Thursday, November 27, 2014

Immigrants infuse a lot in Canada and most places where they go

This past week, we did 3rd out of 32 singles. We did 4th out of 16 doubles.  Never ever tell me that white people have a goal to ruin black kids.  The singles were Uganda Origin and Thailand Origin.  Those two played the doubles too.  It is not always about your colour because as much as you experience it, here are two kids from Uganda and Thailand who will make you run for your money.  Yes, there is racism and we cannot ignore that fact and especially given the shootings in the USA.  However, 95% of Canada and USA are great people.  Let me go wash the egg white off my face.  One moment please.  We have much work to do.  We have to empower ourselves and our children through education and knowledge.  We must stop blaming our colour for our failures but must not go out of our way claiming that the world is against us.  We must not assume that the deeds of many centuries ago give us rights with this current generation which hardly knows history.  Non... we cannot blame white people for all our problems and we must stop this habit and become more practical in this age.  The Problem of Africa is Leaders who stay in power for too long. WRONG.  The problem of Africa is Africans who refuse to read and learn from history.  You sold our people into slavery centuries ago.  Now you sell them into slave labour and sex trade AND some of your claim that it is America which is hurting you!  Do you want to pull up the numbers of Africans who are in Slave labour in the Middle East?  Thank you because now the numbers must be presented by everyone so that we can stop this Funny Business (Subversive Actitity).

For God and My Stomach.
By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama) 
Moncton, Canada 
Canadian Citizen of Ugandan Origin.

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