warned.  Many have warned.  ACT.  #MuseveniMustGo. #KayihuraMustGo. #ArrestsMustEnd. #IntimidationMustEnd. #NoMoreKillingsOfUgandans.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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We have all heard of 17 victims that drowned in lake Victoria the day after Christmas or boxing day as it is commonly known in Uganda. A closer look at the dead man's body wearing briefs seems to have a bruised forehead most likely caused by a blunt object. The victim seems to have what appears to be blood coming from the nose, and around the eyes and around his chest. Such injuries may occur if a victim dived in a shallow end of the lake, which was not the case. Since the victim believed to have drowned you may think that the victim went into the lake voluntarily and therefore he removed his clothing. The police did not recover the clothing that the victim left behind. Further analysis of the body's position, it seems that it was carefully laid down with one of the hand resting near the chest as if the victim was asleep. The victims briefs shows no sign of being pulled down his waist as you may expect someone fighting for his life in water. The more the victim fights to stay alive the more his clothes would come off the body. Was this victim's body carefully laid down and someone took the picture not knowing that they were implicating themselves in the murder? How did the police know the victim's next of kin in order to have such a quick family notification? Did the victims pictures advertised on TV so that the family members were able to identify their loved ones right away? Museveni has desensitized Ugandans of death that the death of 17 people dying all at once, people are not shocked because they expect it to happen.


The #Uganda shilling finished at 3378 on the US dollar, 5009 on the British pound, 3688 on the Euro and 33 on the Kenyan shilling.

Coffee is non changed.

Gold is sitting at $1063 an ounce.

Oil is at $37.37 a barrel. A little bounce here but the white candle is engulfed by yesterday's red candle so I would hold off buying till next week. The chart patern does show that it is bottoming out so I expect to rise next week. The moving averages are still way higher (blue is 50 day, red is 200). Let me introduce sonething else here. On the bottom of the chart is the MACD. It shows that it is turning upwards so expect a rise unless Geopolitical affairs hit oil.

Martha Leah Nangalama


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

The Ugandan People's Revolution is underway. And the dictatorial regime will be forced out, come what may!

The Ugandan Revolution is unfolding from the countryside, as Ugandans come out in their millions to show that Museveni's political journey has come to an END, and a new Uganda free from repression, corruption, nepotism, and one-man rule is emerging via People Power.

This time round, Museveni has no chance of forcing himself on the People, as he has done many times before, because the People are readying themselves to resist and fight back as best they can, with all the means permissible by the constitution of Uganda.


You can understand why Span is asking these questions. Were autopsies performed on these supposedly drowning victims? This is a continuation on the 17 dead people pulled out of Lake Victoria in Uganda. Someone else had asked how the police identified the victims very fast. Do people in Uganda go swimming with their wallets such that you can pull out their ID and know immediately?

By Span




Ugandans should not take the disappearance of Christopher Aine sitting down. This young man was abducted in broad day light by the police and his whereabouts is unknown. Christopher Aine was part of the security team that was assigned to over see the protection of presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi. His disappearance came right after Museveni warned the opposition that those who put their hands on NRM supporters would pay dearly and there is no place for them to hide in today's Uganda unless they go to heaven. He referred to them as putting a finger into the leopard's anus. Since then, opposition supporters have been arrested and we just witnessed the murdering of Jennifer Tumwebaze an ardent supporter of Mbabazi. Christopher Aine was to appear in Ntungamo Magistrate Court with seven others but his name was removed on the suspected list without an explanation. Social Medias are flooded with Christopher Aine's death and his body being dumped in lake Victoria as one of the victims that drowned. The government has not given an explanation as how the seventeen people drowned and the bodies were hastily given to families for burial without autopsies being performed. Victims that drown, water is the first clue found in their lungs. Kayihura's chopper was used to airlift NRM supporters to Mbarara hospital for treatment leaving others to fend for themselves. Museveni should be reminded that he is the president of Uganda not only for NRM supporters. We therefore call on presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi to suspend his campaign until Christopher Aine is found. All presidential candidates should put pressure on Kayihura to return this young man dead or alive.


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

Former state house intelligence chief, Charles Rwomushana, confirms on-going killings by Museverni regime. Warns of a regime plot to create conditions for a palace coup engineered by Museveni himself.

General Sejusa and Free Uganda have warned about on-going mass murder across Uganda. They have warned Ugandans to actively prepare to confront and defeat Museveni's evil plan to forcefully retain power using genocide as a tool of choice.

Also, Rabba Naga, the senior liberation struggle activist operating from within the Museveni regime, has recently published a chilling statement describing how dictator Museveni, General Kayihura - the police chief, and Museveni's son Muhoozi Kaneirugaba, the Commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC) have unleashed special death squads, which are currently on rampage in all corners of Uganda.

Now Ugandans are beginning to see with their own eyes proof of what General Sejusa, Free Uganda, Rabba Naga, and now another former insider, Charles Rwomushana, are warning about.

It is important to remember how dead bodies from the Rwanda Genocide floated on Lake Victoria. What is happening on the beaches of Lake Victoria today where an increasing number of dead bodies are surfacing on normally quiet beaches is a clear signal of something extremely gruesome going on under the cover of the darkness of night, which Ugandans must be aware of.

There is a genocide in the making, and Museveni has already assembled and continues to assemble the killing machine, in form of the so-called Crime preventers, Kayihura's so-called Flying Squads and other secret murder squads, as well as specialised elements of the Special Forces Command commanded by Museveni's own son, Muhoozi Kaneirugaba.

It is not a coincidence that the bodies of dead Ugandans (mainly youths by the look of it) are beginning to appear on beaches of Lake Victoria at a time when Museveni's killer forces have intensified kidnappings and rampant detentions of hundreds of politically active youths who are found to be engaged in pro-democrcay campaigns.

Of late many opposition activists, mainly youths, have been disappearing without trace, and their whereabouts remain unknown. some have been released only because the political groups and parties to which they belong have raised the alarm in the media, forcing the killer squads to temporarily lay off their plans.

Elsewhere, more established politicians and anti-regime activists, including senior government ministers and top army officers have been dropping dead in very suspect circumstances - feared to be poisoned by regime agents, a tactic that has been used across the years to silence known critics of the Museveni regime.

Without any doubt, Ugandan anti-regime activists are being eliminated by the dark forces of the regime.

The questions is - What will it take for Ugandans to wake up from decades of indifference and 'kasita twebaka otulo' mentality, in order to save Uganda from this already evolving genocide?

Surely these gruesome scenes of dead bodies surfacing on the beaches of Lake Victoria should be a warning that we cannot afford to ignore.

Let us all act now to stop Museveni and his anti-people regime in their tracks.
For if we do not act now, let it be known by all, that the next bus stop is going to be in the heartland of a country called GENOCIDE!


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

Rabba Naga on Facebook Account that DOES NOT belong to the Free Uganda Chiarman, General David Sejusa.

Rabba Naga, the senior liberation struggle activist operating from inside Museveni's regime, has posted on his Facebook page this clarification about a Facebook account using the names General David Sejusa Tinyefunza, but which does not belong to the General.


Clarification 29/12/2015
Many people have been asking me how my friend General David Sejjusa could post a fake Muhoozi or Museveni or whoever was born in Rwanda or ...wherever for that matter.

I just want to remind the readers that Gen Sejjusa sometime in June 2015 clarified that the Facebook account Gen David Sejusa Tinyenfunza does not belong to him.

For starters, even when Sejjusa was Tinyefuza, he was never Tinyefunza "nza" am told in Runyakitara there is no such name.
Anyway, the General clarified that for all Sejjusa genuine publications, we consult the political organisation he heads, the Free Uganda Facebook account or Free Uganda website.

He also has a Twitter account in his names where he appears when he gets time.

There are many accounts on social media run in the General's names. He will not discourage the freedom fighters, but he only called upon those operating them to be responsible.

Unless of course if they are government operatives intending to mislead.

But those can also be found out. It is not difficult for readers to tell the difference.



Finally Museveni has issued a challenge to Dr. Kizza Besigye to dare visit some hospitals and show the country that the government is committed to improving healthcare. The challenge was issued through Daily Monitor. According to the news paper, Museveni broke silence on Dr. Besigye's visit to Abim hospital. If Dr.Besigye was honest or serious, should have visited the three Health Centers IIIs in Abim, Rwogom in Nyakwai Sub-County, Alerek in Alerek Sub-County and Orwamuge in Notuke Sub-County. These healthcare facilities are modernized and have carried out multiple immunizations. The ball is now in Dr. Besigye's hands to prove to his supporters that Abim hospital visit was an aberration. Let FDC take on Museveni's challenge and visit those health facilities that M7 has given a go ahead. We also ask JPAM's campaign  to take on the challenge. This is the only way Museveni's chronic lies can be exposed.


Karim Nanyiri

10 hrs · 

A Ugandan husband working in Bujumbura, Burundi wrote to his Rwandan wife in Mbarara, Uganda.

Dear Akiki Darling,
I can't send you my salary this month
because the war here in Bujumbura has affected our Company's performance, so I am sending100 kisses.

You are my sweetheart, please
understand and adjust with this situation.
Your loving husband,

His wife replied:

Hey hubby,
Thanks for the 100 kisses.

Below is the list of expenses I paid with
the Kisses:

1. The Milk man agreed on 2 kisses for
one month's milk.

2. The electricity man, agreed not to
disconnect only after 7 kisses.

3. Your landlord comes everyday to
take 2 or 3 kisses instead of the monthly rent.

4. Supermarket owner did not accept
kisses only, so I gave him other items, I hope you understand.

5. Miscellaneous expenses 40 kisses.

Please don't worry about me, I still
have a balance of 35 kisses and I hope I can survive the month using this balance.

Shall I plan the same for the next

Yours loving wife,


There are various reasons to ask this question and infer that the elections are already rigged.

1) Opposition parties have been harassed, intimidated and arrested. Their supporters face daily threats and many are still missing.  People are even kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned. Some turn up dead or can never be traced.

2) Multiplying the nomination fees in fact affected mostly the opposition as they have no access to the famous brown envelops (NRM cash).

3) Out right attacks on rallies for the opposition. Does Ntungamo ring a bell?  President Museveni said something about a leopard. You should also remember him saying he would crash the opposition. Most recently he said he cannot hand over power and opposition was after his oil. "HIS OIL"!

4) You all saw the recent article where a former supreme court judge said very loudly that the National ID cannot be used for voting. Aside from the issue of contravening the Ugandan constitution in every form, the Electoral Commission (EC) had the audacity to limit the period during which eligible Ugandans could register for the National ID.  The old voters' registry was conveniently discarded, and this is against any constitution in any democratic country. Uganda could be setting up a precedent.

OPPOSITION leaders knowing all this have not made any attempt to sue the EC or Ugandan government to cancel the elections until we have reforms. Not once have they tried.

I thank Milton, Vincent, Span, Baker, Moses and KB (not Besigye), Rabba and Gen. Sejusa. Their ideas help shape my ideas.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe

Education for all - according to Yoweri Museveni.

So who are the BONAs they talk about?

It surely can't be these poor children, who are made to endure such treacherous conditions that are not only unsafe, but truly dysfunctional, according to the school teachers.

Surely, Mr #Museveni, what have these children done to deserve all this?

When you need money to buy unnecessary presidential jets for yourself and your family, you never fail to find the billions from somewhere..

When it comes to throwing bribes at your cronies and 'buyable' political leaders, money is no problem...

When you need to arm millions of militia fighters in preparation for mass murder so you can remain in state house with no time limits, you miraculously find the billions from some place...

What a shame! What shambolic and incredible failure of leadership!

Fellow Ugandans, you see it with your own eyes. Impossible to believe that some people still want Museveni hanging around as president of our country Uganda.


When the state operatives threatened the nurses at #Abim hospital in Uganda just because Dr. Besigye toured the hoslital, tgey had no idea they were opening a can of worms. The fury has been insane. To the point where heavily armed military are now deployed around hospitals to prevent the two main opposition leaders from going into any hospital to expose the rot.

However, this is a useless tax wasting endeavour. We have people with mobile phones all over the country. We have many videos on the internet about the healthcare. And we will keep getting more. Go ahead and shut off network connectivity in each hospital and health centre.  Hahaha. As if you have the expertise.

Watch Museveni defending the crippling medical system in this video.

Sent by Milton

#Uganda pathetic healthcare continued. And so are dictator #Museveni's lies to the world and Ugandans.


Sent by a friend from Uganda. Original author unknown.


A teacher asked her students to bring some tomatoes in a plastic bag to school. Each
tomato would be given a name of the person whom that child hated. Like this, the number of tomatoes would be equal to the number of persons they hated.
On a decided day, the children brought their tomatoes well addressed. Some had two, others had three and some had five. Some even had 20 tomatoes in accordance with the number they hated.  Thus if a student hated 5 people, he would bring 5 tomatoes. The teacher told them they would have to carry the tomatoes with them wherever they went for 2 weeks.
As days passed the children started to complain about the spoiled tomatoes and bad smell. Students who many tomatoes had complained it was very heavy to carry and the smell was too much.
After 1 week, the teacher asked the students, "How did you feel this one week?" The Children complained of smell & heavy weight of the tomatoes especially those who carried more tomatoes. The teacher said, "This is very similar to what you carry in heart when you don't like some people. Hatred makes heart unhealthy and you carry that hatred everywhere. If you can't bear the smell of spoiled tomatoes for a week, imagine the impact on your heart that you carry throughout life."

The Heart is a beautiful garden that needs regular cleaning of unwanted weeds. Forgive those who have angered you. This makes room for storing good things. Get better not bitter. May the good Lord strengthen us so that we can forgive those who wrong us and take away every hatred we have in our heart. Let's ask ourselves how many tomatoes would be rotting in our bags today if we were those children?


The Uganda shilling is at 3368 on the US dollar, 4983 on the British pound, 3676 on the Euro and 33 even on the Kenyan shilling.

Arabica is still at $3.26 per kg and Robusta remains at $1.86 a kilo.

Gold is at $1071 an ounce.

Oil is at dropped to $36.52 a barrel. Wait till Canada and USA finish trading in about 3hrs. Maybe Museveni dumped his oil on the market. Dunno!

The reality is this week has thin volume. The professionals are still in holiday mode. Jokers can swing prices. Someone sees a ticker of 1000 shares being sold and panics and sells. Or the 1000 being bought, buys. Never trade on low volume days because you can lose your shirt. This is the same reason why trading in the first opening hour, lunch hour and last closing hour is dangerous.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Find me on Google and Facebook.


A friend sent me this one and see my comment on the bottom.

[29/12 12:26 pm] ‪+1 (516)‬: As violence continues to flare up in Burundi, more refugees continue to flee to Uganda. - See more at:

Why is it that the Burundi people are seeking refuge in Uganda yet Uganda does not share a boarder with Burundi? Aren’t these refugees going to end up on the voter’s register?

[29/12 12:47 pm] Martha Leah Nangalama: Under UNHCR one must claim refugee status in the country they go to first. Which means they should claim refugee status on the bordering countries. Which if I am not mistaken are TZ, Rwanda and DRC. Absolutely not Uganda. Watch the timing of the conflict. It is too convenient. I have worked on some refugee cases and you cannot go to another country and get refugee status unless you prove that the first country rejected you.  Ugandans need to wake up.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap

Uganda Roads, Kitui County


Today marks one year when I became Martha Leah Nangalama's social media friend.
I give her the greatest honour and thanks. She has changed my life and helped me soo much.


Muganga Douglas Katosi
2 hrs
The blatant lies of M7 and his NRM
"We oppose sectarianism, disregarding people living with disabilities, disregarding the youth and undermining women. We value all humans of Uganda and Africa. That is the ideology of NRM."
Questions from concerned citizens
1. Why does M7 , as Commander in Chief , allow a situation in the Uganda Police where 80% of the District Police Commanders are from the Western region?
Yet , our 1995 constitution commands that , " The composition of government shall be broadly representative of the national character and social diversity of the country"
2. In the recently concluded National Youth Council elections , officials of State House and other military organs , used money and cajoling to corrupt youth delegates into voting only those youth candidates that were agreeable to the M7/NRM regime.
This resulted in an ethnically imbalanced executive committee where 85% of the members hail from Western Uganda.
Why are people from the other oppressed n disenfranchised nationalities of Uganda quiet about these injustices?
This can not be a campaign issue for especially the top three presidential contenders in Dr Kizza Besigye , Amama Mbabazi , and Museveni , for reasons that I may not be aware of.
Fellow country men and women , does this complaint deserve attention , or am I the only one?


A friend just sent me this one.
Members of Parliament have been recalled to the house on Wednesday next week.

According to a notice to members by the Clerk to Parliament, Jane Kibirige, MPs are to discuss and consider the 2016/17 budget framework paper and loan requests.

The legislators are expected to sit to complete consideration of the Budget, as well as several loan requests by government.

Last week, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah suspended plenary sittings to allow committees to complete scrutiny of sectoral budgets.

In a letter dated December 29, 2015, Jane Kibirige, the Clerk to Parliament urged the MPs to attend the sitting, which has been dogged by chronic absenteeism.
VIA Uganda radio network


Message just received from Uganda

MARTHA, HELP ME AND POST THIS. Minister of state for animal husbandry was today meeting people at his school premises in Kaberebere town council. Among the people present were some members of UPDF Police and NRM Mobilisers with some few selected crime preventers.

According to one of the crime preventers who attended and who happens to be my good friend, he disclosed to me in confidentiality that they were mainly tasked to identify opposition members and forward their names to police who will further forward the names somewhere.  He further told me to be extra careful and trust no one.  According to him he regrets the day he joined the so called Crime Preventers.


Kiwanuka Lawrence Ssemagulu NserekoUGANDANS AT HEART (UAH)STEREO

5 hrs · 

The brief below is from the monitor newspaper:
“Mr Onyango identified the deceased as Brian Nsubuga, 22, a resident of Kayunga District, Allan Mubiru, 17, a resident of Nateete, a Kampala suburb, and Abubaker Ffensolyian, a resident of Kawempe, also a Kampala suburb. Others include Haruna Mubiru, Ssula Kato, Arafat Kabonge, Richard Ssenyondo and Abdul Wakayeli. “We are yet to identify some of the victims but we ask those whose relatives are missing to check at Mulago mortuary,” said Mr Onyango. He cautioned revelers against going to beaches alone, saying it is risky and becomes difficult for the police to give assistance if there is no one who alerts them in time.”
The innuendo in the police report is that the people died during the Xmas festivities. I have the following questions before I believe the story.
1. According to the police the bodies were discovered between 23rd December and 27 December; is it traditionally common for Ugandans to start celebrating Christmas by going to the beaches by 23rd?
2. Why, if this is about being drunk and celebrating Christmas is it that the majority of the individuals identified are Muslims? Is the police telling me that Muslims get more inebriated around Christmas that the Christians?
3. Can it be true that people fellow into water and no one witnessed the accidents? The beaches in Entebbe are loaded with “security” guards and one of the requirements at most of these places is to have a life guard.
4. Are we seeing the fast of the bodies that couldn’t be incinerated?
5. Is lake Victoria producing Bryron Kawaddwa’s funny fish again or this is just a new Namanve?
6. Who called the police to the scene?
7. etc


This year 2015 has been one of informing and educating about the ruthlessness of dictator Museveni. We have made a lot of progress. However, sadly we have much more work to do. We need to use every means of communication to reach every citizen.

If you get our messages, share them with all the people down to every village. That is the only way we will effect change. Information is power. The key thing is for everyone to reject band aid solutions and promises which do not guarantee a future free of poverty, unemployment, horrible healthcare, bastardized education, bad roads, corruption, nepotism, arbitrary arrests or kidnappings, tortures and murders.

If you think it will never happen to you, think about the giants who died under mysterious circumstances this year. If you think that accepting election money and singing pakalast, then you are not thinking about your children and grand children.  Millions have been turned into beggars and thieves. Is this the life you want for your children?  Remember a regime change is imminent. Given how loudly you have praised the dictator, do you think the new regime will give you a brown envelop?  Ask what happened to the diehard supporters of Amin (RIP) and Obote (RIP).  If I were you I would take the money and be quiet.

All the people who are currently detained and tortured need all of us to speak out loudly for them. Museveni has set up a perfect system. Anyone can tell state goons that you support Museveni but you work with opposition. Bang! Next you are arrested and screaming you have never worked with opposition while being water boarded. Museveni supporters must be careful about this. There is no litmus paper to take your blood and test it to ensure it is only yellow.

Heading into the New Year, be very careful. The violence is a real threat. Heed the warnings of all the freedom fighters.

Happy New Year
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap

Monday, December 28, 2015


We trusted them with our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, relatives, friends plus food among others to fight alongside them to liberate Uganda.
They promised a better change and listed their 10 point programs as a guiding tool to deliver for Ugandan.
To-date after 30years of rule, they promise to distribute sanitary pads to Pupils, distribute hoes, reduced youth to beggars and political saboteurs extra.
The past leadership had investments serving Ugandans and majority benefited, but they were sold off by M7s regime. These included;
-Uganda Transport Company, with fleet of buses transporting Ugandans at a subsidized price.
-Uganda Diaries cooperation and public schools enjoyed milk on their menu. But M7 sold it to briefcase investors at 1dollar.
-Uganda Commercial Banks, UCB sold to Standard Group briefcase investors working for M7s pakalast rule.
- Chilling ton, used to manufacture hoes but M7 regime sabotaged its existence to favour briefcase case investors.
-Uganda Airline, now history hence wanainchi left with no option but profiteering foreign firms who end up repatriating their profits.
Other vanished Ugandan investments are;
- Uganda Railways.
-Uganda cooperative Banks.
-Uganda Meat Packers, Soroti.
-Uganda Posts and Telecommunications.
-MulBox For packaging boxes.
-African Textile Mills, Mbale.
-UGANDA Grain Millers
-Lint Marketing Board.
-UGANDA hotels; like Nile Hotel, Now Serena, Sheraton etc
-UGANDA coffee marketing Board.
-Uganda Soap Works, Mbale
-Ugationers for producing papers
-Uganda Bottling Company.
-Nytil and Ugandans were proud to put on clothes made in Uganda. However they have been reduced to wear second hand clothes, put on second hand shoes, even underwear’s, during M7s 30 years rule.
The current investments are owned by briefcase investors prolonging regime survival, and Ugandan investors are relegated.
Companies owned by briefcase investors have access to big government projects to maximize profits and part is remitted to M7 to meet his political desire. They recently contributed over 16billions to NRM.
Local firms like Greenland Bank, Ssembule Steel Mills and Electronics among others were sabotaged to allow briefcase firms maximize profits without competitors.
Keeping their promise of a better Uganda has proven futile under M7 rule, and relying on their promise after their 30years of rule, is a sign of moving one step forward and moving a hundred steps back.
The readings are clear with visible worrying Youth Unemployment, Deplorable health services, Brutality, killings, economic saboteurs’ on political grounds, unreliable education system, failed institutions only operating under orders from above. Corruption is at its peak supported by M7s rule, relegated Agriculture sectors with quack programmes like NAADS, Bona Bagagawale, Operation Wealth Creation geared at providing hoes to farmers as a form of mechanizing agriculture.
Since they failed to honour the trust, come February 18, 2016, Ugandan must not rely on countless unfulfilled promises of M7s 30 years rule.
Uganda is looking for a leader, who will stand to honour the promises to restore the institutions, promote local investors, reduce corruption, improve health services, maintain security, foster rule of law, take on infrastructure development for national development not based on political regime support, offer quality education, Reduce Youth unemployment among others.
Come 2016 February, 18 Ugandan must mobilize, cast and protect their votes to author in a leader who will work for Uganda as the CEO in the next 5 years, ready to deliver national development.


BY KB (not Besigye)

Did you know that iron bar killings started during Idi Amin's regime, then disappeared and reappeared in Obote-II government and once NRM came into power the iron bar killings disappeared and the appeared again in Rwanda-Kigali during Habyalimana's government and stopped when Kagame took power and then they reappeared in the 1990s in Uganda and in 2004 Mukono district was the worst hit by such crimes and in 2012 the killings by iron bar hit a level high in Mukono until Hon. Betty Nambooze threatened to ask Mukono residents to come to streets if the police did not arrest those involved and then, they stopped. DO you know that many people got arrested for such crimes but never heard of their cases being brought to courts? Your guess is as good as mine. Wake up!!! Fanon theory of Violence. Ohoooooo!!!!!



Amin was accused of killing many Ugandans and he did but mainly he killed soldiers just like Museveni killed Kayiira's soldiers and others. Why would Amin kill citizens? Who was to gain in doing so? On June 25th, 1975 Amin himself went on air at the Uganda National Radio Broadcasting, and told the nation that guerrillas from Tanzania were responsible for the murder of chief justice Benedicto Kiwanuka. The Tanzanian government did not deny such. Mayors of Masaka and Kampala Francis Walugembe and Nabudere were murdered, judge Byagagaire in 1977, Kasule a food supplier to Makerere university also killed at the gate ( why would Amin kill a food vendor), Byron Kawadwa director of Uganda National Theatre in 1977, Dan Kintu of National Theatre, John Male a play writer, numerous citizens of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia, Zaire (DRC), and Ghana. Why would Amin do such, while he expelled all Indians of British citizens without killing one. According to Brian Swartz an American lecturer, he saw people being hammered to death in a house at Kololo, by three people in civilian clothing and he had seen those people in Tanzania in the same house that  Dieter Babeck a West Germany citizen who was also tortured by the same people and was lucky to escape. Museveni is on record saying that he used to hide at a friend's house in Kololo whenever he had clandestine activities. Amin's government took responsibility for the death of two Britons in government custody Nicholas Stroh and Robert Siedle and paid compensations to their families. We have had enough time to understand how Museveni uses violence to achieve his political ends. The abductions of Ugandans including JPAM's security boss and the police denies his whereabouts when videos are available of his arrest. The killing of Juliet Tumwebaze and Museveni's silence on the matter instead of calling for calm and tolerance but he is busy saving Burundi while his own people are being slaughtered.


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

Rabba Naga warns, Reminds Ugandans of previous warnings by General David Sejusa and his Free Uganda liberation platform, which were not headed but came out to be true.

Rabba Naga, the senior liberation struggle activist operating from within the Museveni regime, has issued a chilling message warning Ugandan opposition leaders and presidential candidates to take seriously reports of special murder squads on the rampage across Uganda.


For sometime now, many leaders, and other people have been living in denial about the death squads in this country created and operated by Special Forces Command group and Kayihura mainly.

Those outfits like the so called flying squad, the Kasenyi, Nalufenya, Kireka, Kololo, Makindye near court martial, Ntinda go downs squads etc etc have been killing and disposing of remains in secret locations.

Sadly, many opposition leaders are living in denial, pretending that these gruesome events are not happening. The same denial that we saw in regard to crime preventers, the illegal national IDs, fake electoral register, an illegal electoral commission and a lumpen parliament and other abuses loaded on us by the dictatorship.

Because Ugandans have been reduced to destitutes, they go into politics for money not for principled service.

I remember Gen Sejjusa and his FREE UGANDA raised these issues, eg on crime preventers he raised it in April 2014 when the first intake was in Kabalye. He raised the same many times in his press briefings upon return to Uganda.

Politicians, leaders etc kept mum. Now they have started talking when its too late. We could have prevented their recruitment, but now you hear even church leaders talking after the so-called crime preventers are trained, armed and deployed! That they are carrying out door to door intimidation of voters etc. That is the least they will do, wait for worse.

Do you remember the so called veterans in zimbabwe who were ransacking towns and villages, some as old as 12 years that they were veterans who fought in the 70s!

For Museveni, he can't trust the veterans. They are part of the force for change. Hence his crime preventers.

So death is not of that man Mawejje alone, whose head was severed and taken away (incredible stuff after Luweero war) and that woman buried in Mbarara yesterday and those people killed in Butaleja and the killings in Mubende etc, there is systematic killing of our people, extrajudicial killings like those we associate with past regimes. By the time you abandon the denial, it will be too late. It will be you.

Open your eyes and see.



Come and we think together by Moses Watyekele Uganda


BY KB (not Besigy)

What is more clear now is that Museveni is politically cornered. He has realised that his usual tricks of rigging through bribery, intimidation and ballot stuffing may not work for him this time around. The only option left for him is to unleash a fully blown violence against his challengers. He must be in the process of designing and stage managing a terror plot that he will link to the opposition. That way, Dr. Besigye's P10 group will be declared a terrorist organisation and consequently dismantled and outlawed. The youths who are currently being kidnapped and rounded up will be maximumly humiliated so as to deter others who intend to act in self defence against the regime excesses. Immediately after the 2015 festive season, violence is likely to escalate so that Museveni gets an excuse to publicly bring in the army. On the eve of the polling day, if it ever comes, Museveni will direct the Communication Commission (UCC) to disable all communication channels including the private radio and TV stations. Only the Police and army radio communication channels will be left intact to be used by the regime moreover it has already procured satellite phones for use by military and Police commanders.


BY KB (not Besigye)

Do you know their names, do you even care? Clumped into a cell in Luzira prison, #Museveni made their homes. Their crime is being idle while cannot find a job. Your silence did not stop Museveni from putting them in Luzira, today it is them, tomorrow it is your son, brother, uncle, friend. Why is Museveni putting you in Luzira?? He is afraid of you. You are a threat to his government. Time is now, break the chains to freedom. Museveni must go. and


Asuman Balaba Facebook Post

They lied and killed through barrel of guns to capture power with promises of fundamental change not a mere change of guards, but to-date, Ugandans have been held in misrule for 30years. Visible with dictatorial acts of;
- Brutality to political oppositions, 
-land grabbing by a group of thugs with state protection, 
-deplorable health services with rising rates of dying mothers while giving birth at 19 per day,
- Rising Youth unemployment at over 80%, hence reducing youth to beggars for M7 brown envelopes,
-M7 dine with the corrupt for political patronage,
- monetized politics to kill able democratic participation, 
-Sabotaged local entrepreneurship by promoting briefcase investors serving and protecting M7s pakalast ruler.
-Window shopped national resources to a group of friends, tribes mate, family and relatives,
-Robbed national treasurery with unexplainable statehouse expenditure valued at over 300million daily.
-Killed agricultural activities with fake programmes like Bona Bagagawale, NAADS, now operation wealth creation, with nightmares of distributing hoes to 6million farmers with fake inputs,
-Embraced divide and rule to meet M7s political goals at a cost of wanainchi disunity, a retardation of national development, among others.

The struggle to truly liberate Uganda is not a one man obligation or participating politician alone; this is a national call to all Ugandan.
Voting is a process which needs total participation in mobilizing, funding, casting the vote and protecting it.
M7s regime is ready to involve in cruel acts to discourage people power to take effect, using Kayihura and other military henchmen without Uganda at heart. 
As the campaign season gains momentum, more arrests, kidnaps, intimidation, killings, sabotage extra will rain on the opposing forces ready and vying to end M7s 30 years rule.
But all those will not cripple people’s power to deliver victory come voting date 18th February 2016.
All forced must mobilize at various levels to counter M7 and his henchmen ground cruel acts aimed at sabotaging elections.
Voting M7 and his Regime is a ticket to live a regrettable life with generations to come.
M7 as CEO of the Republic of Uganda for 30years has increased Uganda’s debt burden from 3billion in 1990 to over 15trillion with expected additional 4.5trillion in the next 2015/2016 financial Budget.
The education system under M7 rule has deteriorated with thousands of graduates looming streets.
Since M7, the CEO of Uganda for 30years, only gamble without focus to reduce corruption, improve health services, rule by law not embrace rule of law, plunger national treasurery for selfish desire, then time is now for Ugandans to jointly end the regime, by voting leaders who desire a Uganda that work for everyone, not a group of criminals and selfish individuals.
Lastly, after voting, wholeheartedly protect your vote to deliver victory for true leadership where generations will desire to leave.

Sunday, December 27, 2015


BY KB (not Besigye)

VOUR has obtained a list of scholarships handed out to the following Ugandans to study abroad. Based on the names listed it is clear that if you are  from Central, Eastern and Northern Uganda the likely hood of ever appearing on such a list is impossible !!!!!

1. Iman Sehene (USA)...
2. Ruth Ndasinwa (USA)
3. Micheal Rwagasore (USA)
4. Oliva Ngenzebuhoro (USA)
5. Charles Nduwayo (USA)
6. James Kanyenkiko (USA)
7. Fred Micombero (USA)
8. Rebecca Hakizimana (USA)
9. George Ingabire (USA)
10. Alex Nishimwe (USA)
11. George Mugish (USA)
12. Samuel Muhirwe (USA)
13. Jonathan Kwezira (USA)
14. Bob Ndagijimana (UK)
15. Faith Kwzira (UK)
16. John Tiyikunde (USA)
17. Godfrey Tuyisenge (UK)
18. Charles Bizimungu (USA)
19. Alex Kalisa (USA)
20. Natasha Mutoni (UK)
21. Charles Nikuze (USA)
22. William Uwimana (UK)
23. Brenda Nzayisenga (UK)
24. Sarah Rukondho (USA)
25. John Ntakirutimana (USA)
26. Kato Nsibimana (UK)

VOUR will soon bring you a list of Ugandans employed by Ugandans government in and outside of Uganda.



Since former prime minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi popularly known as JPAM, decided to run against #Museveni, NRM has never been the same. According to information obtained from a reliable source, SFC commanded by Muhoozi, has been busy trying to stop JPAM, including using lethal force. The plan was to arrest him before he left for London to attend to his wife who was admitted in the hospital, in UK, with tramped up charges among which was inciting violence. The plan fell flat on its face when Mbabazi left for UK the day before his arrest. The second plan now being put in motion is to get him assassinated while campaigning and blame the assassination on his supporters. The government has infiltrated JPAM's campaign and it has threaten some of his campaign officials to quit if they want to see another day. According to David Pulkol the head of Go Forward security and a former External  Security Organization ( ESO), has revealed a plan of assassinating the former prime minister. Kayihura working on orders from Museveni has arrested many of JPAM's security details personnel and many are being tortured in police stations around Kampala. One of the plans being considered to eliminate Mbabazi is to use paid youth to cause chaos at JPAM's rallies where a sniper or Crime Preventer would kill Mbabazi and the government would blame it on hooliganism and therefore suspend the elections. The second option is to kidnap and kill a few of Mbabazi's prominent supporters in order to scare off people from supporting Mbabazi's candidacy. Mbabazi is very much aware of Museveni's deadly practices of eliminating his political challengers. It is also known that EC chairman was ordered to allow registering more crime preventers and the exercise is on going. We therefore warn former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to be very vigilante while on his campaign tours. Museveni is dead serious of getting JPAM off the stage.


Change presidential Candidate, has vowed to continue with the struggle to liberate this country to freedom.
While meeting the press today at, Northern Uganda Media Club (NUMEC) Gulu, Besigye accused the government for neglecting the population at the peak of 20 years LRA Insurgency but rather taking advantage of the situation.
“There have been usual efforts by Museveni’s regime to patronize the people of northern Uganda, giving them handout in the name of support” Besigye said.
Adding that, the rampant land grabbing cases recorded in the region is its self a security threat caused by the shortfalls in the laws governing land acquisition and tenure system that needs foresighted leaders like him to bring about instant reforms.