Friday, October 17, 2014

Micro Management Can Lead To Work To Rule

One of our daughters and I got into a heated discussion.  She is a Civil Engineer and was working on some Transportation Projects in Uganda.  We got all fired up about Micro Managing bosses.  It was wonderful. At the end, we all realised that we do not like Micro Managers.  The kind of manager who breathes down your neck. We shared our good stories from some managers we have had in the past.  We also attacked the topic of Micro Managers. The reality is, if you hire someone because they are qualified for the job, you do not have to follow their every move trying to  tell them what to do.  It shows your insecurity.  And neither should you constantly demand for them to show you what they are doing, it shows that you do not even know their job. Hire a qualified person and trust them to do the job.  Tell them that if they run into anything they do not understand, your office door is always open.

Insecure Managers are a shows they are not very intelligent and do not know their work.  Come out and ask the person you hired to show you some things you may not have learned because maybe you are from a different generation and we will teach you. Never cheat your employees and NEVER ever take credit for their work. A great leader takes the fall for all his / her employees. That same leader gives all credit for their employees.  To build a cohesive working team requires the leader to be a great person.  Are you such a leader or are you always looking over your back to see which employee could screw you?

If you keep breathing down the neck of your team, they will not go the extra mile when you need them...say, a tight deadline.  A happy employee leads to a project completed on time and under or within budget.  For the low level managers and supervisors, a happy employee leads to a happy customer (market expansion).

Failing all the above, we shall work to rule. In like you give me the instructions and I do as you insist and then I do not have to use my brain or go out of my way. When you need me in a crunch, I might fall sick and let you hang dry.  Treat your team, your employees and everyone else like your life depends on them. It does depend on them or else, you will eventually lose your job, because there will be no one to hold your back.
                                                    By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)

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