Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gate Keepers - Pay attention to them.

I learned about Gate Keepers in Business School.  Love them and treat them nice and you will get somewhere. Uganda is a treat for this one.

These young kids walk into a firm and demand to meet Engineer Namalwa. The young lady is filling in for the receptionist and tells them to hand in their papers. The bratties were from some universities in Uganda applying for Internships.

They refused to give their documents to the receptionist and insisted on only talking to Engineer Namalwa.  She jumped on her bicycle the minute the receptionist returned.  Wow, Madam, we have been here waiting to meet Engineer Namalwa.

The wonderful lady replies "you just missed her, she was here all this time".  EPIC.

Gate Keeper man, even if you are driving a porsche, he can ensure that your car does not go through the gate.

The receptionist might be the Engineer who is training you for your internship.

The secretary might be the one who books your appointment with the boss or shreds your CV.

The boss always asks the secretary about you, secretary asks the receptionist about you, receptionist asks the man at the gate "how was this one when he came through the gate?".

Respect the Gate Keepers.  They can keep you from meeting the big boss.

By Martha Leah Nangalama (with Engineer Namalwa), Canada and Uganda.

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