Thursday, September 25, 2014

Letter to the Hon. YK Museveni, President of Uganda

Dear Mzee Hon.YK Museveni,
Mulembe naabi. I am writing to you because I feel that an average‪#‎Ugandan‬ can talk to you about the issues affecting Uganda and you will listen.
1) Firing Mbabazi just like that was totally uncalled for. Now everyone around you has seen what you can do to your closest friends so you have created or excerbated the distrust around you. Never treat one of your best friends the way you did Mbabazi. As much as Ugandans are enjoying this, others are now watching their backs.
2) Your predicament in Texas with accommodation was not really directed at you. It was directed to all who profess hate, discrimination and persecution to other human beings. You will remember that slavery, holocaust and apartheid thrived because some people felt that one group of people had to be persecuted. Thank you for repealing that law but please do realise that the world is changing now and promoting hate and persecution are no longer acceptable in this global village we live in.
3) Arresting the youth for trying to register unemployed people. Mzee, did you know that the census we did recently, many Ugandans were not counted but your people told you it was 97% compliance? Now, if people in Kampala area were not counted, how about the ones in the rural communities? I am aware that your advisers and close friends tell you things but you are now online and you can read all the comments, posts, blogs, news; basically everything about Uganda. Try it one day, it is more entertaining than watching TV.
4) Journalists seem to be more hesitant to report on Uganda because there are internet rumours that the police intimidate them. Did you know Mzee that most everything is now online. Most of us only work with what is already being reported out of Uganda. So I would suggest that instead of Kajingo spending all her time telling the world where you are and on what day and what for (posts which can be used to verify your location anytime...not sure if you really want this), I would like to suggest that she spends her time scouting the internet for what is being written about you and Uganda. You will be surprised, most of what you see on the internet seems to come from within Uganda as some information is much too private for an average person to know.
5) The youth are our future. You should not tolerate 10 million unemployed youth and just call them rebel recruits. I can assure you, this population of unemployed youth who have no food or medicine, this is your biggest problem. Unfortunately, given what you did to Mbabazi, you are now forcing them to join Mbabazi..who is a great mobilizer and committed to have been friends for 40yrs + and I do not think his intention is to go against you but rather to bring the problems of our country full force in your face.
6) The terror alerts are now viral and global. You need to tell your people to work harder to find reasons to intimidate the populace.
7) Please stop paying your spies to follow people on social media. This is a waste of money. The real enemies will not go on social media to advertise their opinions. Most of us on social media try to generate discussions for how we can resolve problems in Uganda. We are more committed than the stooges you pay who know absolutely nothing and think that a post on Face Book or Twitter is a sign of an enemy of the government. WRONG...most information is being written by people in your regime, just check the blogs we discuss and the articles we share. Your enemies seem to be very close to you.
8) Please do what you can to help the youth without them begging too much for the progams you have in place. These are young people who need to be mentored, not to be coerced, arrested, blackmailed or forced into bribing to get government funding for their projects.
9) The education system sucks. Ugandans are much too brilliant but what is coming out of all these universities now are half illiterate people. No wonder we have a high unemployment rate.
10) Developing a country is a partnership. No one is less than anyone. Our programs for development must now be extended to other parts of Uganda instead of people saying "tuli mukintu". Uganda is for all of us, not a select few. You make a very big mistake to sideline people. A hungry man is an angry man. When people have nothing to live for, it is a toxic situation. Please understand that education, employment, development and poverty eradication are the key for your success. I hope you will consider my letter to you in a positive light.
Sincerely, Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton New Brunswick Canada
Citizen of Uganda and Canada
Thursday Sept. 25, 2014

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