Monday, October 13, 2014

Respect Investors and Business Partners Dear Uganda

If my team is working on a project with you to set you up in your community and you let your FB friends attack any of us, we will cancel the project for your community. You should never let anyone in your circle abuse and denigrade your potential business partner or a donor to your project. Aaaah, this feels good. Our team has no obligations till mid 2015 because all the communities we had on our plate managed to show us the true colours of who would benefit from our hard earned and hard learned lessons. Good luck with "just ignore my friends, sometimes they are stupid"...not when they use your thread to say "gwe you Martha, you are an illiterate and should not be on FB". I love my life..I hope you love yours too. ---- You can always read my Social Media guidelines on my blog. Watch the comment. The beauty in not needing anything from you is that I do not need to accept any abuses from you or your friends...and the same goes for my team. We are self funding because we all put our pennies together and we share all our experiences and grow together to make a positive change in Uganda while you go on FBZero and abuse total strangers who you then find out were initiating projects in your community.

                                                           By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
I love my life -- how is your life in your poverty of total fakery and abusing total strangers till you find out you are related to them?

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