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Social Media (Face Book) Guidelines for Ugandans

Social Media and Internet Guidelines – UGANDA pay extra attention

1)     Beware of the company you keep.  I have blocked some people whom I enjoyed having as friends but some of their friends were retarded.  Never ever be friends with anyone on Social Media who rampantly violates more than a half of the following guidelines. Remember, every friend you lose is a potential business partner you are losing.  In Uganda, think about it.
2)     Most recruiters now search for you on the internet before they even call you for an interview.  Most times they will not call you for some reasons below.
3)     Always use your real names and your real picture. As much as this might come as a surprise for you, most recruiters and potential business partners use the internet to learn about you even before they contact you. When they cannot find you, you are dropped off the list of potential candidates
4)     Write proper English all the time in your posts and comments.  You will be judged by what you put on Social Media (Internet).
5)     Have your presence on every search engine and in all social media and be consistent about your values. The Sexy thing these days is Social Justice and Equality. If you see something that is controversial and does not deal with Social Justice and Equality for all, instead of spewing your hatred, keep your mouth shut. Never denigrade any race, gender or gender orientation on Social Media.  It will cost you job opportunities and scholarships or even NGO opportunities as well as potential business partners.  My team and I cancelled many scholarships for some Ugandans because they were set on HATE.  The world has enough haters, do not be one of them.
6)     Having access to FaceBook on your mobile phone does not mean you know everything about the internet or IT. Attacking people on the internet or Social Media because of your “morals” and your Bible thumping hurts you in far too many ways.
7)     Whenever you ask someone for their picture or profession or which class they are in, you diminish in their eyes. Read the person’s profile on FB and then google them. Try searching for me “Martha Leah Nangalama” OR even Martha Leah Makhame Zesaguli”. You will find out all you need to know about me.  Now try it with each person you want to connect with before you ask them questions.  You have lived in a life of illusion and lies but the authentic people post their real information.
8)     All the men who are asking ladies about how old they are – it is not polite to ask a lady about her age, use their profile and school or work to guestimate their age. Stop trying to pick up women on FB. I am sick and tired of S4 (gr 11) and S6 (gr 13) trying to pick me up.
9)     If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.  Watch Bambi and you will understand.
10)  Stop threatening to hurt people because even in Uganda everyone can apply for a gun licence and carry one. You will never know what I carry in my purse till you get a bullet in your head.  I will practice “shoot and ask questions later” if any of you attempt to assault me for wearing a mini skirt. Watch The Blind Side.
11)  Respect your elders – it is common sense.
12)  Be prepared to be insulted if you repeatedly demonstrate an insufferable amount of stupidity.
13)  If you are working with an organisation or someone who wants to help your career, give you a job or sponsor your education, never make the mistake of trying to embarrass them on the Internet.  They want to help you because they have more experience and access to the resources which you do not have.
14)  Never ever assume that inboxing or texting is private. You leave a foot print of all you do on the internet. Yes, FB is the internet in case you did not know.  Your foot prints will trace everything back to you.
15)  Try to be friends with people who are development minded, discuss real issues and can help you in your career or education or your business.
16)  If you are in a position to have a website for your organisation, do so and make it sharp. If you do not have a website but can build your own, I have 35 domains registered which I own and will be happy to give you one.
17)  The people who are involved with NGOs and need money for their organisations have to know that Uganda has the poorest record in transparency and accountability of all Donor funds.
18)  If you are confused about the politics of your country, state or province, do research so that you can speak to the key issues which affect your community.
19)  Continuous learning is the key to survival.  Do not sit back in your current position and coast. One time that job will be taken away and you will have to learn new tricks.
20)  People who do not support women and children make a very big mistake. Women contribute a lot to economies. Children (female and male) are the future leaders. GAY people are among the most talented and intelligent people in the world. When you choose to denigrade these groups, you must remember the History of how Jews were subjugated to hate and killings, how Africans were enslaved, how Native Indians were killed, how Jesuits (yes Christians) were murdered and how Apartheid was allowed to flourish.  Read your history and learn it well.
21)  When I post links of information, go to an internet café instead of asking me via inbox to tell you what the link says just because you think your phone is all you need.  My billing rate is much too high no one even pays me anymore for my advice.  You are lucky, I share some for free.
22)  If you have questions, they better be good ones because no one pays me for sharing this info.

For God and My Country
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
Martha Leah Nangalama
BELIEVE! I wept because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet." Ancient Persian saying  I am a Social Justice and Human Rights Activist. Find me on Face Book.  All my opinions are mine and do not reflect on any employer or organisation. 
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