Thursday, October 23, 2014

Revolutions are usually started by a discontented population.

The French Revolution was started with the help of peasants who were enslaved to work on lands they could not call their own. The country called #Uganda is weekly evicting people off their ancestral lands.

The Arab Spring was started by youth who were unemployed and disenfranchised. The country called #Uganda has some 10 million youth, people under the age of 35yrs unemployed...about a third of the population.

Why do you not remember history? The youth in Hong Kong have mounted up a descent protest and they only ask for democratic elections, not jobs, food, money, medicine or employment.  You then have #Uganda where the youth have nothing.  How can you think that you can stem the tide of so many unemployed hungry and angry youth?

Read your history and read it well.  You keep evicting villages to get the land for oil and minerals.  I am inclined that you are making a very big mistake and these things will catch up to you.

When you have 4 universities go on strike to demand to be heard, you make a very big mistake to use Tear Gas and live bullets to deal with them.  Your youth are the future, pay attention to them.  Remind me of this blog a year or so after you read it. The future belongs to the youth, do the right thing.

You might also want to remember Soweto (Sarafina) and Tienanmen Square. If you take everything away from the youth, then they have much to gain by fighting you because they have nothing to lose. Many will die so that the next generation of youth get a better life.  Have you wondered why Beijing has not bull dozed down the young protesters in Hong Kong?  Because these ones were willing to die like the Tienanmen Square kids.  Precedents were set and you should pay attention.  You would be foolish not to pay attention.

For God and my country.

By Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Whatsapp +15068716371
Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap

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