Friday, November 28, 2014


In 2006, we had all the tickets for the ROM and Phantom. A blood clot and stroke did not stop the two littles from going to the shows.  My bestest sister was in Toronto and her and Katie ensured that the girls went to all the shows. My employer paid a lot for my recovery.  The biggest price was the colleagues at work who used to drive across Toronto to just come and see me.  They saved my life and they know it.  It was so easy to give up.  Every time I saw my friends from work and then the pictures of the girls, I fought harder to live.  I will never thank people enough.  When I was airlifted to Saint John Regional, my teddy bear vanished.  You should have seen the commotion to get it back.  In SJRH, I was always one step away from death.  I was very very weak.  So the cleaning people found my teddy and returned it.  Pat and Pat had given me that teddy bear when I was in MacMaster University Hospital on my death bed.  I have this little guy here.  Every Ambulance was warned ahead of time that I might die in transit.  The Air Ambulance, I had to sign a document that I would die in the air.  I look at some of you.. you can breathe and you can walk and talk and not fight to stay alive and I wonder why you choose otherwise.  Do you know that one breath is all that keeps you from dying? ONE BREATHE.  Stop taking life for granted.  You could not even die multiple times and return to live if you did not appreciate life and a breath.  My niece arrived from Uganda and while shopping with her in the Moncton Canada area, she said it was interesting for how much time I took to talk to the cashiers.  You are too busy and the people serving you are not worth your time?  Big mistake.  Love life by Loving the people in your life.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama) 
Moncton Canada 
Citizen of Canada with Ugandan Origins. 

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