Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Women Are Not Weaker Than Men. Did a man ever get pregnant for 9 months?

Daily, I learned much about the position of inferiority that some men put women in. Most of my writing relates to #Uganda.  In that country, people  think women are weak and lazy. Not all the men though but a good number of them.  It is funny that most of the women haters in that country actually have a woman boss or read the writings of a woman.

Uganda is a very complicated country. I come from there but I do not live in it. The learning curve to understand Uganda is very high.  You have people who are unemployed and they tell you that they will not listen to you because you are a woman.

Surely we have many other reasons why our unemployment rate is 85%-95%.  I write about some of these reasons and certainly, demeaning women is one of them.  In this age, you must not go on Social Media (FB included) and declare on an International Forum that women are weak and inferior.  We are job creators.  We are your mothers, sisters, aunties, nieces and grand children.

In our history from many decades and centuries ago, women were put on a pedestal.  Now Uganda walks all over women.  The foundation of any society is built on women and girls. Employment by a woman is not that bad when your country cannot even offer you jobs.  We carry small people in our bellies for 9 months and push out a foot ball.  You men, one day, we will go on strike and you will miss the mother of your kids.


By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton Canada
Ugandan born and raised, Canadian Citizen. 


  1. Does the 9 months pregnancy qualifies women to be stronger than men? I wish you knew how men sweat during that powerful exercise of getting a woman pregnant......quit a challenging situation than the 9 months of pregnancy which still makes a man powerful and stronger.