Saturday, October 18, 2014

Immigration Information to Canada

This post is about Immigration and Asylum so do not ask me any questions concerning immigrating to Canada without reading all of this and visiting the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration link which is attached.  ASYLUM is presenting yourself to a country and asking for protection because you feel that your life is in danger. Since getting on an airplane requires a valid visa to the destination country, the only ways to request asylum are outlined below. Please note that I am not a lawyer and have no legal training. I am only speaking from what I know per life experience.
1) A Visitor Visa can get you into a country and then you request for asylum. Visitor visas are given depending on various things like an invitation letter or a conference or workshop.
2) Student Visa when you apply to a school and get admitted. Proof of funds for supporting yourself is normally required. In Canada you have to show something like $25,000 minimum in your account but in USA you are looking at having some $35,000.
3) Tourist Visa (Visitor visa), you have to show that you have a family and a good job to return to but also show that you have enough money for your tourism visit
4) Family sponsorship - a spouse or fiance can sponsor you and apply in their country to take you in OR a family member and the rules vary. I have used this one in my life myself. She is my daughter so I sponsored her under family class ---but also had to prove that I had sufficient income to care for her.
5) Permanent Resident through Work Permit (this has gotten tougher).  It requires you to apply and get a job. The employer has to prove to immigration that you have some skills  which are lacking or people with those skills have not applied for the job. This actually used to be just a point system where your education and qualifications got your papers but our current government has turned it into a complicated issue which now requires a job offer first.
6) Provincial Sponsorship – kind of works like the one up above. More complicated now.
7) Foreign Temporary Work Visa – well, would you just guess, the government is killing it off, otherwise you would also need a job offer.
8) Asylum - Refugee -- since you cannot get any of the above situations, then you have to head to the nearest safe UNHCR to register as an asylum seeker, go through various interviews, get recorded as a protected person via UN and then wait for a government to call you for an interview at one of their embassies. After which if all is great, you get to do a medical exam...PLEASE, medical exams are done to ensure that upon arrival in the country of destination, you get the medical attention you need...medical exams for asylum seekers are not for excluding anyone.
9) Smuggle your way into the country you are going into, using a borrowed passport from someone or some kind of papers. This is called Fakology and I strongly advise you against it because you will spend many years suffering, living illegally, working illegally, it is hell. You can get stopped by crossing the light when it is not green and be arrested and deported back to the country you are fleeing from. USE your brain and that will save your life.
10) The sweet deal – PhD candidates or PhD holders. There is a limited number of visas per year and this year’s allotment was used up by end of May. Keep an eye on the government webiste for 2015.
11) I am a Canadian, so do not ask me about the other countries but believe me, they all tend to work like the above.
12) Airline ticket, if you have the money, great...but you need the visa. Asylum seekers are normally given airline tickets by the country which accepts to resettle them...payable back over time but it is nothing as you are usually given many many years to pay back the ticket.
13) The good news which some of you hate to hear is I have worked with all the above Classes of visas in Canada. You all know where to find me. Links for schools and scholarships are usually on my wall and I do that frequently enough.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)

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