Monday, October 13, 2014

Ebola, Marburg and HIV were not created by America to kill off Africans.

I am not asking for much really. I just ask for the following:
1) Do not shake my hand or expect me to shake yours.
2) Do not kiss me as I am allergic to kisses
3) Do not sleep with me because ebola can remain in your semen for up to 3 months..and anyway, I am not interested.
4) Do not sneeze or cough onto me -- sheesh, that is gross
5) Do not share any personal products (deodorant, tooth brush, hair comb, etc.) as this is really un hygienic.
6) Do not even think about Kaveera or any form of sex...ebola and marburg can remain in you for up to 3 months. Take a break, it will be good for you.
7) Do not assume that whites invented ebola or marburg to kill you all, their own people are also dying of these things.
8) Don't eat your cousin, s/he might be the monkey from which you evolved.
9) Wash your hands frequently and do not shake hands with anyone..EVER..and I mean EVER.
10) Respect your elders and write proper English.
11) Your morality is not my problem and your morality should never be forced on others. Get a life and stop preaching about "If you do not fear God, you are doomed". Who exactly told you that God needed to be feared in order to love you? You assume God is a dictator and then you use fear to bring people close to Him...pass a margarita, I can find another dictator anytime.
12) If you did not notice the Health Info in this post, inbox me when you get Marburg or eBola.
13) If you did not notice that I also insulted churchers, then start a novena. Your morality will cause you more pain than it causes me. Money talks, Bullshit walks. If you hate the Americans and Canadians for telling you to mind your own business, then stop begging us for money.
14) Do you have any questions now? Sorry, it is not Q & A time so deal with your own pain and Q & A time will return.
15) No hugs and you know what it feels like (a little) for a child to die alone because ‪#‎YouStoleOurDonorAidMoney‬ which was intended for rebuilding our Health Care. So you can just ‪#‎BringBackOurMoney‬.
For God and my country --- which one...let me think...yeah. Got it. Mind your own business and ‪#‎StopStealingOurForeignAidMoney‬.
                                                                By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)                  

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