Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CVs aka Resumes Advice for #Uganda. This will work for Multinationals but maybe not Uganda which relies on Nepotism to hire.

I find that I keep giving the same advice to many people so I am writing this down of what I do with your CVs when I edit them.

On the header (learn how to write headers and footers), you need your names, address, phone number, email and skype account.  One phone (more than one is silly, use the one you always answer).  One email (same as phone instruction.).  Your address, most employers know that Uganda uses POB so if you have none, find a friend who has one so that you can receive snail mail via them.  Never ever include your picture, father's name, village, etc.  Never include your date of birth and your marital status.

The First section on your CV should be OBJECTIVE.  For example, mine is "To improve your bottom line by teaching you and your employees about Best Business Practices, Efficiency and Continuous Improvement".----------Do notice that I am not looking for a job and do not use my objective as it is a bit arrogant but I have the work experience and training to actually do what I mention.  So in your Objective, specify what you want.  Something like "With all my training and experience, I look forward to work with a company which values bla bla bla".

The Second Section is SKILLS:.. Here, you specify the specific skills that the job you are applying for needs.  By the way, a CV always has to be custom tailored to the job.  You make a big mistake to use one CV for all.  For example, in my case I would say "I have solid project management skills and I know IT like I know my own hand.  I have written far too many computer applications, taught and helped.  I live with budgets, projects and over runs, disaster recoveries, business back up plans, etc.  Give me any database and I am great with everything involving databases.  I am fluent in several languages and I work well in dynamic and multi cultural environments globally".

The Third Section is Work Experience.  Please list all your work experience here in descending order.  You start with the most recent.  Do not put a lot of details except just key tasks.

The Fourth Section is Education.  It is crucial that you do descending here as well.  No PLE, Olevel, Alevel.  It is asssumed that if you went to College (in this case include Alevel), you did pass Olevel and PLE. Ideally, we only want to see your College or University in this section.  Your transcripts must never be sent with your CV.  Put them in a PDF file and send them as a separate document.  The people who read your CV might not be the ones who verify your transcripts and any CV or application over 2 pages gets shredded.  You should see my shredder.

The Fifth Section is COMMUNITY SERVICE - aka Hobbies.  Do you seriously think that I want to know about your love for ManU or Arsenal?  Use your brain.  Employers want to know about the things you do outside of work and school which contribute to humanity.  I enjoy reading and travelling - then show us what those things did to help others.


By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Citizen of Canada with Ugandan Origins.

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