Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I may live to regret this but oh well, that is life.  What bothers me about Uganda is the marginalization of tribes.  For a long time, we have not really had tribal problems but here now they are coming into public display.

Uganda has many tribes (I have the list and can send it to you if you wish).  Baganda is the biggest tribe. Now, I do not mean to be tribalistic but seriously, do you know that every government which has marginalised Baganda has lived to pay a price?  Let us start with you remember what happened with Sir Edward Muteesa II(RIP)?  Now move onto Idi Amin, do you remember what happened to that wonderful noble man Ben Kiwanuka (RIP)?

Fast forward, do you remember the burning of the Royal Tombs at Kasubi?

Generally, Baganda are a peaceful tribe, very elegant, and arrogant and very powerful. I mean no disrespect to my Baganda friends, heck, I grew up in Kayunga.  What bothers me about what is going on now in Uganda is the seemingly intentional marginalization of Baganda.  You make a very big mistake to marginalise the biggest tribe in Uganda, the one that many Ugandans respect. Sure, they have an attitude problem but they are very organised and very proud of who they are.  Never ever take land away from the biggest tribe.  When did a Muganda rule Uganda and torture and maime and kill other Ugandans?  Then you work very hard to ensure that they remain marginalised and force poverty for life.  That my friend might be the downfall of some future leader of Uganda.  I wish I could delve more into the History of the Importance of Buganda..but hey, Uganda is enough to tell you who they are.  I would suggest that all leaders, current and future pay attention to the importance of this big tribe, this intelligent tribe and this compassionate tribe. The rest of us could easily betray and sell any Ugandan but Baganda are Uganda.  Heed what they say or forever go down in History as the leader who destroyed Uganda some more by marginalizing Baganda.  Do you know that people were being tear gassed and being killed for going out into the streets to demonstrate for Dr. Besigye (a Muganda) and none of them were paid sh. 10,000 to show up or even given food or free transportation?  Yes, we all know Dr. Besigye was in the bush with NRM and he was the Doctor for the first family.  How you must understand the real Doctors oath is despite everything, not once has he ever divulged any medical details about the first family. That is a true Doctor. AND also a reliable Muganda. Maybe I better change my name back to Namutebi.  Good luck Uganda, read your history and remain true.  You are aslo marginalizing Batooro...Big mistake, Huge mistake.  For God and My Country.

Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
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  1. Just to correct you madam, Dr Kiiza Besigye Kifefe (Rt. Col.) is not a muganda