Tuesday, October 28, 2014

UGANDA's two most pressing issues in October 2014

Martha Leah Nangalama - Written on October 28, 2014

Dear Hon. YK Museveni,

Mulembe naabi papa.

This is my second letter to you. I do not know if you received my first letter.  Whether you did or did not, I would like to bring to your attention what I consider as the two most pressing issues for Uganda at the moment. Believe me, there are more issues which I will write about in due time.

1) Land Evictions. I beg you papa to reconsider this issue and analyse it critically on your own. We have never been a country where villages were evicted from their lands, no matter oil or minerals. These on going evictions with tear gas and live bullets, they do not bode well for Uganda, for you or for your government. Please find a way to stop these evictions no matter what. I would like to draw your attention to History. The French Revolution was started because peasants became paupers on their lands and worked for slave wages or mostly nothing.  Many people got fed up and threw in the towel and hence the commencement of the revolution. Please be conscience of history. Those who forget history or ignore it are bound to repeat its mistakes.

2) Silencing the voices of dissent.  Papa, these people you silence are your best allies.  You can silence your peers but do not silence the youth.  Remember we have a saying that the young beat the drums and the elders dance.  Hence, we have much to learn from the youth. Uganda has a population of around 10 million unemployed youth (age 35 or below) which is nearly a third of the country.  You should not silence a third of your population. The youth who have no jobs or live under poverty will do anything.

When you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by rebelling, you are likely to rebel.  These youth will commit crimes or join rebel groups just to get food or get a mission in life. You make a very big mistake by arresting them and imprisoning them. Please let the youth talk to you without arbitrary arrests.  I would like to remind you of the Arab Spring.  I do not condone it, nor do I advocate it. However, we must be mindful of the fact that it was fired off and inspired by youth who had no jobs or hope and were willing to die because there was nothing else.  Would you like your own children to go through such a thing; where they sacrifice their lives just because they have no hope. Despair is a very hard disease to cure and we must walk very carefully on this aspect of youth unemployment.

If you could at least listen to at least an impersonal person, then please do listen to me because I come with no preconceived ideas. I belong to no political party except the Liberal Party in Canada.  I support no one who will not feed my people or put medicine in the hospitals. Did you know that Bududa Hospital does not have running water? My reasons for being involved with Ugandan issues are only for food for my people, small projects to generate employment, poverty eradication, taking care of the sick and forever being mindful of our elders.

Finally, please know, and I know you know this, I have not lived in Canada most of my life, much longer than I have lived in Uganda.  However, Uganda is where I was born and raised and for this reason, my heart is still with my people.  I look forward to seeing some changes in Uganda.  I will soon write to you about some other things I would like you to address at home.

Martha Leah Nangalama.

--------- As soon as I published the above, I  got news from Mt. Elgon area as below.

"In masabaland is that two thugs were choped to death after redhandedly being caught breaking into ashop. It all happened just here in bumbobi mbale. I saw the dead bodies naye katonda atuyambe. They will indeed rest in peaces. Wawawawa.... They choped them nga u cant recognise anybody. And still in Butaleja, they also killed one bodaboda thug. Oba whats wrong with Elgon zone"------------- Speaks to the level of crime.

For God and My Country.

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