Friday, November 28, 2014


What many people in #Uganda fail to understand is Human Rights and Social Justice.  The first person who vanished with no trace should have gotten Ugandans up in uproar. You did not think it could happen to you, your family or your friends.  You were very wrong.  The minute you ignore the first violation of Human Rights is the minute you sign your own rights away.  How many of you refused to know that people in Uganda disappear daily to never be found?  How many of you knew that Kampala would become full of slums which never existed in Amin and Obote eras?  How many of you refused to understand that the day when the Lord Mayor whom you elected was losing his job and you said nothing.  You might want to know that the councillors were given sh. 25 million and 3000 baby chicks with feed to ditch a man you had all elected.  He was replaced by a BITCH who has cleaned up Kampala and displaced many people who were selling on the streets to make a living.  Recently, one of her hooligans crashed a baby to death and I do not see any uproar about this.  How many of you laughed when Sejusa said top Generals were going to vanish? How many of you did not see the kidnapping of Sam Mugumya and a tortured confession to implicate Dr. Besigye?  How many of you turned a blind eye against the fact that people fly out of that country for Medical Treatment because even the prized Paragon Hospital ain't good enough?  I hear you are building a top line hospital when even Mulago cannot treat Malaria (Mao ended up in Kenya with Malaria).  And you complain that the streets of Kampala are flooding every time it rains -- go tell it to that bitch who was positioned to replace Lukwago. Kakira Sugar Works and Madhvani group are running low on supplies because you did not allow them to cut down all of Mabira forest to plant more sugar cane.  Be prepared to read everything from now on because I will no longer sugar coat it.  BY THE WAY, Congratulations on selling Lake Victoria.  Who was the buyer and what price did they pay?

For God and My Country.
By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama).
Moncton, Canada 
Citizen of Canada with Ugandan Origin.

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