Sunday, September 28, 2014

#Education system in #Uganda needs to be overhauled

On September 26, 2014, an article appeared in the New Vision newspaper in Uganda about the Current Education System. Here is my response on that issue and the original article link is at the bottom of this write up.
I agree that the education system in #Uganda needs a major up haul. I write about education very frequently so this gentleman is not saying anything too new to me but the rest of you should read this, especially those in the teaching profession. My biggest problem with your graduates and even those who are still at school is WRITING skills.
The youth refuse to write properly, actually even fully grown up cannot write one paragraph without abbreviating, misspelling and horrible grammar. Do you not use dictionaries anymore? Even in writing on Face Book, there is auto correction or prompts for misspelled words. Now leave the spelling and grammar aside...You cannot formulate an argument. Your graduates lack thinking skills,critical analysis, logical reasoning.
This is the real issue. In any case, traditionally, a university graduate will have much theory and then learn on the job. But how is it possible to teach someone on the job when they are incapable of synthesizing information, learning new things and then critically analysing a situation. How is it possible that I hire someone and baby sit them through every page of the report they are writing...might as well do the work myself.
To show you how lack of critical analysis and logical reasoning is, I have seen many Ugandans write "homosexuality is wrong. It is just wrong. My pastor told me it is wrong...the Bible says so". To which I usually say, argue through the damn thing completely, not I was told it was wrong. And if you are going to quote the Bible, make sure you refute me with why you think fornication, stealing, murdering and adultery are right when they are also classified as sins in the Bible.
Then I always ask people what was the Last Commandment, they refuse to read it back to me and then some go on tirades abusing me and that is how you lose a business deal, job or scholarship. The fact that you cannot write a paragraph to argue about something you feel passionate about. Then the other one, I have had many Bagisu tell me women are inferior.
Then I ask them why they think so...their answers is always ..well women are weak, everyone knows that. Or the others say, because they never faced the knife. Now what kind stupid argument is that, it was a knife once, how about you talk child birth or menstruation monthly. And you are actually denigrating the woman who offered to pay your tuition or give you money to start your small business.
 You see, you do not lose opportunities for your radical views, you lose opportunities for your stupidity in that you are completely incapable of having an argument with real reasoning soaked into it. NOW - START reading more. Think more. Practice Reading comprehension. Join a debate club so that you can take a stand on anything even if it is against your views, but try to win that debate.
 If Toast Masters is near you, join them. It is normally free Public Speaking meetings and you learn to speak confidently and argue confidently about any topic thrown at you. Damn, everyone should have been forced to be in the debate club. Your opinion of what disgusts you ceases to matter if you cannot explain logically why you feel that way.
"Against my beliefs" is not good enough. "Women are meant to have babies and cook and clean" is not enough. "I will never work for a woman", well, enjoy your unemployment and poverty.
The world is cranking out more women in grate positions of education than every before so chances are if you want a decent job, your boss will be a woman. Yeah, we rule because we are the Queen Bees.
Martha Leah Nangalama
You can check that New Vision article here:

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