Friday, November 28, 2014

Power is like being a lady -- Margaret Thatcher said it.

Let  me briefly pen-down my opinion: No science is immune to the infection 
of politics and the corruption of power. Its also unfortunate that those
that are ruling Uganda are the ones that must be led. The Independence 
regime had the foundation laid. They were value based! Quickly, in 1980,
an idiot, in the guise of liberation, dismantled the very fabric of our
nation. The journey to servitude began and as clearly stated above, we 
are held in bondage. 

Margaret Thatcher once said "Power is like being a lady... If you have 
to tell people you are, then you aren't". The most common way people 
give up their power is by thinking they don't have any... For 28 years 
Ugandans have embraced a self imposed dictatorship! The greater the 
power the more dangerous the abuse.....and now the love for power is at 
its height! A dictatorship is griped with power. Fear has for long been 
entrenched and if people stop fearing a dictator, that dictatorship is 
in big trouble! Mugumya Sam has believed in himself, conquered fear, and
built a conviction. That's what Ugandans have to do to see the change 
they want! Uganda's biggest hindrance to that change and transition is M7. Museveni Must Go!!

By Peter Barongo

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