Saturday, October 11, 2014

Greening Uganda and working on small projects in the rural communities

My team works on supplying Moringa Tree seeds for free to anyone in Uganda irregardless of political affiliation. Every Community Change Champion (CCM) joins my team.  We supply the seeds for free and arrange for transportation to every corner of Uganda.  Each CCC gets air time to participate in team meetings. Every CCC gets 25 chicks and feed (broilers) or 15 layers with starter feed.  We have much work to do in Uganda.  Recruitment has been some what challenging but if things were easy, everyone would do what we are doing. This is my project and I am the one that you can all attack or complain to about any gaps you find. My investment is sh. 50,000 per family.  This is only seed money which no one has to pay back.  Our team has an Economics graduate from MUK, a Development Studies graduate from MUK, a Computer Engineer graduate from the Islamic Institute, 3 teachers in A level, an Information Science graduate from Canada.  We each own personal companies and have jobs.  Our project is for our communities. Not only do you get seed money but you get to work with progressive business minded professionals who fund this project. Please contact me when you are ready.  All my information is on the internet and Face Book.  Search for "martha leah nangalama" or "martha leah zesaguli, my married name" and then get hold of me when you are ready to make a difference in your community.  We are working with 5 families per month in Uganda with no political affiliation or donations. Give it a try. Our youth need work and we are all in this together.

We also started 2 tutor free centers to prepare young people for PLE in 2014. We supply all the materials (past exam booklets) and snacks.  We would like to expand this community service work but will need help from everyone.  Currently, we have qualified teachers and assistants from A levels. Are you in or not?


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