Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The most forgotten tools of marketing is Word of Mouth.  Here is this how this works.  You make your customers happy, they will help you retain customers and then attract new ones.  Us consumers have a big role to play in this.  However, if the people who serve us are rude and discontented, we will take our business elsewhere.  One time I was threatened by getting kicked out of one church.  That was the biggest joke.  There are far too many empty churches here who need people in their churches. I probably deserved that threat because I was trying to talk about "What is So Amazing About Grace". You kick me out of your church, I just walk down the street.  Now imagine the business people who threaten and insult their customers.  Competition is insane so every customer you treat badly will take their families and friends elsewhere.  It is a minimal multiplication of 6.  Every customer you annoy will take 6 or more people from your company.  Word of Mouth is very strong.

Keep your employees happy and you will retain the customers and get even more customers.  The best companies now have dedicated Social Media teams to take care of their customers as well as any inquiries.  You make a big mistake to think that Face Book will not affect your bottom line.  Everything your employees say on Face Book and any other Social Media reflects on you.

Customer Service is what fuels the economy and your company.  Do the right thing.  Never allow any of your employees to trash people around on the Internet.  Shut off all their Social Media accounts while they are on your payroll.  However, since you cannot choke them off, allow them to use their personal accounts to do whatever they want on social media, keeping in mind that if they use your company on their profiles, they should maintain a modicum of descence.  The Internet and Social Media will destroy them and give a bad image of your company.  My employers are aware of all I say on Social Media.  It is no different from what I would say in face.  I am a Human Rights and Social Advocate and all the fights I get in relate to that part of me.  You make a very big mistake to allow your employees to go on rants abusing people out of the blue.  It reflects on who they work for.

Your employees during office hours throwing insults at people on the internet automatically means that you sanction it.  They should not even be using the company time or if they do, they should not be using company resources to do it.  Word of Mouth is key, it will translate from the employee to the employer.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Citizen of Canada with Ugandan Origins.

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