Sunday, October 19, 2014

#Homeless People are Not Hobbos - #Poverty #Canada #Sharing

In Canada and USA, you are only one pay cheque away from being homeless. You can lose your job anytime (read my profile, job migration). You can lose your job by the employer closing the shop. You can lose your job for falling sick or being involved in an accident. When you see a homeless person asking for change, get some class.  Take them into an expensive restaurant and buy them a nice meal. Then give them money and transportation tickets to get to wherever they are going. Never judge a homeless person.

In Toronto Canada, Laurie was in Engineering at MacMaster University and I was at Trent University in Business school. Our best friends were 2 homeless men. We loved them. We each used to pack an extra lunch for our summer work at the Information booth for the City of Toronto. They told us about their lives.  When it came time for us to bid farewell, they used every penny to buy us brand new watches. We cried - they had given us a lot of wisdom.  Their life stories, I would cry to tell you. Never judge a homeless person.

Fast forward, our now 16yr old is in a class where the teacher is teaching the kids about community and caring. Some kids yell ... HOBBOS. The teacher mentions Joe.  Rebecca knew Joe very well and got up to shut off the labeling.  Her teacher was gentle and asked her to tell her story. "Joe is our friend.  We ride with him in the car every time Mom drives me to school. We sometimes even find him looking for a ride back to Shediac and we ride with him. Joe is very smart.  He taught us to eat fruits which you peel. His favourite fruit is banana.  So we always have bananas in the car in case he rides with us.".  What Rebecca did not tell the class is one cold winter when Joe was riding in our car, she gave him her mittens.

Then she said he needed winter boots and a coat... The kid got me to buy those things and gave me her allowance in contribution.  Joe was the first person in Scoudouc, Shediac, to get a ride in a brand new Mercedes R320 CDI. He deserved it, as now we all eat bananas and oranges.  Our daughter was right to defend Joe in front of a group of spoilt brats.  Yes, it is an independent school and you need money to pay for private education in our province.  The school is Christian, religion is not allowed in our Public school system.

Children will do what you do. At Union Station in Toronto, one time, on a meeting with someone at Bay Street, a homeless person was asking for change. I watched people walk away from him in disgust. I walked up, shook his hand and told him I would return to get him to buy me lunch.  Went to my "serious" meeting and returned.  When we walked into an expensive restaurant (Bay Street is the equivalent of Wall Street), the usher had a problem.  Black woman and homeless man.  This is when I first learned about arrogance.  I flashed my business card and asked for a booth.  Best lunch ever. Hey, I was working for a big company at that time.

Kid gets picked up from daycare and asks me about my day and I tell it.  We are getting off the ramp from Scarborough Centre onto Mcown, kid notices someone with a sign... I need food.  Mama, we had to go home and return with soup and subway tokens.

In Montreal for an Options Trading Workshop. We go to that Cathedral, you all know it.  A gentleman is opening the door for everyone.  The temperature was negative 35 and this man had icicles in his beard. I watched Christians shunning him as if he was a leper. In Canada, you cannot go into a coffee shop to warm up and in fact, I did work at one homeless shelter where people had to vacate after breakfast, no matter the weather (no worry, things changed).  I shook this man's hand which was nearly frozen.  Passed an envelop of cash of what we were going to give in Church and told the gentleman to keep warm for a week.

Your children watch you and will do what you do, speak what you speak (they even swear like me) but they can only be good citizens if you lead by example.

I do not talk about our girls to get you to pay attention to them, non, they already have the looks and the brains.  I talk so that you as a parent can pay attention to your kids and the impact you have on them and society.  I do not talk about my life to brag, I talk about my life to tell you what you can do as a human in society.  I already have many bragging things which you will never know about till you meet one of my 6 doctors....I cheated death.

Never ever judge a homeless person. One day, it might be you or someone close to you. Listen to this song.

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