Thursday, October 9, 2014

Uganda Independence Day - 52yrs today

Today, there was much celebrating in Uganda for our Independence from the British Empire. We got our Independence on October 9, 1962. Yes, we are 52yrs old.  Gundi Okuze!

What I found interesting about this day is all the information on social media about the celebrations in various parts of Uganda and I thought it was awesome.  However, may I remind you that Ugandans are no longer sleeping (they are lazy and sleep too much - you will find out with time that they are awake and paying attention).

As most of you know, my only issue with Uganda is Social Justice.  Today I saw many people mentioning the reasons why we should not be celebrating independence.  And naturally, I tend to agree with most of the people who hit Face Book and aired their opinions.

You make a very big mistake when you ignore a population of 10 million unemployed youth all under the age of 35yrs.  In fact, I have heard that it is not only a third of the country which is unemployed, it is much higher.

You have diluted the education system to the point where your young ones can no longer write properly or read properly - this is wrong.  Miseducating a population borders nothing but trouble for you.

You have turned all our universities into paying institutions and the graduates cannot even get jobs. I hear the unemployment rate of graduates is 85% to 95%.  Pray tell me, why and how?  Obviously someone is not thinking about the future.  The future is the youth. You also have UPE and USE and some kids learn under mango trees...You have had kids taught in their tribal languages but yet test them on the National Exams in English. You have ensured that only the rich families buy a great education for their children. You have given your people the illusion that free education till before university is a privilege. Wrong. Have you seen how your kids write and read...they are completely illiterate. You think that giving the entire country FBzweo means they are in the modern IT age - how..have you seen how badly they write and give Uganda a very bad image to the rest of the world?

You do not pay your civil servants on time and in fact the salaries are nothing short of pathetic.  However, the people are happy to remain poor and eat one meal a day (many, in fact some even go 2-4 days without food). When did one of the most fertile countries in the world learn not to feed their people.

You have issues with land grabbing - apparently investors get the first dips on the lands if there is any oil or minerals. When did we get into this habit of taking land away from families, generations of ownership, to appease blood money. Yes, sometimes you use live bullets and tear gas to evict entire villages off their lands. Read your own articles in your own media.

You do not even think that corruption or bribing or nepotism are a problem. You should look at how many of your employees have stolen money and gotten away with it.

You will not allow any assembly of more than 3 people as you consider it disturbance of the peace and that is how you have appeared on international news spraying tear gas at your people and even bullets. Since when did you become a Nazi state?

You have turned your eye away from child trafficking, women trafficking, youth trafficking. Pray tell me why we get our people executed in China when all you have to do is insist that they be extradited back to Uganda to serve out their sentences. So you get some killed in China and then shake hands with China and give them our lands, minerals and oil rights?  Since when could Uganda not grow cotton or have cement?

You assume that Ugandans are stupid - I hate to tell you that the gig is up.  Information is power.  Everyone who reads my blog can criss cross check everything and all the information is online. The internet is power. You once asked "where were my spies".  Your spies were too busy following people on Social Media and intimidating them...they missed the real enemies. Look around your dining table and there you shall find them. The people on Social Media only communicate what is already online and usually non of them are the journalists who write the original articles.

Those who ignore History will repeat its mistakes. No country with that much poverty and high unemployment can sleep peacefully.  I do still wish you peace and ask that you listen to the people. We are not against the government, we are against corruption, stealing, bribery, intimidation, inefficiency, incompetency, intimidation, torture, arbitrary arrests and we want our voices back. We could be apeased by you paying our teachers, soldiers, police men, doctors, nurses and every civil servant. ENOUGH! For God and my country.

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