Friday, November 28, 2014

Uganda Silences Any Voice of Dissent

UGANDA IS GOING TO HELL. They do not fund schools, they build new ones while closing down old ones. Uganda does not have diagnostic equipment in hospitals but build new private hospitals which are launched by the president. Uganda cannot employ its people and rather import Indians and Chinese to work in a country which desperately needs jobs. Uganda does not give a voice to any of its people lest you be called a terrorist and get arrested to vanish forever (Sam Mugumya), but will let fake companies like Shell and Bolton announce in local media that they are hiring ONLY if you are non Ugandan. Uganda does not pay their civil servants, not even the Militarized Police of the Army but they manage to steal billions of dollars. If you do not think that Uganda steals, look at the saga around the Railway, Mukono / Katosi Road, the money which vanished from OPM of $140 million which was supposed to develop Karamoja. On a more personal level, Uganda stole sh. 8 billion from the fund for relocating and helping Bududa when that place had land slides a few years back (land slides are gonna get them anyway, they should have planted the trees I was giving for free). The Irony of Ironies is Uganda selling Lake Victoria right after announcing that the they had given a contract to some Japanese company to do a FEASIBILITY STUDY of the Oil Pipeline. Guess what people, even if you silence me, you will never escape Google where I now write the blog. Canada East Pipeline is 5,550 km and the cost of Construction is $7 billion. The pipeline in Uganda, Hoima to Mombasa is 1,330 km. You should never have slept through Maths classes. The cost for constructing the Uganda pipeline should be $1.75 billion. Allowing Project Over Run will leave you with the highest cost being $2 billion. Japan is not an Oil Player. Stop Fooling Ugandans. One of your biggest problems is you exported your brains and ended up with people working in Technology and Oil. When the MTN saga broke out, we laughed at you. However, we do communicate with everyone in Uganda. Your FBzero was meant to fool Ugandans but now it is your biggest problem. This information is going home and it is being read. You display the IP address of everyone who uses FBzero. WHY? You do not even care about the security of your people since you stage terror threats constantly and kill your own citizens. I have been very polite in most of what I write about Uganda. The deal is off, You violated it when you kidnapped Sam Mugumya and tortured a confession out of him and then hinted that you were going to arrest the opposition for Treason. I do not even know that man or the opposition. Clearly, you must understand that no country can last forever. You are best friends with China and even Beijing is not killing the kids in Hong Kong for demanding democracy. You are great friends with North Korea, then why do some defect to South Korea? In any case, Kim keeps North Koreans worshiping him because he shuts off information from outside. You have not done so yet. You like Russia, go ahead...Putin likes you too. In conclusion, grow a brain and stop thinking that Ugandans are fools. You make a very big mistake when you think that you can silence them forever.

For God and My Country

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Canadian Citizen of Ugandan Origin.

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