Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Testimony - I was saved by love and by good Employers

My testimony - please do not cry. I am only writing it so that the Ugandans in North America stop calling me the Iron Lady. I am far from it. I also write it so that Uganda will know that I am not as arrogant as I tell people. I am human and have never lost the humanity in me. I just hate Poverty with a passion and hope you understand.
In 2007, I flew to Toronto with my kids. We stayed at my sister’s place that weekend but I was there for a Cisco Conference/workshop. I woke up in ER in Toronto East General Hospital. I had a stroke. There was a blood clot in my brain. I was in and out of conscienseness. Then I woke up in ICU at MacMaster University Hospital in Hamilton Ontario (about 1.5hrs drive from Toronto and naturally taken there in an ambulance). I am a fighter and you all know it. Every time the medication wore off and I woke up from the medically induced comma, I would pull all the tubes out. The next time I woke up, I was in a room. I obviously reached for my phone and someone had taken away my laptop. I contacted some of my friends at work to tell them where I was. They already knew where I was. I am loved by many people, love is key. I spent 2 weeks in Hamilton Ontario. Diagnosed with a very rare blood disorder that affects only 3-4 people in a million and I was destined for death or living in a wheel chair. How does one raise 2 little girls in a wheel chair? It was not an option for me. I get angry when people throw religion in my face. My friends around the world set up prayer circles and prayed for me, from every religion you can imagine. Even my non religious friends, they sent love. LOVE is all you need because love heals. You must always think about only LOVE no matter which religion or non religion you believe in.
The girls were back in Moncton Canada (stop fretting, the shooter was arrested) and I had to be close to them. Some great doctors made a lot of phone calls. It was either Montreal, NYC, Halifax or if Dr. Dolan could take me, then I would be in Saint John New Brunswick (about 2hr drive from home). It happened. The doctor made room for me. The company chartered an air ambulance. I hope you know that this involves having pilots (2), a doctor and nurses. I was flown home. I lost my shoes though, in that commotion. I miss those shoes. I had to sign a document that I was aware that I could die in the air on the way home. The doctor who was receiving me knew that I could die but asked about my spirits. I was one of the sickest people in that ward. Yet, to get up and move around with all the tubes, make my snacks, chat with the nurses and other healthcare professionals and then pray with the people who were sick like me. That was a gift I will never thank heaven enough for. Oh…and my Parish, they got people from Hamilton visiting me and praying with me. This pastor told me to read JOB in the Bible. I tried, I dare did not read all of it. I called my sister (Bad Mommie) and asked her why God was Jobbing me? He really was treating me like JOB. My friends at work, they visisted daily, talked to me, it was great for the brain as I missed work. If you have never worked with me…I am one of the most dedicated people at everything I do. ANYway, back to the air ambulance and arriving in Saint John Regional. The doctor was rather funny…he said he had got info that I had a strong will to live and he was there to help me live. Ohlalala…can you imagine, every morning at 4am, they have to take my blood for the doctors to have the results at 8am when they arrive. One Vicky and Brenda (God bless them), they loved me back to life. Joyce Tilburt washed me and dressed me…because sometimes I just felt like throwing in the towel. She never did let me. Dr. Dolan had 4 people in our province with the same problem. A rare condition that affects 3-4 in a million had given him 4 women in a province which is only a population of 750,000. We all survived. I should warn you that all my doctors are deeply Spiritual…you heard that right. Jewish, Christian, Islamic. Do you know in the Canadian hospitals you have to declare what your religion is? Well, I wrote Christian and some people tried to get sassy with me so I said, Christian. The nuns, pastors, reverends…lets just say, many visited me and prayed for me. But I never forgot that my friends in the Middle East and Asia were sending me prayers and love as well.
Exactly one month, I got to leave the hospital. My pastor came to drive me home. He was told I would have an allergic reaction (yes, I used to receive blood products twice per day, 12 units…and I do not tolerate anything other than my exact blood type. Now you all know how to kill me, no O, no AB, nothing except exactly my blood type). Side track. One time, the Province of New Brunswick ran out of all my blood products. It was a fiasco. The entire province. Well, the government and the company did something interesting. A hellicopter was sent to Quebec to get my blood products. One friend from work (Claudette Leger) got management to approve a blood fundraiser. Exxonmobil and Imperial Oil Ltd. are counted among the biggest blood donors in North America. The managers rolled up their sleeves. The company paid everyone and anyone they employ to go and give blood. So many were interested in knowing if they were perfect matches. NON, never. It is in you to give no matter what your blood type is. Please give blood; it saves lives.

I spent many years and months in and out of hospitals. I have 9 lives. Have died 8 times and been brought back to life because I have more doctors than anyone in the world. They care. It is the best country in the world and I have the best friends in the world, the best doctors, the best family, the best parish and the best employer in the world. I was once hungry and you fed me. I was once thirsty and you gave me to drink. One time I was cold and lonely and you consoled me. Love heals. Robert healed me as he met me when I was only 45kilos of weight and dying. He loved me back to life and I am now a good 58kilos. Just imagine that. Love heals. My family and friends loved me back to life. Robert cemented it all. ---------- I will now take your questions via inbox only. Thanks.============== By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama).

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