Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year to all my friends, family and followers on WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA)

I have written many messages on FB and you can even check my blog about them all for Happy New Year.

This one is for WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA). When Alex asked me to join it about a month ago, I even had never heard of it.  I think the page was about 3,000 members.  Now it is nearly 16,000 members (him and his friends have been working hard to grow the page and kudos to them all).  I frankly had no idea what Alex had set out to do in Uganda.  You have to realise that I have pretty well  grown up in Canada (Secondary School, Universities, Employment, Community Service) so joining an admin team for Uganda was also something.

Uganda is full of talented brilliant young people.  If we do not pay attention to them, we lose much.  Given my training and community involvement in Canada and Uganda, I looked at this page and realised that it has a lot of potential.  From that first day, I have watched other people on it work and post and comment with a passion for Uganda like what runs through my veins.  I am grateful to be part of that community.

All the pent up passion, emotions and the intellect...surely we can do something with it all.  Welcome to IT and Social Media for the good of Uganda.

I would like to wish everyone on WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA) a Happy New Year and a fantabulous 2015. This will be the year we make more great changes for Uganda.  I would also like to wish the same for the other Ugandan pages (Ugandans At Heart (UAH) Community and Ugandans At Heart (UAH) Base) and Politics, Advocates for Humanity and all the other other pages I belong to and apparently so many I admin (only see requests when I get a message).

What is going on in Uganda is this congruence of some sort.  We all know what is wrong, what has to be done but not how to go about it.  We are all not activists but I think we can ask the right questions if we have a voice.  WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA) and the other UAH pages are all working on the same thing - to give our people a voice.  Some people say "talking is not enough" but some of us know that talking is the start.

The obligation of WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA) and my duty to Uganda is to share all the news we can find from every mode of information outlet as well as writing education pieces for our our country.  If you do not like what you see on these FB pages, you do not have to read or comment, just walk away or block yourself.   We share articles from people who write passionately about #Uganda and life.  I am one of them and some of you have seen some of my articles (real life with no sugar coating).

Give a hand clap to Alex for WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA) and a hand clap to all the owners of the other pages I have mentioned (well I do not know their names really).

Let us make 2015 the year  that Uganda Exhales!!!

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

ps: Enjoy Art and Music from Ugandan Artists.  Our team knows them personally (we promote music and art besides animal husbandry and growing food).  HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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