Saturday, October 18, 2014

My frustration with People who hate Americans

If your uncle is Google by name, you will know better than to blame all the problems in Africa on Americans. They did not steal your health care donor aid. You thieved it yourselves. When you say America has the Ebola medication but are not giving it to Africans, you make a big mistake.  The maker of the current drugs is Canada. Stop blaming America for not giving you the medications. Start blaming your own leaders for sucking your health care money away from you who need it.

Yes, America has problems and Canada is not in the USA. I have had the pleasure of working with Canadian companies and USA companies. They hired me irregardless of my skin colour (black).

I have seen many Africans complain about why white people were flown into the best hospitals in USA to be treated by a Canadian experimental drug which had not even gone to clinical trials. Then Mr. Duncan died in Texas (RIP).  This case should not give you ammunition that Americans do not care about Africans. The cold wars ended but you now think Russia is your best friend. Why then does Cuba send their best into Ebola areas and you say nothing about it?  This is one global village, stop blaming America. Eat a monkey.

Many people who work with great NGOs or are expats usually have medical insurance to return them to their country of primary residence so that they can get great care. The people who are in those countries and do not have great medical insurance might not get the great care because they will not pay their bills.  I am black so I am taking the liberty to talk about this. When I got sick in Toronto on a Cisco conference, I was sent to Hamilton because none of the Toronto area hospitals could accommodate me. My employer at that time chartered an air ambulance and flew me home to be close to my very young speaks, bullshit walks.  So why do you people think that anyone should be flown anywhere to get perfect medical attention without working for a company which can afford your air ambulance or your costs for your treatment.  It is not about being black, it is about working for a great company..which incidentally depends on the value you can give to that company.  Go ahead, keep posting silly bad English things on international forums and turn away all the great employers.

It is not white vs. black --- it is about you and what you can give to a company that will go the extra mile to save your life. Proud to be black and I am proud to not use it as an excuse. -- If you believe that the Americans invented Ebola to kill you, go eat a monkey.
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