Sunday, December 28, 2014

PhD Candidates in Canada are usually fully funded. Please give it a thought.

EDUCATION IN CANADA.  FOR PhD potential students.
Generally, most universities in Canada fund a PhD student fully.  The only problem is you have to find a supervisor.  This is a hard one for most International Applicants. I know for a fact that Universtiy of Toronto is a sure thing.  I only relate to my supervisor.  Andrew Clement (google search him and martha leah nangalama).  He is Computer Science, Privacy, Information Studies.  Him and I published something together.  For the other universities, I am unable to help.  Alma Barranco is a long time friend who is a prof at Simon Fraser.  Deryck Persaud is also a long time friend who is the husband of Alma.  Fikile is also a long time friend at Simon Fraser.  I do not have other friends that come to mind but if I scratch hard, I might find them.  The thing with needing a supervisor of research is a serious problem when I try to share information about education in Canada.  All you have to do is read and then read some more.  My long time friend (the one who flies the kids to Toronto to feed and house them) just left a job with KPMG and returned to school at UofT for her PhD.  No idea why, but UofT gave $25k which is what they usually give to all the PhD students.  It is enough to live on but does not compare to a 6 figure salary.  Makes sense why some of us do not return to school.  However Annie and Doug do not need much money and neither do I.  Only reason I am skipping law school is because my people need a lot of help and the Oil company will only pay for the kids to go to Uni but not me.  Please consider a PhD program in Canada.  You will never regret it.  My niece Dora arrived in Sept 2014 for her Executive MBA at UPEI.  Generally MBA programs are not easily funded.  However her father and my sister are paying some $20k for her two year program.  Sounds expensive????  She got her working papers last week.  As much as I detest Harper, he made changes in immigration which are great for Canada and anyone who comes in.  All International Students (even bachelors) are allowed to work anywhere non restricted for 20hrs a week.  My niece is a Civil Engineer and the pay on campus is around $25 an hour.  The pay with an engineering firm is around $50 an hour.  You are only allowed to work 20hrs while in school.  This is how I paid for my father's medical bills.

How else can I ask Uganda to consider opportunities outside that country?

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

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