Saturday, November 29, 2014

Uganda has an incredible amount of stupidity and ensure they display it to the world.

These two women go panicking saying that my husband and I tag them in pictures and posts.  Everyone knows that Robert and I never ever tag these two doouchebags.  Our accounts are Public and you can read everything we post.  We are Current Affairs and Economics.  Anything less is a distraction.  Social Justice and Human Rights are naturally part of the deal.

Jenifer Wesuta and Harriet Makhame are my cousins.  They have been promoting hate against my husband.  The admins on this board ought to know why they lost followers.  Because when you promote Hate, you lose intelligent people.  Robert Zesaguli Pierre has never ever attacked anyione or abused anyone.  I am the one who does it.  You abused me enough and won nothing.  Never ever fool around with an IT Professional.  Money Talks, bullshit walks.  I have both.  You made a very big mistake to thing that gay rights were not worth fighting for.  How many Ugandans have vanished with no trace since that bill was passed.  Your own human rights end the day you decide that others are not worth fighting for.  I do not even sleep with those girls anymore.  I got 3 people out of Uganda and into safety.  How many have you helped?  Sam Mugumya vanished and you all went silent.  You will be next.  If you do not believe me, think Mayombo, Kazini, JPAM, Kagingo.  A government which tells you they are paying a Japanese company to do a feasibility study to build an oil pipeline in Uganda.  Cost of construction is $1.75 billion. Allowing for overages, the top would be $2 billion.  All my information is now global.  You can kill me but you will never kill the truth.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Mocton Canada
Canadian Citizen with African Origins. 

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