Saturday, November 29, 2014

Uganda has an incredible amount of stupidity and ensure they display it to the world.

These two women go panicking saying that my husband and I tag them in pictures and posts.  Everyone knows that Robert and I never ever tag these two doouchebags.  Our accounts are Public and you can read everything we post.  We are Current Affairs and Economics.  Anything less is a distraction.  Social Justice and Human Rights are naturally part of the deal.

Jenifer Wesuta and Harriet Makhame are my cousins.  They have been promoting hate against my husband.  The admins on this board ought to know why they lost followers.  Because when you promote Hate, you lose intelligent people.  Robert Zesaguli Pierre has never ever attacked anyione or abused anyone.  I am the one who does it.  You abused me enough and won nothing.  Never ever fool around with an IT Professional.  Money Talks, bullshit walks.  I have both.  You made a very big mistake to thing that gay rights were not worth fighting for.  How many Ugandans have vanished with no trace since that bill was passed.  Your own human rights end the day you decide that others are not worth fighting for.  I do not even sleep with those girls anymore.  I got 3 people out of Uganda and into safety.  How many have you helped?  Sam Mugumya vanished and you all went silent.  You will be next.  If you do not believe me, think Mayombo, Kazini, JPAM, Kagingo.  A government which tells you they are paying a Japanese company to do a feasibility study to build an oil pipeline in Uganda.  Cost of construction is $1.75 billion. Allowing for overages, the top would be $2 billion.  All my information is now global.  You can kill me but you will never kill the truth.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Mocton Canada
Canadian Citizen with African Origins. 

Friday, November 28, 2014


In 2006, we had all the tickets for the ROM and Phantom. A blood clot and stroke did not stop the two littles from going to the shows.  My bestest sister was in Toronto and her and Katie ensured that the girls went to all the shows. My employer paid a lot for my recovery.  The biggest price was the colleagues at work who used to drive across Toronto to just come and see me.  They saved my life and they know it.  It was so easy to give up.  Every time I saw my friends from work and then the pictures of the girls, I fought harder to live.  I will never thank people enough.  When I was airlifted to Saint John Regional, my teddy bear vanished.  You should have seen the commotion to get it back.  In SJRH, I was always one step away from death.  I was very very weak.  So the cleaning people found my teddy and returned it.  Pat and Pat had given me that teddy bear when I was in MacMaster University Hospital on my death bed.  I have this little guy here.  Every Ambulance was warned ahead of time that I might die in transit.  The Air Ambulance, I had to sign a document that I would die in the air.  I look at some of you.. you can breathe and you can walk and talk and not fight to stay alive and I wonder why you choose otherwise.  Do you know that one breath is all that keeps you from dying? ONE BREATHE.  Stop taking life for granted.  You could not even die multiple times and return to live if you did not appreciate life and a breath.  My niece arrived from Uganda and while shopping with her in the Moncton Canada area, she said it was interesting for how much time I took to talk to the cashiers.  You are too busy and the people serving you are not worth your time?  Big mistake.  Love life by Loving the people in your life.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama) 
Moncton Canada 
Citizen of Canada with Ugandan Origins. 

Power is like being a lady -- Margaret Thatcher said it.

Let  me briefly pen-down my opinion: No science is immune to the infection 
of politics and the corruption of power. Its also unfortunate that those
that are ruling Uganda are the ones that must be led. The Independence 
regime had the foundation laid. They were value based! Quickly, in 1980,
an idiot, in the guise of liberation, dismantled the very fabric of our
nation. The journey to servitude began and as clearly stated above, we 
are held in bondage. 

Margaret Thatcher once said "Power is like being a lady... If you have 
to tell people you are, then you aren't". The most common way people 
give up their power is by thinking they don't have any... For 28 years 
Ugandans have embraced a self imposed dictatorship! The greater the 
power the more dangerous the abuse.....and now the love for power is at 
its height! A dictatorship is griped with power. Fear has for long been 
entrenched and if people stop fearing a dictator, that dictatorship is 
in big trouble! Mugumya Sam has believed in himself, conquered fear, and
built a conviction. That's what Ugandans have to do to see the change 
they want! Uganda's biggest hindrance to that change and transition is M7. Museveni Must Go!!

By Peter Barongo

RED PEPPER employees in #Uganda violate Human Rights and Journalist Guidelines.

If anyone is in close contact with the person who owns this account, please inbox me. My goal is to locate all the Ugandans who went to Yale and Stanford so that we can do policy research. Here is what I know so far.
The Face Book names are Mariea ShakaMaxine (LMS) but her real names are Lapolo Mariea
She is a journalist who is in Nairobi and used to work for RED PEPPER. She also works for a South African PR firm --- this is how PR is going to come in.
She is Ugandan and an Acholi who went to Yale and Stanford (imagine that)
Mariea ShakaMaxine Lms Early this year,when I called
homosexuals,Animals and
beasts,Craig Kadoda,called
me inhuman and an
imbecile.A few minutes
later,he blocked me and I kept wondering why.And this
was the answer. Former NTV Uganda news
reporter Craig Kadoda has
finally wedded his longtime
partner. leaving former
Cranes manager Mubiru
heartbroken. Craig Kadoda and Ibrahim
walked down the aisle this
The pair ‘exchanged vows’
over the weekend and
according to our sources Craig is the wife whom many
say is by the way sexy
hihihihhi. His partner is
identified as Ibrahim. It is not
yet clear in which country the
wedding took place but at least it is not Uganda.
Craig Kadoda who quit his
NTV job for greener pastures
left the country to go and
work for Virgin
Records.Although todate he still maintains on his timeline
as working for Nation media
group. — at Nairobi West, Kenya Oct 16, 2013
PS: Red Pepper is known for attacking people on their tabloid, harassing gay people even going as far as disclosing their names and pictures. Red Pepper will hit at anyone using their tabloids should you say anything which they do not like. Red Pepper knows very little about IT and Social Meida. They will find out how it all works now. I expect them to publish my name and garbage about me anytime and I will ensure that in every country where Google goes, Red Pepper will be known. I will squeeze down their advertising revenue. Bring it on. I am ready.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Mocnton, Canada
Citizen of Canada with Ugandan Origins.

That country #Uganda Glorifies Killers

RadioCity 97FM posted Musisi appology about the child her machine killed.  There aer 530 likes.  74 shares. 1204 comments.  Do you see what is wrong with Uganda?  The original death post of baby Ryan has meagre fractions of this.  No wonder that country celebrates M7 and killers like Desh are glorified for their business acumen.  People, wake up for crying out loud. Comment and share and like the real issues, not trying to make excuses for killers. One day it will be you or someone you love. If you do not believe me, watch your backyard.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Citizen of Canada with Ugandan Origins.


What many people in #Uganda fail to understand is Human Rights and Social Justice.  The first person who vanished with no trace should have gotten Ugandans up in uproar. You did not think it could happen to you, your family or your friends.  You were very wrong.  The minute you ignore the first violation of Human Rights is the minute you sign your own rights away.  How many of you refused to know that people in Uganda disappear daily to never be found?  How many of you knew that Kampala would become full of slums which never existed in Amin and Obote eras?  How many of you refused to understand that the day when the Lord Mayor whom you elected was losing his job and you said nothing.  You might want to know that the councillors were given sh. 25 million and 3000 baby chicks with feed to ditch a man you had all elected.  He was replaced by a BITCH who has cleaned up Kampala and displaced many people who were selling on the streets to make a living.  Recently, one of her hooligans crashed a baby to death and I do not see any uproar about this.  How many of you laughed when Sejusa said top Generals were going to vanish? How many of you did not see the kidnapping of Sam Mugumya and a tortured confession to implicate Dr. Besigye?  How many of you turned a blind eye against the fact that people fly out of that country for Medical Treatment because even the prized Paragon Hospital ain't good enough?  I hear you are building a top line hospital when even Mulago cannot treat Malaria (Mao ended up in Kenya with Malaria).  And you complain that the streets of Kampala are flooding every time it rains -- go tell it to that bitch who was positioned to replace Lukwago. Kakira Sugar Works and Madhvani group are running low on supplies because you did not allow them to cut down all of Mabira forest to plant more sugar cane.  Be prepared to read everything from now on because I will no longer sugar coat it.  BY THE WAY, Congratulations on selling Lake Victoria.  Who was the buyer and what price did they pay?

For God and My Country.
By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama).
Moncton, Canada 
Citizen of Canada with Ugandan Origin.

Uganda Silences Any Voice of Dissent

UGANDA IS GOING TO HELL. They do not fund schools, they build new ones while closing down old ones. Uganda does not have diagnostic equipment in hospitals but build new private hospitals which are launched by the president. Uganda cannot employ its people and rather import Indians and Chinese to work in a country which desperately needs jobs. Uganda does not give a voice to any of its people lest you be called a terrorist and get arrested to vanish forever (Sam Mugumya), but will let fake companies like Shell and Bolton announce in local media that they are hiring ONLY if you are non Ugandan. Uganda does not pay their civil servants, not even the Militarized Police of the Army but they manage to steal billions of dollars. If you do not think that Uganda steals, look at the saga around the Railway, Mukono / Katosi Road, the money which vanished from OPM of $140 million which was supposed to develop Karamoja. On a more personal level, Uganda stole sh. 8 billion from the fund for relocating and helping Bududa when that place had land slides a few years back (land slides are gonna get them anyway, they should have planted the trees I was giving for free). The Irony of Ironies is Uganda selling Lake Victoria right after announcing that the they had given a contract to some Japanese company to do a FEASIBILITY STUDY of the Oil Pipeline. Guess what people, even if you silence me, you will never escape Google where I now write the blog. Canada East Pipeline is 5,550 km and the cost of Construction is $7 billion. The pipeline in Uganda, Hoima to Mombasa is 1,330 km. You should never have slept through Maths classes. The cost for constructing the Uganda pipeline should be $1.75 billion. Allowing Project Over Run will leave you with the highest cost being $2 billion. Japan is not an Oil Player. Stop Fooling Ugandans. One of your biggest problems is you exported your brains and ended up with people working in Technology and Oil. When the MTN saga broke out, we laughed at you. However, we do communicate with everyone in Uganda. Your FBzero was meant to fool Ugandans but now it is your biggest problem. This information is going home and it is being read. You display the IP address of everyone who uses FBzero. WHY? You do not even care about the security of your people since you stage terror threats constantly and kill your own citizens. I have been very polite in most of what I write about Uganda. The deal is off, You violated it when you kidnapped Sam Mugumya and tortured a confession out of him and then hinted that you were going to arrest the opposition for Treason. I do not even know that man or the opposition. Clearly, you must understand that no country can last forever. You are best friends with China and even Beijing is not killing the kids in Hong Kong for demanding democracy. You are great friends with North Korea, then why do some defect to South Korea? In any case, Kim keeps North Koreans worshiping him because he shuts off information from outside. You have not done so yet. You like Russia, go ahead...Putin likes you too. In conclusion, grow a brain and stop thinking that Ugandans are fools. You make a very big mistake when you think that you can silence them forever.

For God and My Country

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Canadian Citizen of Ugandan Origin.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Immigrants infuse a lot in Canada and most places where they go

This past week, we did 3rd out of 32 singles. We did 4th out of 16 doubles.  Never ever tell me that white people have a goal to ruin black kids.  The singles were Uganda Origin and Thailand Origin.  Those two played the doubles too.  It is not always about your colour because as much as you experience it, here are two kids from Uganda and Thailand who will make you run for your money.  Yes, there is racism and we cannot ignore that fact and especially given the shootings in the USA.  However, 95% of Canada and USA are great people.  Let me go wash the egg white off my face.  One moment please.  We have much work to do.  We have to empower ourselves and our children through education and knowledge.  We must stop blaming our colour for our failures but must not go out of our way claiming that the world is against us.  We must not assume that the deeds of many centuries ago give us rights with this current generation which hardly knows history.  Non... we cannot blame white people for all our problems and we must stop this habit and become more practical in this age.  The Problem of Africa is Leaders who stay in power for too long. WRONG.  The problem of Africa is Africans who refuse to read and learn from history.  You sold our people into slavery centuries ago.  Now you sell them into slave labour and sex trade AND some of your claim that it is America which is hurting you!  Do you want to pull up the numbers of Africans who are in Slave labour in the Middle East?  Thank you because now the numbers must be presented by everyone so that we can stop this Funny Business (Subversive Actitity).

For God and My Stomach.
By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama) 
Moncton, Canada 
Canadian Citizen of Ugandan Origin.

United World College and International Baccalaureate Is a Gift.

Attending one of only 14 schools around the world and when you are young is something.  I missed home terribly.  Being in a boarding school in Canada was not too different from the schools I went to in #Uganda.  I was in boarding schools there too.  What I now see is the power of attending an International School which teaches Peace, Human Rights and Social Justice.  These schools offer full scholarships and Uganda has always been a recipient. I do not understand why my people do not want to take this chance.  All my non Ugandan friends know this and most went to the same school as I did.  I will not ask anyone anymore to apply.  The people who read my posts know that I have tried for months each year.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada 

Peaceful Civil Disobedience in #Uganda on Dec 15, 2014

December 15, 2014 seems to be the day when #Ugandans will demand change.  Those who follow Social Media have heard this date announced daily. Our country has faced much blood shed and we will not and must not shed anymore blood.  We do not hate our government, we hate the corruption.  The world will be watching.  Burn nothing, loot nothing, hurt no one AND in the eyes of the world, we will be vindicated.  So get ready to be silent and present to demand for justice for our country and our people.  When we get to the point of selling Lake Victoria, we have to demand for change.  Those who forget history are bound to repeat its mistakes.  We will not repeat those mistakes and we must not.  Ghandi used Peaceful Disobedience.  Mandela said "remember only what serves you for the future and forget what would ruin you if you remembered only the horrors".  Many Ugandans have lost family and friends and yes, we had massacres but now we must demand for peace and seek reconciliation because our kids and grand kids deserve better.  No Blood letting.  We are much too brilliant to do the things for which the world will judge us as violent delinquents.  Be Smart. Be Alert. Be Awake and do not blink. For God and My Country.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Canadian Citizen of Ugandan Origin.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fathers Have a very Strong Influence on their Daughters

It is public knowledge that I was raised in a privileged sort of family. Mzee was a wonderful man and he worked for the community. Boarding Schools. In Namugongo, I got a letter weekly with no fail. I wrote to him weekly too. In Namagunga, it was the same thing.  When I went to UWC Lester B Pearson College, the postage was expensive. We still continued the letters weekly right into Trent University.  His goal may have been for checking on how my writing was developing. My goal was always to get info from our relatives. At Pearson College, my first letter to him went something like "It is cold.  I do not see soldiers with guns. I do not hear explosions at night. I do not have to wear all my clothes at night with the dark ones on top.  I am homesick. I am afraid of a place with no guns and soldiers. I miss home a lot and can I return to the boarding school at home, I miss my sisters and my brothers and I am lonesome".  My father wrote back "when I was in England, there were hardly any non white students.  You are in an International school and you must make friends as I am sure many of them miss home too.  A child was never meant to grow up expecting soldiers, guns and explosions. You are in a different country and a peaceful one.  Go and make some friends and stop crying for home".

It was quite the eye opener to learn that some kids do not lie awake all night waiting for explosions.  The school bought me a ticket to fly home.  I refused to board the plane to return.  I had seen the loneliness and missing home.  Father would not go for it.  I was young and had no choice, he forced me to fly away from home.  Our letters continued weekly.   I do not think anyone can get a better father than the one I had.  I am stronger because he helped me to be strong.  He set the standards really high for a husband for his daughters.  We are not perfect and we do not have the Mr. Perfects but we know what we must not accept.

In 2000, I told my manager that I was flying home.  She asked, rather surprised, WHY?  My reply was "I do not think my father is going to live beyond this year".  I flew home.  My father died 2 weeks after I got home.  At 4:00am, a star fell out of the sky and I knew it.  Bududa Hospital was where my father was.  Within 2hrs I got a call from Wanga.  I told my brother, dad died at 4:00am.

Burial was in time before flying back to Canada.  I was pregnant with Mini.  The hospital lost her.  The only way we found her was her perfect image of her grand father.  My father had told me, the child will be like me to remind you of me if I should die before she is born.  That is how it happened.  He died just before she was born and she came out screaming like .... what the ??

Many parents do not realise the influence they have on their kids.  You make a big mistake if  you do not see this.  Mzee Dan Nangalama was a powerhouse.  He is all around us and I miss his letters.  I know he reads everything I write. He was a great writer, teacher, instructor and poet.  One day, I will finish his bio.  I got stuck at the chapter where the letters stopped.

Please write to your parents and your children.  The world has changed so much that we now all fear getting letters.  My father died in 2000. One can never forget a death or even heal from one, of a loved one.  I smile when I think about father or when I write about him...the main reason, our weekly letters for my life were priceless.  I wish you could have read some of them.  The purity of a love beyond belief. Perhaps one of the reasons I hate horrible writing. If bad mommie were not in this life, no idea how some kids would turn out.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama).

Busoga Jiggers Must Die Before Rebecca Kadaga Becomes The President.

Hon. Rebecca Kadaga is from Busoga in #Uganda.  She is the Speaker of Parliament.  She has ambitions to become the president of Uganda if the people elect her.  Before we all vote for her (we love that woman anyway), can we consider her doing something for her people in Busoga. We have a serious Jigger problem - Envunza.  Please pass the message on that we would very much like her to become the next president of Uganda BUT only after the jiggers die.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda.

Women Are Not Weaker Than Men. Did a man ever get pregnant for 9 months?

Daily, I learned much about the position of inferiority that some men put women in. Most of my writing relates to #Uganda.  In that country, people  think women are weak and lazy. Not all the men though but a good number of them.  It is funny that most of the women haters in that country actually have a woman boss or read the writings of a woman.

Uganda is a very complicated country. I come from there but I do not live in it. The learning curve to understand Uganda is very high.  You have people who are unemployed and they tell you that they will not listen to you because you are a woman.

Surely we have many other reasons why our unemployment rate is 85%-95%.  I write about some of these reasons and certainly, demeaning women is one of them.  In this age, you must not go on Social Media (FB included) and declare on an International Forum that women are weak and inferior.  We are job creators.  We are your mothers, sisters, aunties, nieces and grand children.

In our history from many decades and centuries ago, women were put on a pedestal.  Now Uganda walks all over women.  The foundation of any society is built on women and girls. Employment by a woman is not that bad when your country cannot even offer you jobs.  We carry small people in our bellies for 9 months and push out a foot ball.  You men, one day, we will go on strike and you will miss the mother of your kids.


By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton Canada
Ugandan born and raised, Canadian Citizen. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sharing is Fun -- Ugandan Politicians Need to Return to Kindergarten.

Peace and Human Rights for me are very easy. Stop killing. Stop Torturing. Stop Arbitrary arrests. Stop silencing dissent.  The best governments in the world thrive on dissent.  Until your people get a voice to tell you what is wrong, you will miss much of what you can fix. Why do some countries in Africa feel that anyone who voices any different opinion is an enemy (Uganda calls it treason).. Some of you politicians, are you sure you belonged in the debate clubs when you were in school/  The way some people act, it is as if they did not debate in school.  The problems of Africa, as sad as this might sound, could be solved by little kids on the play ground.  Because in Kindergarten We Share Everything.  You do not want to share.  We do not love you anymore. Try to be a kid for one day. It is fun.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada

CV aka Resume Guidelines for #Uganda

1) Only one page for each 10yrs of work experience.  Kid, you have never worked since graduating, why is your CV 8 pages?  I threw it in the trash.

2) The first page has your Work Experience and Education. The second page should have your extra activities like basketball, community work, etc.. I enjoy watching the Eclipse does not count.  If you have no education or work experience, put these items on page one. Get your niece or nephew to write it for you. hahaha

3) Referees are for sports. References are for CVs.  Unless you are applying for a job in Uganda by Ugandans for Ugandans.

4) If you do not know how to write a CV, seek help. Via inbox.  Use me, but do not abuse me.

5) Make job hunting a full time job. Get off FBzero if you are unemployed and do not realise that FBzero can actually help you to connect to employers. Use proper English and stop abusing total strangers.  FB will haiunt you for life.
For God and My Country
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
BELIEVE! I wept because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet." Ancient Persian saying  I am a Social Justice and Human Rights Activist. Find me on Face Book.  All my opinions are mine and do not reflect on any employer or organisation. 
Mobile 506-871-6371

Monday, November 24, 2014

Not here to please you, make friends or make Enemies.

I made all my friends before you saw me on Social Media. My list of enemies stretches from Toronto to Halifax (2000kms) so take a number.

If you write horrible English while mentioning my name or commenting on my posts, I will hurt you.

If you are looking for a Baby Sitter, I have my own kids so go elsewhere.

If you are looking to make me your enemy, join the line.

If you care about your future, your employment, your country, your Human Rights, then read the Social Media Guidelines. Everything you say on Face Book will haunt you for life.  Only say the right things.

Many Ugandans must learn how to stop embarrassing themselves, their schools, employers and country on International Forums.  Unglish is not an International Language.

If you think this is harsh, think how your posts will hurt your life.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada

Uganda Sells Lake Victoria

Those who ignore history will reap the benefits of the lessons they should have learned. Uganda was going to cut down Mabira forest to give the Indians land to grow Sugar. Indians started to disappear. No one seems to remember that Amin gave Indians 90 days to get out of Uganda. How many days will all these foreigners be given before the people go after them. I think selling Lake Victoria just might be the straw, confabulated with the baby who was killed by KCCA after Sam Mugumya was kidnapped and now I hear Treason charges on all the opposition. Can someone tell Museveni that he has pushed people to the edge? To boot, with all the turmoil in NRM, he does not see anything wrong? Kale, Ndiwulira.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Uganda solved all its problems by getting rid of Gay people.

You were all too happy to realise that any time you participate in violating any other person's basic human rights, you might be next.  Where is Sam Mugumya?  Baby Ryan and his mother.  Keep hating gay people because all the problems of your country are caused by gay people.  Except you forced them  to run out of your country and now there is medicine in all the hospitals, the education sytem is great.  There is no more corruption or nepotisim.  There are no more arbitrary arrests and everyone has plenty of food.  I even heard that your roads are now perfect.  Good thing we got rid of those gay people.  What I love about getting rid of them is the fact that they were taking all the jobs.  Unemployment used to be 84-95% but now I hear that everyone has a job and no one is suffering.  Thank you Uganda.---- IFyou say that you nave not been paid your salary for 6-9 months, either you lie or you must go find the last gay person and demand for your money.  
For God and My Country (who hate gay people since they stole our money).
ps: your morality and religion is not my problem.
By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama) 

You cannot preach morality when you sanction arbitrary arrests, torture, disappearances and death.

Dear Mzee YK Museveni,

This is my fourth letter to you. I did not expect you to reply.  That is the beauty of having low expectations.  I do not suppose that you will tell us where Sam Mugumya is,

Please read my previous letters.  I told you very clearly how some revolutions have been started,  The two glaring ones have the exact same setup like what you have in Uganda right now. You will need to read your self as I do not trust any of your advisers and aides de canps to tell you the truth.  Had they been telling you the truth, we could not be at this point.

You have I fail to understand how you sanction killing children -- far too much info to say on this one but the story of NRM will live on.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)

Oil Pipeline from Uganda to Mombasa

The Eastern Canada Oil Pipeline is going to stretch for 5,550km+ to the Maritime provinces.  The estimated cost to build it is CAD $8 billion which works out to USD $7 billion.

The Uganda Oil Pipeline from Hoima to Mombasa (Uganda is a land locked country) stretches for 1,335km. Based on the calculations of YXZ, the Ugandan Pipeline should cost 0.24% of what the Canadian Pipeline is going to cost.  Consequently, one can assume that the pipeline would cost a maximum of $1.75 billion. Do remember that construction in a winter bound land and ensuring all works to the T is a lot more expensive than construction along the belt on the Equator.

Now, we can allow the construction to have a Project Overrun (Contingency) and there is no way it can exceed $0.25 billion.  The Pipeline, if it were done by REAL Oil players would cost only $2 billion maximum.

For God and My country.
By Martha Leah Nangalama

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Communicating Information to my home country Uganda does not mean I belong to any political party

1) No one in Uganda pays me for any of the work I do for sharing information with Uganda. You could never ever afford me as my services are not for sale. I work for my people as my community service to my home country.
2) Anyone who thinks that because I post and share information about the government means that I oppose the government, you are a fool. I am an educator for my people. I post the information which is already in your media and what is already on the internet written by your people.
3) If you claim that you pay me, show me the receipts of the money you sent me and I will reconcile with my bank accounts and prove to the entire world that none of you have ever paid me a penny.
4) As much as it may hurt some of you that I talk, well, it is called Freedom of Speech which comes with any democracy. If your Uganda does not allow me that option, remember that I am a Canadian and I have that freedom.
5) Threatening me will not shut me up.
6) Comparing me to Kagingo is a joke. Her skills and qualifications are very different from mine. Read her Bio and read mine and compare.
7) I only receive my income from Canada, never think Uganda pays me anything, use your money to feed my people and put medicine in your hospitals.
8) Saying I like Mugisha Muntu does not mean I am an FDC member. As a matter of fact, I always vote Liberal and I will be voting for Justin Trudeau.
9) If you do not like what I post or share, you are not obligated to read it.
10) Intimidating people on the Internet just because they inform your country does not guarantee that they will shut up. I know for a fact, and my friends know I will never shut up. As a matter of fact, I will share even more and post more.
11) No one ever hired me or offered me a job and I would never accept it anyway. I do not do PR and never will for anyone. My opinions are my own and do not reflect on any organisation, company or NGO I am affiliated with.
12) Next time, do not contact me, send a letter to my lawyer or a court sermons to Queens Bench Court, Moncton, New Brunswick Canada. The RCMP know me very well and will hand deliver it.
13) You might also want to verify - I never applied for Ugandan citizenship and never will, not for as long as you think I must pay to get citizenship in a country I was born in. I got one for free and can travel more places safely with it.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Jude Busima suffers from sickle cell disease and needs sh. 7 million for urgent surgery

Dear Hon. HK Museveni,

Mulembe naabi papa,

I know you have received my last 3 letters which I sent you.  You will have seen that I write about the issues of the things which affect our people, your people.  This letter is a bit different.

Jude Busima just completed his S4 exams at Seeta High School in Mukono.  He needs urgent medical help.  <<Busima, 17, a former student of Seeta High School in Mukono District, is also a carrier of sickle cell anaemia. 
Dr J.S Byarugaba, a consultant pediatrician notified Busima that his abdominal ultra sound report from Kampala Imaging Centre had revealed that he has gallstones and needed an urgent laparoscopic surgery on his liver. 
Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery removes the gallbladder and gallstones through several small cuts in the abdomen.>>  I know this need first hand.  I had this surgery in October 2013 in Canada. What you need to understand is that gall stones can cause internal organ failures.  It looks to me that this young man (who could be any of our children) is experiencing liver failure first.  This child needs to be hospitalised and monitored for vital signals.  In all and everything we do, we must fight for a life of a child. Children are the future and you know it yourself.

May I request you to arrange for Jude Busima to be treated as soon as possible because the gall stones will shut off all his vital organs.  We do not have time for all of us to collect money for this urgent salary but you have the capability to ensure that this child gets the required surgery as soon as possible.  In Canada when I had this problem, I did not have to worry about collecting money.  The doctor from our village hospital got me into the city hospital and I got the surgery in time without anyone paying a cent.  Surely, we have come far.  You have been in power since 1986.  Please save a life of this child and we will work out our other problems which I write to you about. Gall stones will shut down all the major organs.  It is the last thing a parent wants to see, their child dying in front of them from something which is treatable.

Please know that all my letters to you are sent in good faith.  I hope you understand this.  Far too many people are now afraid of talking to you.  I am not afraid of talking to mzee.

For God and my country.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama).
Citizen of Canada and Uganda.

Uganda hiring a Japanese Company to do a feasibility study on the Oil Pipeline.

For one thing, you need to read about the products that Japan specilialises in.  Now, move away from the electronics and realise that Japan does not have any expertise in the Oil Industry.  What am I missing?  You people make no sense at all.  The money is actually the cost of a pipeline. Oh mama mia caramba santa marta.

Some $4.5 billion USD paid to a company in Japan to do a feasibility study for a pipeline for Uganda. I am having a hard time with the money and with the country doing the study. I surely have enough friends around the world. How much does it cost to actually build the pipeline? I am trying to find out some things to help my home country. I always thought you needed a refinery AND a pipeline if you are land locked and I have no idea about all the hulla balloo around Oil when we have no refinery or pipeline and we are land locked. I must have missed something in school...AND THIS should not come as a surprise as I used to sleep through some courses. ONE MORE TIME, how much is it to build a pipeline from Hoima (Uganda) to Luanda Port (Angola) or from Hoima (Uganda) to Mombasa (port in Kenya) or from Hoima to Dar el Salam (port in Tanzania)? Calculate the kilometers and then return with a decent cost to either of the 3 ports. DO NOT GET CREATIVE trying to take it through Somalia or some strange place like South Sudan. Ngenda okukuba omuntu ejjinja wano. 
By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)

Explain the numbers OR

Having Children away from home (in my case Uganda) is a bit of work.

Parenthood in Canada is not the same as in #Uganda. Our families are back in Uganda (in the girls' case, also in France). No aunties, uncles, neighbours, etc.. to help when you have kids. When the kids act up, you have no where to send them except in my case, my close friends in our small community. Today was a hard day. A Nokia Lumia was not shutting off and while using google to find a fix, the owner (16yrs) had to drive off to school. Not the same for parents in Canada, the school bus always picks them up but we live in a province that does not permit Christianity in school so we have had this one in an independent Christian school where there is no busing and we pay private education fees but must follow the provincial school curriculum. Watching that 16yr old drive off in a snow storm after a mini fight was terrifying. I did fix her phone in time for her to take it as the last thing you want is your kid driving in snow with no mobile phone. Parenthood is a full time job no matter how old they grow. Watching these kids grow does not even remind me of what my life was before they arrived. I frankly do not remember my life without them, before they jumped into my life. The times when they are sick and I have stayed up nights on end to care for them, that is something. Sept - Nov, I have also had the pleasure of being in hospitals, clinics and doctor office for one kid whose symptoms were too obscure. I am so grateful to live in a province and country that really cares. The girls are both well now and they excel at everything, even after missing much school from stupid viruses and bad bacteria. I no longer argue about their nails or make up. They are fighters. This day, the only attitude from the 16yr old reminded me of how many parents get adolescents who are not very nice. Ours was over the alarm not shutting off and the buttons on the Lumia not working BUT we did fix it and the rest is history. Kids are truly a gift. I am too focused on the problems in Uganda but I thank heaven daily because the girls put a perspective on the small things which make me snap out of all the suffering of my people. Surely in my home country, not too many 16yr olds drive and even tell you "I will do it myself". So much work to do for Uganda but God is intelligent, He put these two little people in my life to remind me that when Uganda is bad, it could be worse. the end. ps:my mother did not warn me,, Bad Mommie.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sam Mugumya - Letter to President HK. Museveni

Dear Mzee,

Mulembe Naabi,

I am not sure if you have received my two previous letters I wrote for you.  Whether you received them or not, I now write to you a third letter. I hope you are well and your family is well.  Mzee, I have something really bothering me and you know by now I do not sugar coat anything.

This arrest / kidnap of Sam Mugumya... what is with that?  Do you know the signals your government has sent by the disappearance of this young man?  I know you have many advisers and PR people but I can assure you they are not reading what the world is saying about this young man and neither are they reading the Social Media reactions.  Sure, your government is secure enough but when you get a political activist on the opposition vanishing just like that with mixed messages from Ankunda and the DRC government, do you know what a PR nightmare this is?  Did you even notice that in the last week the Human Rights Watch published something about abuse of Human Rights in Uganda?  Do you think your government needs this attention at this time/  You are much too brilliant not to see this.  However, let me tell you what I am sensing from the people.

The people have had enough.  The people are hungry, angry and unemployed.  You have that 10 million unemployed group of people under the age of 35yrs.  Your government has been arresting and imprisoning the youth who try to register all the unemployed youth.  Please read the second letter I wrote to you because I pointed out this issue.  Now, what you need to worry about is this group now knowing that any of them can vanish like Sam Mugumya.  How big is your army and Police?  Does it equal 10 million unemployed, hungry and angry people?  Non, I do not think so.  Do you think you can kill a third of your country?  Not you but do your employees think they can?  How many rivers of blood do you want to see in Uganda besides the NILE?  Please do the right thing.  Make arrangements to get Sam Mugumya released.  One other thing, that joke about Dr. Besigye working with the rebels / terrorists in DRC, Big Mistake, in fact, Huge Mistake.  You have moles in your government and the information is leaking out to the entire world.  If you think I have an axe to grind, then I will not believe it is the intelligent man who took over Uganda in 1986. That man used to follow all the links to expose the dangers to the country.  I only share the information I know and get from Uganda.  Your government now needs to do the right  thing.  Setting up a Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal would be a good start.  Lay off the opposition because if you do not, the country will take you down.  Remember, I left Uganda when you took over, not because I was in politics but I left for school.  I work in IT, I can read the writing on the wall.  You need to read the writing on the wall despite what your advisers tell you.

You can always count on me to tell you what I think and nothing more.  I am a liberal and will be voting for Justin Trudeau.

Sincerely and For God and My Country.
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Canadian and Ugandan Citizen.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Drug Trafficking and Slavery of Ugandans

Drug Traficking and Slave trade (Uganda).
We have a very high unemployment rate (84-95%) of all graduates. There are many agencies in Uganda which promise money if you work abroad. Before you pay their fee, contact people you know abroad. My fee is zero so contact me anytime and all my info is on FB and google. I just do not fake so be prepared for hard truth. The way drug trafficking works is you get a great job opportunity abroad (China is amazing). Your agency gives you free brand new luggage (suitcases). You take them, you pack your things. You land in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. You get arrested. The luggage was lined with cocaine or worse. Did you know that when you left Entebbe...likely not. You end up dead. Your organs are harvested. Your family or your government cannot afford to fly your intact remains home. You die. Do not ever accept free luggage from anyone, Always keep your eye on your suitcases. Ugandans did not even pay attention when I posted the story of a priest who arrived in Entebbe and was arrested for drug trafficking. He did not carry the drugs. They were in his luggage which some geniuses had given him. Information is Power. Do not be a fool as your family and friends need you. At the same time, Uganda should not be giving away our lands to China while China executes our people.-------Google my name or contact me via my FB profile. Some of you lie about who you are, most people outside Uganda only put their real information on the internet. Your FB profile is your free marketing of you. Use it correctly.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Born and Raised in Uganda 

Friday, November 14, 2014

You cannot expect Change in Uganda if you do not support change.

One thing I have never understood about ‪#‎Uganda‬. People expect things to be given for free. Listen, if I pay for your education, you better bring good results from school. If my friends help you, show them that you are good for it. These days, we have so many political activists for Uganda but they only talk and do not put anything in any of their talk except talking. Come on my brothers and sisters, we cannot bring you news and music from Africa if you will not even give $10 to support the cause. We need $4,000 per month to stay on air. Otherwise we will not be on air or the internet to support social justice in Uganda. Most of you spend far too much on a meal. Just consider us so that we can bring you current news and some of the music you grew up on. I am a bit different, I pledged $10 monthly and I keep my promise. You do not have to pledge but your one time contribution will help many. Remember, Uganda is the country where anyone with a loud voice can get kidnapped and land in a foreign country. Is this what you wish for your people? We must never allow our government to get away with crimes against humanity. I will be broad casting soon (but you, some of you are too impatient, these things take time but I will do it, okay. Some of our friends have seen me and know my voice...I have a rather sexy voice too). Please help one radio stay online. If you think I am nasty when I write, wait till you hear me talk. No turning back, Ever.

Premature Born Children Need the Parents. They were born early because they had a mission.

Mini was born at 7mths gestation.  The hospital lost her for about 4hrs and she was not tagged.  The only way we got her was her facial features.  She looked exactly like mzee, even her little fingers and long feet.  When a child is born pre-mature in Canada, usually they remain in the hospital until they are full term.  Becky and I were too impatient to get our Malasha home.  She was home in 2 weeks.  Being a black woman hanging around the hospital, some of the employers thought I was on government assistance as most parents with premies return to work and wait for the call to pick up the baby.  We practice Emotional Intelligence and we knew that if we left Malasha alone, she would spend far too much time in the hospital. We got an awesome nurse from the Philippines who had been trained in Australia and worked in UK.  She got me right away to do the Kangaroo thing (google it).  Our Malasha (Mini) is now a 13yr old with an attitude, a brain and so strong she lifts me up.--- So that man in Arizona who posted on his wall that all Ugandans must block me because I lack compassion, he never bothered to read some of my life stories which I share with you all.  Natasha Monique Lefranc plays competitive sports, excels in school and her first music composition was at age 4yrs and the best in the 4 Maritime Provinces.  She now just plays for fun though but some of her pieces are great.  I wish I could upload some of her music.  But she has had wonderful teachers.  She is also a writer and has been published. That child fought for life. --- If you think I am rude, meet her.  If you think I am kind, she will blow you away with 100times of it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Daniel Washole Nangalama, Son of Yokana Weboya. From Bududa District in Uganda

When father died in Bududa Hospital due to the pathetic healthcare in #Uganda, I promised him one thing.  I would carry his torch.  Some of you know this story.  That man, omg, his funeral was attended by people from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.  Had we even waited, we could have had UK and Japan show up. His mission in life was Education, Poverty Eradication and Job Creation.  He was a lecturer at the Kenyatta Institute of Technology, Nakawa Institute of Technology and I have no idea what he did in Arusha but he did teach there too.  What the Museveni youth miss is respecting the elders.  Respect your elders.  Mzee used to give me a pile of Aerograms (pre stamped).  I was the only kid in Namugongo PS and Namagunga who got a letter weekly.  But get this, the same at UWC Lester B Pearson College in Canada and Trent University. He was a good father.  Wrote to me weekly to update me on all my aunties and uncles and those silly brothers and sisters.  I wrote back weekly.  I think he was trying to keep an eye on my progress in English.  I had the best father.  He lives in me.  So I will do his work. No Ugandan at that time could speak Japanese, he did it.  But in Kenya, he passed as a Kikuyu.  When you wonder why I am angry, it is because you let our elders down.  I dare every Ugandan to write (text the kids) to their elders.  You know those little post office boxes in rural areas in Uganda (I hear they are no more), he set them up. PostBank, he set that up.  My introduction to IT was that man.  Then you think I will not find anything on the internet...BIG mistake.  Mzee Dan Nangalama lives in me (and the kids too).  RESPECT YOUR ELDERS AND YOUR PARENTS. My father would never have accepted anyone to be persecuted.  Ask the Immigration department in Kenya. He was always the first one called to go pick up Ugandan illegal immigrants.  Then  I watch these Bagisu abuse me saying I do not know Uganda...I always tell them to go show my picture to their parents.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Arbitrary Arrests and Land Evictions will be the downfall for NRM

Dear Hon. YK Museveni,

Papa Mulembe naabi,

This is my third letter to you. I am not sure if you have had a chance to read the first two letters I wrote to you but I sure hope you read this one.

You have been surrounded by advisers who do not tell you the truth of what is happening in Uganda.  You know that I have not lived in Uganda for a very long time and I belong to no political party in Uganda. I do not endorse any party.  I am a liberal voter and I will be voting for Justin Trudeau in 2015.  So please allow me to tell you the truth of what I am sensing from Uganda.

1) Unemployment of 85-95% among graduates is unacceptable.  Do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise.  A third of your population being under the age of 35yrs old and unemployed does not bode well for Uganda.  You see the increased restlessness and crime and you should know that a hungry man is an angry man.  When people have nothing to live for and hope to gain much from revolting, they will do it and face death so that the future of their children can be brighter.  You make a very big mistake to ignore this.

2) Arresting the youth who are trying to tell you about the unemployment, poverty and hunger is a grave mistake.  I would like you to review everything about the Arab Spring.  It was started by an unemployed youth who was harassed by the Military Police. Soon after, the other unemployed poor educated youth joined in.  Please make note of how the Arab Spring was started.  Those who ignore History will suffer the mistakes of what they failed to learn.

3) The Land evictions as I have mentioned in the past are a ticking bomb.  Our country has traditionally allowed (actually it was our right) for families to have their lands from their ancestors.  Now, Uganda evicts families off villages with tear gas and bullets.  Who possibly advised you that this was a good thing? No matter how much we need investors, we must never displace our own people. The resentment from people losing their lands will hurt your government more than you think and you know.  Stop the land evictions.

4) Today I heard that Sam Mugumya may have been killed.  How do you think this will work out with the youth in Uganda?  Does this send a message to all the youth to stop asking for change or using their voices?  Because you know if this is the message you are sending out, you should remember the Arab Spring.  Please contact all your people to ensure that Sam Mugumya is produced in court to prove  that anyone accused of anything will be tried in court instead of vanishing.

5) I am certain that you do not sanction this but we do have some people who harass us on the internet claiming that they are NRM and will harm us.  Do your spies know that everything they say on International Forums (yes, FBzero is FaceBook which is an International Forum) leave the foot prints from them and with them claiming to work for your government, they are only helping the entire world compile information of your government and how it works.  I am not afraid of these people who can hardly articulate but they need to be kept in check because they are incapable of communicating properly (giving a bad name to Uganda) and they really should not be threatening people on International Forums.

6) Corruption will have to be dealt with.  There is no other way.  The scandals with the contracts in Uganda are now International.  I do not think you wanted the world to know that Uganda was full of corrupt people but incidentally, that is how the world is looking at us.

7) The Education system in Uganda needs a lot of help.  Have you seen how badly most Ugandans write on Social Media?  Why do we allow people to have FBzero so that  they can embarrass an entire country on the internet.  This is unacceptable. Social Media Guidelines need to be taught in school.

I will write to you again.  I do not apologize for what I say to you because I know that others dare not say things to you...why are people so afraid of you? I do not understand this because I am not afraid of you.  You are a father, husband, grand father and a Ugandan.  People should not be afraid of you.  If your advisers and the Police force people to be afraid of you, then take a step back papa, it is not normal.  You want your people to be able to talk to you and communicate with you with any means they have access to.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Citizen of Canada and Uganda
Moncton Canada ------- For God and My Country.