Wednesday, December 31, 2014


May heaven make you live like a youth, bless everything you touch, bless everyone you reach out to, show you the side from where the rainbow comes from and show you who you are.  may heaven bless you with friends who will always remind you of what a magical creation you are.  May God shine His light upon your face wherever you go.  May the world embrace you for who you are.  May you live to leave a foot mark of you wherever you tread.  May 2015 be the year that you find out that you are a wonderfully loved person.  May you never take anything for granted but rather be thankful for each breath you take.  Happy New Year my friend

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

ps: the above was inspired by a friend.  When I get permission, I will mention the name here.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME for social Media advice.

If you are absolutely sure that you will never need a job in your life or look for any opportunity, then you do not have to follow any advice I give.  For example, I am one of this category.  Never will I need a job or look for one for the rest of my life.  If you are this confident in your current arrangement, then continue to write garbage on Face Book, Post garbage, comment silliness and use silly pictures.  On the other hand, people who already even know you will judge you from what you say on FB. Keep it clean.  I know mine is not clean - I post news..what do you expect.  Every current employer, future employer and potential business partner reads everything you say.  This is not the first time I say this.  The worst thing is they will come upon those other apps and internet things you were doing.  Welcome to IT and Social Media un sugar coated.  It is your life.  Do the best thing for it.  You abuse and insult, it will be found out even if you delete it.  You cheat and lie, it will be found out.  Everyone one is on Social Media (aka, the Internet).  Do not post any pictures you cannot explain for the circumstances under which you posted them and to whom.  Do not abuse or attack anyone.  You will see.  This is your life now.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

Save your Social Media (especially Face Book) because it can be Used Against You Anytime

WE DO A LOT ON FACE BOOK.  NOW WE SHOULD ALSO KNOW HOW TO SAVE EVERYTHING WE DO. EVERYTHING.  IT IS CALLED ARCHIVING.  What you do on Whatsap, Viber, Tango, etc, is already archived even if you delete your account.

Sorry, I did not see this coming up but it did come up.  Some of us are all over the internet we do not care what stories people make up about us.  Some of you should care.  Some of you are not so you will not know when things are being made up about you.  This is why you need to secure your profile and identity.  I suggest that you use Google once a week and type in your name to see what shows up that you did not write or share.  I thank Ann Elizabeth for asking about this particular issue in Q&A.

For FB, start backing up your data - everything you say on Face Book.  It will be easier for you to get the information in case of litigation than you getting a court order for Face Book to release it.  It might also save your relationship if you are being questioned.  Might also prove to other people that you never said those things that people use your profile to claim you said. Might also prove some other things I will not mention.  I am not a litigation lawyer but get into the habit of knowing what is going on about you and your loved ones on the internet.  Since Uganda uses FB a lot, this message is more or less directed to Uganda.  Protect Yourself and the ones you love.  Keep a copy of your information somewhere safe (I suggest cloud storage). Remember that everything you say on FB or the internet or those phone apps will find itself to the last person you would want to know about it.  My blog has all this information.

Why do I say all this - well, I got a threat about things I might have said and I know I did not say them for a fact.  So I looked at all my back ups everything nightly, I never said those things (kinda helps to have data).  I am not worried about it but I am not easy to intimidate.  I just wanted to warn my friends and family - always know what you write, share and post.  It will come to haunt you when you least expect it.

It is just a matter of time before you get harassed and intimidated or blackmailed.  I am lucky to be all over the internet but some of you are not and you will get hurt.  Even I know I might get hurt but at least I know that I have backups of all that I say and do.  Do you know what you say daily to people and what you do on the Internet?

Happy New Year.
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

Your Internet / Social Media Profile Picture Might cause you to lose an Opportunity

Your profile picture is bringing down your job search

Posted by Amanda Augustine
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September 2, 2014
Your head shot should add value to your profile. Fix these common mistakes to get it on the right track.
In today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to have a well-written resume and a list of great referrals; it’s essential for every job seeker to develop and actively monitor their online professional brand.
While a photo on your resume is still considered taboo, recruiters have come to expect a picture to accompany your online professional profiles. In fact, your LinkedIn profile is 40 percent more likely to get clicked on if it contains an image. Here at TheLadders, we also encourage our members to upload a profile picture.
However, not just any image will do. Choose your picture strategically so that it enhances, rather than damages, your professional brand. [TWEET]
To help, I’ve created a list of nine profile picture pitfalls to avoid.

Blurry or Too Small

Ideally your photo should be 200 x 200 pixels or larger. Anything smaller and you’re guaranteed to end up with a fuzzy or teeny tiny image that just screams unprofessional. I recommend choosing a square head shot, as it’s sure to work with all your professional social media accounts.

Too Close or Too Far Away

Stick with a standard head shot for your profile pic. Prospective employers and those in your professional network have no desire to examine your dental work, and a shot from far away won’t help them identify you at an event or interview.

The Group Shot

Remember, this picture is supposed to represent your professional brand – no one else’s. Don’t make recruiters guess which person you are in the photo. Use an image that shows you and only you.

The Crop

Cropping yourself out of the group shot doesn’t work either. While it may be your favorite picture, no one wants to see half of your loved one’s face or your best friend’s hair on your shoulder. Stick to a solo shot that doesn’t require Photoshop.

Bad Lighting

Not only do these pictures look creepy, but they are certainly not providing employers with a positive, professional first impression.

Too Serious

Opt for photos where you’re looking at the camera and smiling. You don’t necessarily need a cheesy grin on your face, but you want to appear friendly and approachable. The “glamour shots” aren’t doing you any favors.

Goofy Expressions

Remember, this image is supposed to represent your professional brand. When you look at your profile photo, does it send the same message as your resume?

Pet or Baby Pic

Yes, your puppy is adorable and your family is beautiful. However, that’s not what your professional network or a prospective employer needs to know about you. Save these cute pics for your personal social-media channels such as Facebook or Instagram. Stick to a photo of yourself for your professional profiles.

No Photo

As I mentioned earlier, recruiters today expect to find a head shot with your professional profile. In her article on profile photos, job search strategist Meg Guiseppi says the first thing recruiters and hiring managers notice is your photo…or lack of one.
“If you have no photo, their initial thought will likely be, ‘What is this person trying to hide?,’” says Guiseppi.
If you’re concerned that including your photo could cause people to discriminate against you, I urge you to carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the profile photo before making a final decision. The right image can reinforce your brand and help viewers connect more easily with your profile.   

Best Practices

Use a recent head shot that meets the file type and size and pixel size recommended by each site. Consider your outfit, the background of the shot, and the lighting to ensure it reflects your current professional brand and career goals.
Having no photo is better than uploading one that doesn’t project the right image, so put some thought into the picture you choose to represent your professional brand.

More Interview Questions and Preparation

I have no idea how many times I use this question in recruitment.  It is actually a pass time thing for me while I read over the notes.  But it is serious for some recruiters.  Please read this if you need a job or will need a job.  STAR IT!

How to answer, “What’s your greatest weakness?” during a job interview
Posted by Amanda Augustine

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October 20, 2014

This dreaded, seemingly trick question will no longer be difficult to answer in job interviews.


Most job candidates are familiar with the “What’s your biggest weakness?” interview question, but few feel equipped to answer it with confidence.

The next time you’re asked the stress-inducing question in an interview, use these tips to provide a powerful response. [TWEET]
Avoid faux weaknesses.

Recruiters and employers don’t want to hear that you’re a perfectionist or any of those other faux weaknesses that can be turned into strengths. They actually want to know about an area you’ve struggled with, and most importantly, what you’ve done to overcome that limitation. Steer clear of the “positive” weaknesses and stick to sharing something that’s genuine.

Choose something work-related.

This is not the time to discuss your fear of commitment or that you get awful road rage during rush hour. Focus on an area that’s relevant to your professional life. For example, perhaps you struggled with multi-tasking earlier in your career but have become a master at it in recent years.

Don’t mention essential skills.

Remember, the goal is to share a shortcoming that you’ve already taken steps to improve. This demonstrates to the hiring manager that you’re not only self-aware, but you’re dedicated to self-improvement.  If your greatest weakness is a critical requirement for the job and you’re still struggling in this area, then you may want to reconsider whether it’s the right role for you.

Use the STAR method to explain.

The STAR method is typically used to respond to behavioral interview questions; however, it can also be a great way to explain how you’ve overcome a weakness in a succinct, thoughtful manner. Here’s what to do:

Think of a Situation or Task that you’ve struggled with in the past. This could be anything from having difficulty remaining cool under pressure, being afraid of public speaking, or getting too caught up in the little details of a project and missing deadlines.
Identify what Actions you’ve taken to improve your skill-set or overcome this shortcoming at the office. For instance, if you’ve been too efficient for your own good in the past and ended up cutting corners, you can explain what measures you’ve taken to ensure you produce a high-quality, error-free product now.
Discuss the Results of your actions. Are you no longer struggling with this skill at the office? Have your customer scores or employee assessments improved? Are you performing better at your organization? Prove you’re an accomplished professional by explaining the final success.
Use this question as an opportunity to demonstrate to prospective employers your commitment to excellence and professional development. Remember, it’s not always about the strengths you possess, but the results you can achieve when the odds are against you.

Happy New Year to all my friends, family and followers on WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA)

I have written many messages on FB and you can even check my blog about them all for Happy New Year.

This one is for WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA). When Alex asked me to join it about a month ago, I even had never heard of it.  I think the page was about 3,000 members.  Now it is nearly 16,000 members (him and his friends have been working hard to grow the page and kudos to them all).  I frankly had no idea what Alex had set out to do in Uganda.  You have to realise that I have pretty well  grown up in Canada (Secondary School, Universities, Employment, Community Service) so joining an admin team for Uganda was also something.

Uganda is full of talented brilliant young people.  If we do not pay attention to them, we lose much.  Given my training and community involvement in Canada and Uganda, I looked at this page and realised that it has a lot of potential.  From that first day, I have watched other people on it work and post and comment with a passion for Uganda like what runs through my veins.  I am grateful to be part of that community.

All the pent up passion, emotions and the intellect...surely we can do something with it all.  Welcome to IT and Social Media for the good of Uganda.

I would like to wish everyone on WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA) a Happy New Year and a fantabulous 2015. This will be the year we make more great changes for Uganda.  I would also like to wish the same for the other Ugandan pages (Ugandans At Heart (UAH) Community and Ugandans At Heart (UAH) Base) and Politics, Advocates for Humanity and all the other other pages I belong to and apparently so many I admin (only see requests when I get a message).

What is going on in Uganda is this congruence of some sort.  We all know what is wrong, what has to be done but not how to go about it.  We are all not activists but I think we can ask the right questions if we have a voice.  WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA) and the other UAH pages are all working on the same thing - to give our people a voice.  Some people say "talking is not enough" but some of us know that talking is the start.

The obligation of WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA) and my duty to Uganda is to share all the news we can find from every mode of information outlet as well as writing education pieces for our our country.  If you do not like what you see on these FB pages, you do not have to read or comment, just walk away or block yourself.   We share articles from people who write passionately about #Uganda and life.  I am one of them and some of you have seen some of my articles (real life with no sugar coating).

Give a hand clap to Alex for WE SPEAK FOR THE NATION (UGANDA) and a hand clap to all the owners of the other pages I have mentioned (well I do not know their names really).

Let us make 2015 the year  that Uganda Exhales!!!

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

ps: Enjoy Art and Music from Ugandan Artists.  Our team knows them personally (we promote music and art besides animal husbandry and growing food).  HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Coming Home - #Uganda

In 2013, I returned to Uganda.  I was not prepared for much of it at all.  I spent most of 2014 embroiled in Ugandan issues.  I miss my International friends but they understand.

2014 has been a year of much learning and challenges.  I never abandoned my friends in Canada, USA, Mexico and most of Latin America.  Neither did I abandon my friends in Europe and Asia.  Some of you have watched me evolve with Uganda.  I had no idea how much I was shielded from.  I had no idea that education, employment and Canadian residence was shielding me too.  My people are going through a very hard a hard time and I had to return home.  Charlene LaFitte-Bourgeois, Sharon Connors, Tracy Eagles Coates, Roseanne Bowen etc... these people were my sisters when I am so far away from home.  I know they understand.   I am in touch with Hector, Toyin, Lilli, Allison, Ricky, David, Raju and Christine.  Shelley also was great dropping in sometimes to provide support.  In 2015 I will cover more global affairs than what I have been doing.  I have been infusing some global affairs in what I post and it will get bigger.  My people also need to know how the rest of the world.  I WILL NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH.  You were the wind beneath my wings.  Our team in Uganda is doing quite well.  You can talk all you want but till you act, nothing changes.  I have made some phenomenal friends in Uganda too, discovered my relatives and they all know who they are.  Returning home was a bit of a learning curve and I am still learning.  The country has much talent and intellect.  My cup of tea.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

Monday, December 29, 2014


YES IT IS THE IMMIGRANTS TAKING OVER!!!!  I always listen to this one when Mini and Min return from their games and say the results. One man pulled it off.  He is the president of Fiat and Chrysler.  Based in Italy.  I have read a lot about him.  He surrounds himself with the best performers.  He ditches non performers.  Not the ones who need guidance and help to grow in their careers but the ones who go out of their way to sabotage the people who are working hard.  You have much to learn Uganda. Sabotaging your performers will get you canned.

Fiat-Chrysler’s Sergio Marchionne  -- loved in N. America and respected but the Italians have an issue with him.  Bring it on Arianna and Pitbull.

Behaviour Based Interviewing -- Now we move to Interviews. I have written about CVs but now more comes.

Behavior Based Interviewing is something one of my employers taught some of us. I will never thank that company enough. My husband and I got a solid team together in #Uganda because of this. Everything you say or comment helps me to understand you. This is a system used by some of the most successful companies in the world.

You make a very big mistake when you think that a question is just it.  Recruiters and employers are actually indirectly wanting to know how you behave given a situation. The best companies do not have a set list of questions.  They want to know how you would behave given a situation.  In 2013 when Robert Zesaguli Pierre and I started to recruit people for our team, we were looking at their reactions and behaviour given a situation.  The stars of our team passed with flying colours and they can even testify to how they are doing now.

I am bad at this one as because being female, I face challenges.  Robert jumps in many times.  Sometimes I will ask a question like "where is the party this weekend".  I get answers like "are you in Uganda now".  This would eliminate you because you should learn to trace where people are at any given time.  Learn to love Google. 

I have coached people for interviews.  Hey, my services are free to #Uganda.  It is your life, not mine.
PS:  I only about CVs and Interviews for Multinationals as I hardly know anything about how Uganda hires.  

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda


On my death bed in the MacMaster University Hospital, I saw it with my own eyes. Martha, you have a 95% to die or spend your life in a wheel chair.  A team of 6 doctors were working furiously with an army of nurses to save me.  I am told that every time I got out of the comma, I would pull all the wires off.  So the medically induced comma was crucial.

Work for a great company and you will know.  I lost my shoes on the ambulance from Toronto East to Hamilton.  I miss those shoes.  But for some reason, I always had my phone and laptop.  As soon as I was able to go into a private room, I communicated with some of my friends at work to say I was cool.

That year was a very hard year.  However, people from work and our parish visited me daily.  Our priest had contacted another priest in Hamilton Ontario.  This wonderful priest was visiting me daily. I had nearly given up on God.  She used to pray with me daily.  My friends from work used to come and see me and bring me books too.  I have no way to thank them but they know.

So finally when Dr. Dolan accepted to receive me in Saint John Regional, the company had ground ambulance and Air ambulance to fly me home.  The kids were in New Brunswick, about 1.5hrs away from that hospital and they had been watching over me in ICU.  I had to sign some documents that I could die in the air ambulance but for crying out loud, I die hard.

The doctors in Hamilton and the nurses were wonderful.  For my treatments, well I was too sick to even comprehend.  I remember Gail asking me why I was coughing.  I told her I was having a hard time to breathe.  Then she did something and I became very sleepy.  Afterwards she explained to me  that the doctors at Toronto East General Hospital had found out that I am allergic to human protein.  The condition I have is very rare.  It affects only about 3 people in a million.  Very little research has been done about it.  There is no treatment except one to kinda help.  I get angry when I see people complain about the most researched diseases in the world which even have treatment.

When I got to Saint John, my platelets were 9.  Normal is 150 or more.  Dr. Dolan did something that still stuns me to this day.  He is a specialist in blood disorders and cancer.  His nurses Vicky and Brenda had to do a plasma exchange twice daily.  That is very hard on someone who cannot tolerate human protein.  He had me on some 12-15 units of plasma twice a day with steroids (the wonder drug as steroids suppress the immune system so that you do not reject foreign products).  One time Vicky looked at me and told me that I was all swollen up.  I had gained too much weight too quickly (retain and steroids).  Then she did something I even forget to help me lose all the liquid I was retaining.  She is an angel.  And so is Brenda.  During the treatments, I would break out in hives and shivers and they always knew what to do.  It is funny now the doctors and nurses in Moncton know.2007, 2008, 2009 - those years were hard.  But here I am today.

For all those trips to Saint John, the company had people to drive me there each time (we had an office there) and drive me home.  My priest, now retired also did a lot of driving.  The entire Parish was on stand by to drive me to.  My older sister Sharon from our church and Tracy (the music teacher) would usually get the girls from school.  Help with homework and feed them and then have a meal ready for me when I would return half asleep from the treatments.  I remember sometimes when Sharon could not get Mini and her daughter Laura who was in Gr 6 would have to skip out of school and take the small people bus home to care for Tasha.  Tracy has been teaching the girls piano since the ages of 7 and 4. She would dash to the school and pick up Tasha.  Then go do her errands.  Then dash back and pick up Becky.  Then give them their lessons, feed them and help them with their home work.  YES LOVE HEALED ME.  Now, it is shocking, Tracy has moved close to our home and many times the girls just walk there for the lessons.  Sharon and Charlie still live up the street and they help me with my garden business.  Our priest retired and is now in Istanbul.  My employers have set a standard for blood donations - roll up the sleeves.  One friend from work (Claudette) had read an email I sent (hey, I always have phone and latpop even in death) and asked the company to help.  On this particular occasion, the province of New Brunswick had ran out of my blood type.  I do not tolerate compatibles at all.  Vicky (my nurse) was very worried about going 6hrs without my blood products.  The government of New Brunswick with the hospital of Saint John Regional had to coordinate to fly in products from the province of Quebec.  It was a bit scary.  When I told Claudette about it, she asked the company for permission to ask for blood donations.  Some people tried to ask what my blood type was.  It is B-.  But the thing is you cannot just donate for a specific group.  Just give because one day, one time, your time is saving a life.  So my managers rolled up the sleeves and then paid all their employers to go and give.  Imperial Oil Ltd. (IMO on NYSE) and Exxonmobil (XOM on NYSE) are the biggest blood donors in Canada. They do more than that too (I will talk about Juniour Achievement soon).

My life was saved by LOVE.  From Family, Friends, Employers, Church Community, Neighbours and a great team of Medical Professionals.  LOVE HEALS, THIS IS REAL.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

UGANDANS HATE THEIR OWN PEOPLE -- Makes no sense to me but apparently it works.

I think some of us have to tone down and I know I am the first candidate.  Did you people know that parents have to pay for school?

Kids are not brats, they are just dealing with a lot of things.  Most of them are kinder than the friends in your age group.  They are not anti =social, I have an article on this one.

My biggest challenge is from Uganda.  I am getting attacked daily from Uganda and now realising that I need to let go and ignore Uganda completely.  This is a perfect set up.  But so many of our people in Uganda need this information.  Daily, I am shaking off all the attacks (you can read all my face book posts and comments) and now I understand a bit.  They hate their own people.  I do not even have to be in that country.  Why do they hate and take .............. NEvER mind.

Martha Leah Zesuguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda


I think some of us have to tone down and I know I am the first candidate.  Did you people know that parents have to pay for school?

Kids are not brats, they are just dealing with a lot of things.  Most of them are kinder than the friends in your age group.  They are not anti =social, I have an article on this one.

My biggest challenge is from Uganda.  I am getting attacked daily from Uganda and now realising that I need to let go and ignore Uganda completely.  This is a perfect set up.  But so many of our people in Uganda need this information.  Daily, I am shaking off all the attacks (you can read all my face book posts and comments) and now I understand a bit.  They hate their own people.  I do not even have to be in that country.  Why do they hate and take .............. NEvER mind.

Martha Leah Zesuguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda


Some Ugandans have this insanity that allows them to think that attacking and threatening total strangers is okay on the internet.  How so foolish.  I have even been attacked by my own family members who did not realise that Zesaguli is my marriage name.

Let us be a bit grown up about this.  Every Political Party in Uganda has spies.  I have been attacked by more NRM people than any other party?  Of course I just laughed.  I support only one party and in 2015, I will vote for it.

Why are Ugandans destroying everyone in their country and any foreigner that wants to be there?  Why do Ugandans hate each other so much?  I know about all the other issues we have but I need someone to teach me about this deep seated hate that I had no idea it existed.  I have seen it for a full 12 months straight.  I was fighting in 2013 but I did not understand the hate that these people have towards their own.

It is not every day that I ask you in Uganda to help me.  Please explain to me why you hate each other so much and work so hard to frustrate any Ugandan who wants to work with home.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

Sunday, December 28, 2014


One time when Mini was about 6yrs old, I threatened to sell her on eBay.  I do not even remember what she had done but I was livid.  Her reply "give me 3 days to determine the outcome".  So I went to work and returned to do the chores of all the parents that same day.

"Mommy, we need to talk.  In Canada, you are not allowed to sell children.  You can also not give them up for adoption if you are stable and have an income".  WHAT THE???   That is when I learned that Google is great for everyone.  The kid knew I had an Ebay Account where I sell things.  Selling kids was illegal. Maybe it is okay now but I ain't selling Mini EVER.

What bothers me about this experience is if we do not raise kids to be confident, we will lose them.  Mini was doing all my computer emails and sells and buys since she was 6yrs old.  Her sister was trading in my stock account at 9yrs old.  No threats work with these two girls.  I have had to learn a lot. WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS WHO DO NOT HAVE THIS EXPOSURE?  The girls know the law more than lawyers.  To help Uganda is proving to be a challenge of some sort.  It is only a challenge.  The Judiciary system is a total mess and it is very hard to even help anyone because people have no rights under the law.  I love challenges.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda

LET ME ANSWER YOU - THE WORLD. So many Ugandans inbox me for details about my life.

So many people inbox me to ask about details of me.  For some reason, some #Ugandans do not trust FB profiles. Maybe because they do not put their real information.  But so many do not use Google.  I find this a bit absurd but no longer shocking.  Just take the person's names and run them through a google search.

1) Sorry for all my male admirers.  I am married to my best friend.  Yes, I kiss girls daily but now you all know that they are our daughters. Robert is special.

2) No, I do not belong to any political party in Uganda.

3)  I am not paid for any of the information I provide.  Au contraire, I think I pay for doing the work.

4) Yes I am arrogant and I never say sorry.  This is because I am usually confident about what I post or comment about.

5) I do have journalist friends.  I bet you would want to know.  The key thing in life is to make great friends who will last forever and always be there for you.

6) Comes as a shock to some people but I was born and raised in Uganda.  Bududa Primary School.  Namugongo Girls School.  Namagunga Girls School (St. Marys).  I finished my secondary school in Canada but it does not mean I forget the schools I attended in Uganda.

7) I come from a very big family (thank you heaven).  My mother was a mother and I will never thank her enough.  Father was trained in UK and Japan.  Our family is full of educators, engineers, health professionals and I am the black sheep of the family that attempted business.  At least they all let me be me.

8) I talk a lot about education and employment on many posts.  I was hired 7 months before graduating.  So I do know some things.  I am passionate about education because without a solid education, so much is bleak.

9) I mention my father a lot because he lives in me.  Education, Employment, Community Service, Caring for the Elders, Never forgetting where you come from.  He lives in me.

Any more questions?  --- Just one thing, father worked in Telecom.  I love computers and Telecom with a passion.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda.



The story of Apollo Milton Obote's narrow escape reads 'like a script out of a movie'. The only difference is the plot of escape from Kampala to Nairobi which involved people, not fictitious characters.
Several rumors had bad been going rounds the over the years, especially one alleging that Obote was smuggled in a coffin during his escape after being ousted in a military coup. But according to one of his trusted bodyguards who spoke on condition of anonymity to The New Vision in 2005 said 'We never took that man in a coffin. We took him in broad day light,' says the body guard who stayed for many years with Obote in exile before returning to Uganda.
The drama of Obote's escape started unfolding early on the morning of 26 July 1987. Obote reported for work as usual in his officeon the fourth floor if parliament building, where he continued to recieve news of a multinous section of the army led by the chief of defence forces, Gen. Tito nOkelllo Lutwa. The force had overrun Lira town on 25 July 1987 and was advancing to Kampala to capture power. But inspite of the imminent danger, he still had hope that some sections of the army still loyal to him would squash the coup. His chief of staff, Brig. Smith Opon Acak, was put in charge.
A flurry of activities filled the President;s Office at Parliament till late evening. At about 11:00pm the minister of State for security, Chris Rwakasisi, Minister foe public service and cabinet ffairs, Wilson Okwenje, Brig. Opon Acak, Col. Ogole, Maj. Olwol, Lt. Col. John Opor and Col Orotha met to map out a strategy to contain the Okello troops. Col Ogole was assigned to set up ambushes along Kampala-Kauma road to beat off the mutineers. Shortly after midnight Obote retreated to Nile Massions (present day Serena) to sleep.
AT 2:30AM, HE WAS WOKEN UP AND INFORMED THAT THE SOLDIERS WHO HAD BEEn DEPLOYED TO SQUASH THE COUP had thrown in their lot with the plotters. Obote summoned his bodyguards. 'Let's go,' he said. Fearing Obote's life, his protection nuit whisked off to the residence of his personal doctor, Henry Opiote, where he held marathon meetings with Brig, Acak, the commander of special forces, Ahmed Ogeny, IGP,Okoth Ogola and Ogole, the commandant of 50th Brigade.
At the meeting it was decided that the president be moved out of Kampala. when it was suggested that he leave the country, Obote objected vehemently. Rwakasisi convinced him that it was important for him to stay a live. An arrangement was reached that he be relocated to to Jinja. At 5:30pm Obote was heading out of Kampala. silently, his bodyguards, the Presidential Guard Unit, an elite outfit with a superb system of gathering information and analyzing threats to the president, had different plans. The destination was Kenya via Busia. Obote's bodyguard saysa contigency plan of travel was hatched, and was supposed to draw as little attention as possible. The highly trained guards took control of the lead car since they mapped out the route and destination. His usual convoy was scaled down from 10 to 2, including the big Mercedes Benz (model 600) in which Obote normally travelled, two smaller Benzes (model 380) and a jeep, which was mounted with a large antiaircraft gun.
Likewise his team of nine guards were reduced to 6 and it was agreed that they wouldn't use walkie talkies so as not to alert the coup plotters. the team visibly had few guns but there were extra weapons in the boots of the cars.
However, when the arrived in Mukono, it was detained for 15 minutes at a road block manned by heavily armed soldiers who were under order not to allow anyone through, especially Obote, 'sisi yote takufa hapa, akuna anakimbiya,' they said in swahili, meaning that ;All of us should die in the country;.sURPRISINGLY, they did not bother to search the presidential convoy for Obote, who was huddled in back seat of the big car with a guard. The car's windows were heavily tinted and the curtyains had been drawn for added protection. 'We had all decided that we would fight and defend the president if the soldiers attempted to search the car' recalls the guard.
After a lot of haggling, Opiote lied that the convoy was going to the boarder to pick Miria who had been in Nairobi attending a conference for first ladies. But they were let off the hoook mostly because the soldoers were convinced that Obote couldn't have travelled at such ungodly hoiur without his full presidential security detail...............

Watch out for part TWO — with Deo Okwir, Ambrose Ocen, Morrish Stanley Ogwang and 15 others.
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Cgassiax Newton Omara it's a matter of research.
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Makawa Panzi John DU MEAN m7 regime found Obote here.1986
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Atim Charlotte Rita Wow i just can't imagine the story, it creates quite a lot of anxiety in me.
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Cgassiax Newton Omara Its a painful true story.
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Makawa Panzi John By 1985 Obote was out of Uganda, the story may be right but year more research needed please
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Dickens Otim Do some edit'ng bro,it can't be 1987
14 hrs · Like · 2

Emmanuel Onyango interesting...
14 hrs · Like · 1

Bob Love Maybe it was a typing error of the year
14 hrs · Like · 1

Cgassiax Newton Omara Its true, Obote fled the country in 1985. i apologise for that typing error John
14 hrs · Like · 2

Bob Love Noted
14 hrs · Like · 1

Makawa Panzi John Thanks for that i agree with because my dad was atypical UPC who used to tell me abt that
13 hrs · Like · 1

Joan Akidi U should edit the all story cos other people will not look at all comments
13 hrs · Like · 1

Alfred Ochan The story is fancy but needs editing
13 hrs · Like · 1

Hudson Apunyo Lira was over run on July 24 and the invaders were again thrown out on July 27, the day Kampala fell
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Cgassiax Newton Omara Thank you for that correction. i have unclear history how the coup planners started their journey from Gulu via Lira to Kampala. Hudson you could still give more facts that took place in Lira. Thank you.
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Akello Peninnah Milton Obote was one of the greatest leaders at the time Africa was fighting wars for freedom. He real had integrity and great intellect and courage. I have often wondered why he carried on so loyally when twice he had to escape from coups.
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Cgassiax Newton Omara Its quite hard to understand. maybe he was unafraid, yet his life was always at risk continually.
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Cgassiax Newton Omara The 1962 Drum Magazine described him as 'a pipe-smoking level-headed man with a track record of solid achievements'
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Mirembe Simon Say dat 2yz be4 1987 By then i wz in P5
12 hrs · Like · 1

Renny Mike Wafula of course 1985
12 hrs · Like · 3

Koko Patrick Very intresting
11 hrs · Like · 1

Mwesigwa Bernard The author should try to be careful with the dates otherwise it breeds doubt on the facts of the story.
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Morrish Stanley Ogwang in kenya the group were welcomed by his excellency Daniel Arap moi.then there were romours that they went with huge cash of money of which obote has for long said its not true
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Cgassiax Newton Omara Morrish that was indeed a lie that Obote stole money. in my next post, i shall tell how Obote lived megerly on two meals a day after reached Kitili Mwenda's home.
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Samuel Fasuluku Suluku Educative Piece. I Like This
10 hrs · Like · 2

Cgassiax Newton Omara Thank you Samuel.
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Morrish Stanley Ogwang then the question is.was paulo mwanga among the coup planners?
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Bala Daniel But 1987 was M7's regime,Obote was also there?
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Cgassiax Newton Omara Morrish, Paul Mwanga, The then VP and minister of defence explained on 27/7 why he had not fled with his boss. He gave an account of his involvement in the overthrow and revealed that he had struggled much with Brig, Smith Opon Acak, and this precipitated the coup. Also remember when Obote fled, Mwanga was appointed the executive prime minister by the military.
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Kizito Okwir Otwany Snr more educative,i cnt wait for part two
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Murimi Daud Its a good frame work of the happenings,
But you have ommited the real drama on that day,
One day I will give my version,according to a close soldier.
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Cgassiax Newton Omara Mwanga said Acak was rebellious and disrespectful. When he had summoned him to explain the uncoordinated troop movements, Acak didn't turn up, but CDF Lt Gen.Tito Okello, Minister of state for Defence Peter Otai and Internal Affairs Minister Luwuliza Kirunda turned up. Acak was reported to be addressing troops in Makindye, Lubiri and Summit View Barracks, urging them to prepare to fight anti government and allies. Mwanga had since backed a section of the army that demanded the sacking of Acak, Ogole, Otai, Rwakasisi and Kirunda Obote refused. i hope i have answered your answer Morrish?
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Martha Leah Zesaguli I cannot thank you enough for tagging me on this post. Thank you. Let me read it after I finish the news. You are the kind of friend I need in my life.
9 hrs · Like · 1

Cgassiax Newton Omara Thank you Martha Leah. Blessings over you.
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Martha Leah Zesaguli I think the year is more like 1985 not 1987. Just correct the year. 1986 Sevo was in. 1985 is that year where things were strange. We were living a very short distance from State House in Nakasero when Amin fell. We were then moved to Mbuya, right by the baracks. I was very young but some things never leave your mind. I frankly sort of remember Binaisa, Lule, etc.. bits and pieces. I remember in Jinja when Sevo arrived. There were soldiers. School was not open for nearly 10 mths (I think). However, I left to go to Secondary School in Canada. I will piece memory things together. I need to talk to my older siblings to remind me. For example, I even had no idea we lived in Banda???? and Kireka???? oh the history.
9 hrs · Like · 4

Cgassiax Newton Omara i corrected the year in one of my comments that you will come over there. You need to share with me that beautiful history. I really need that kinda first hand info.
9 hrs · Like · 1

Ejuku Walter i'm not a historian or apolitician but i can enjoy reading the post thank u very much
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Cgassiax Newton Omara Walter none of us i surely bet, or if not me is a politician, worst still not a journalist too. Im just a Ugandan Tax Payer
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Morrish Stanley Ogwang newton thanks for posting this very interesting history.thanks to those who stood by him from his first exile to second exile again .thats y i will never forget what mama miria did to this great country.milton groomed so many but they betrayed
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Cgassiax Newton Omara May His Spiritual Elements find everlasting peace. Ameen.
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Okao Douglas Big up bwana Omara we need more of those
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Cgassiax Newton Omara Okao Douglas wait for it tomorrow after midday Uganda's Time
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Sarah Seruwagi Thx 4 the tag, soon to do the needful....A leader!
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Orech Lima Boniface He will always remain a nationalist, RIP ur Excellency
8 hrs · Like · 2

Okao Douglas ok
8 hrs · Like · 1

Cgassiax Newton Omara Thank you Seruwagi, im waiting....
Orech Obote is a nationalist. period.
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Moses Atocon Atyekwo The truth one of those trusted bodyguards on that convey was my brother and ever since 1984 I have never seen him again.
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Cgassiax Newton Omara Moses, i am guilty and sorry for the bad history i have painted in your heart. I beg for your forgiveness. i am deep heartedlly so sorry
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Okabo Denish i like that
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Nyonjo Afrika Sense Made
Tnx a lot
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John Mwanje Kyakulagira How old is the author of this intriguing story? He must be suffering from some degree of dementia and therefore mixing up the dates when the spectacular events in his story unfolded. Hmmm!
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Martha Leah Zesaguli Mwanje - the world is full of critics. In fact, it is always easier to criticize without providing anything. So far, I have checked your contribution on FB to Uganda and it is NOTHING. Getting one year mixed up is perfectly normal and fellow writers correct gently. You just insulted Omara so there will be a price that you will pay. WRITE FOR US YOUR OWN story and then you will get respect.
4 hrs · Like · 2

Martha Leah Zesaguli You even saw my comments.. I was telling the world that my memory is sketchy. Many of us remember things in broken pieces. It does not mean that we have dementia - it means we were very young and a child then had no computers now like this one which...See More
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Bill Lajul Allimadi #Cgassiax Newton Omara Please your narrative is full of inaccuracies. I would advise that since family members of the late President Apolo Milton Obote are still alive and easily approachable all in Uganda, am sure they will be all too ready to give y...See More
47 mins · Edited · Like · 1

Martha Leah Zesaguli Bill - provide your own ACCURATE narrative. Omara tried and you all sound like empty gongs attacking without providing your own narrative. I am a friend to one of his kids and he never shows up online abusing what people say about his father. YOU MY FRIEND, WE ARE NOW WAITING FOR YOUR NARRATIVE. ANY IDIOT CAN BE A CRITIC. A SMART CRITIC PROVIDES THEIR OWN NARRATIVE.
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Joseph Tumushabe A storm in a tea cup. I have read all the comments on this story. The author has been attacked, no harassed, no no is being deliberately silenced by "authorities" . Yet the only offence committed is mixing up a date or dates. He has apologised and even provided an errata. But the attacks continue. And now my curiosity is truly high? Is there a story behind the story? Are there some people who want this story buried and hence the bullying of the author?
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Martha Leah Zesaguli Joseph Tumushabe - I already took everything and put it in the cloud.