Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dictator Paul Biya restored Internet for Anglophone Cameroon


It is shocking that we all let part of a country be cut off from communicating with the world as they were being brutalized for their basic human rights. Funders and donors of Paul Biya will go down in history for this outrageous regime. Very much like all those who fund murderer dictator Museveni of Uganda.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

#Humanities like #Music are useless - #Uganda president #Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni is on record for telling Ugandans that Humanities are useless.  No one should blame him since his entire family is full of medical doctors, engineers, physicists and astronauts with some mathematicians in the clan.
I was so stunned I had to give myself a head shake.  Useless humanities.  No wonder Uganda is the most scientifically developed country in Africa.  L'horreur de ma vie!
There is no one in STEM who will tell you that Humanities are useless but he is the president so the country will be focusing on only sciences and technology which is right up my alley.
The education system in Uganda has been so bastardized graduates cannot even write a one page essay with atrocious grammatical mistakes but that is okay since they will be shipped off to the Middle East as slaves anyway.  Imagine your parents pay for 3 to 4 years and you slave through a degree to only find yourself as a maid, sex slave or driver in the Arab world because our country so believes in Humanities being useless and sciences being king.
Then of course we have the contrast like Canada where Humanities are respected and kids take arts and music and the unemployment rate is 6.9% where Uganda has 85% - 92% unemployment.  Numbers do not lie.
Lucky Museveni whose family has only scientists.  Most of our families do not have scientists and in fact we have teachers of art, history, literature, economics, agriculture, entrepreneurship and other things like some of them teaching chemistry, physics or maths nebilala nebilala.
I watched a kid write a report for her English course (might have been the French one though) and she chose the topic of how music is known to increase academic performance by up to 35% and why Mozart and Tchaikovsky rule.  Then we live in a province which provides Sistema for free and it is not an option but a requirement because apparently Canada knows that music, drawing and painting, dance and sports are good for little monsters.  Not Uganda though.  They are all none humanities.
Some of you might not know this but many children can read musical notation before they read books because music is natural for the human brain and "without music, life would be a mistake"... Friedrich Nietzsche
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, New Brunswick Canada

'Humanities useless' debate sparks science teacher boost - University World News

'Humanities useless' debate sparks science teacher boost

George Michael - Careless Whisper (Official Video)

Friday, April 21, 2017

@United CEO Munoz says will not become Chairman

Amid passenger-dragging fiasco, United CEO Oscar Munoz says he won't take chairman post with the company having lost a whooping $1 billion in capitalization in a day only to recover but still close with a loss in the neighbourhood of $750,000 in one trading day.  IMAGE is everything!
Facing furor after a United passenger was dragged off a sold-out plane, the chief executive for the carrier’s parent company has agreed not to take on the added role next year of chairman of the board.
Under a previous employment agreement, United Continental Holdings chief executive Oscar Munoz was scheduled to become chairman of the board next year, in addition to retaining his current position.
But in documents filed Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Munoz has agreed not to take on the chairmanship role, a post now held by Robert Milton.
In another filing with the SEC, the company says it wants to “ensure that Mr. Munoz is able to more exclusively focus on his role as chief executive officer. The board also believes that an independent chairman of the board can effectively manage the relationship between the board and the chief executive officer.”
The documents don’t specifically say that the changes are the result of pressure upon Munoz after a passenger, Dr. David Dao, was dragged off a sold-out plane in Chicago on April 9, in a scene that has become a worldwide viral video. Dao suffered a concussion and broken nose and lost two teeth. The carrier asked Dao and three other passengers to give up their seats to make room for United employees, but Dao refused.
A section in the SEC documents about employee compensation said the management and the board “take recent events extremely seriously” and are working to more closely tie future compensation incentives to “improving the customer experience.”
Executive bonuses were previously tied primarily to financial and operating goals, according to the documents.
Munoz, who took his current position in September 2015, last year earned a base salary of $1.25 million, plus stock awards and equity payments for a total compensation package of $18.7 million. The additional post of chairman was not expected to increase his salary, United officials said.

Employees must never assume that they are irreplaceable - #JOB #Employment

I normally write for Uganda managers, supervisors, business owners and supervisors because Uganda has a very high unemployment rate and bosses assume employees owe the company for having a pathetically low paying job.  You are wrong on this one but read my past writing.
Today it is for employees all around the world who think they are so good they cannot be replaced.  If you do not believe that you can be replaced, contact Bill O'Reilly, FOX's O'Reilly Factor.  At least he walked away with a bronze parachute of $25 million.  You also have CEO's who go away with golden parachutes some to the tune of $400 million.
If you are unlucky like moi, you will get maybe get $10,000 or nothing and wish you had kept your CV up to date.
Why you are replaceable is because your skills have also been taught in other schools to other people.  Your skills have also been taught by other employers to others.  Your speciality is likely being incubated in China or Brazil as we speak.
All companies have an organisation chart of key functions / roles.  In each box there is the role and then they just slot in a name.  So if you get hit by a bus or get thrown under the bus, the company only has to pick someone in the same company who has skills similar to you and hasta la vista baby.  OR they will put up an AD and get people.  Even better, they will hire a SEARCH firm to find them the right candidate for the position.  Usually these are for high end executive kind of jobs but some of us like IT nerds can be replaced by a kid earning half the salary working longer hours from even the local university or some kid in India earning 10% of what we are paid in Canada.
As much as we need employers to treat us well, we must also not take employers for granted.  Companies lose money when their assets (employees) do not play their part.
In the mean time, of course as usual, learn.  Use every opportunity to learn.  Read. Keep studying. Take evening or weekend courses.  Never stop learning.  People in IT know this very well because the technology changes so fast one can no longer say they are a certified Nortel Engineer (what happened to that company anyway?).
Today it is Nortel, tomorrow it is Avaya and next month it will be Lucent or Nokia or some other Contact Centre hurry come up.  The key is if you have been reading and learning, nothing will take you by shock.  For a fact in IT, the only thing that has remained constant is SQL.  Structured Query Language is forever and then of course everything is built on top of that.  If you are in IT you should familiarise yourself with BigData and Analytics because these are the it and require solid skills in databases and security.
Then of course we have some CEOs who say only they have the vision until they die in a trench like a rat and leave their country in a total mess and in their grave they wonder what they were thinking to say only they had the vision?  If you do not believe this, ask Sadam Hussein or Gadafi. But of course President Yoweri Museveni is the only Visionary though.  Look at the sheep he is leading.  So this one might not suffer the fate of some others who shall remain nameless because at least he has his own army, treasury and found his own oil.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

#Beyoncé - #Irreplaceable

Reason online uprising against Bill O’Reilly worked - #FOX #OReillyFactor

DECADES-WORTH OF SEXUAL harassment allegations finally caught up with Bill O’Reilly this week. Fox News officially dropped the conservative pundit and face of its brand following a bombshell New York Times investigation and the weeks of flashy protests that followed, including a giant rally outside Fox’s New York headquarters and a plane carrying a #DropOReilly banner flying over Manhattan.
But arguably the most powerful force operating against O’Reilly after the news broke was the laser-focused social media uproar. Far from your standard-issue slacktivism, this particular backlash, singularly focused on convincing advertisers to pull their money from The O’Reilly Factor. Left-leaning groups like Color of ChangeSumofUs, and Sleeping Giants directed their millions of combined followers to litter the social media pages of brands like Hulu, Jenny Craig, and Trivago with public pleas and criticism, leading some 60 advertisers to withdraw from the show.
The coordinated campaign demonstrated how effectively social media activism can work. But it also came at the right time in the history of technology and media. Thanks to the ad-tech boom, advertisers today have endless options for where to place their messages. They no longer need The O’Reilly Factor to reach O’Reilly’s audience, because ad exchanges can find those very same targets pretty much anywhere else these viewers live online. Combine that reach with the fact that consumers also have more outlets than ever to express their corporate rage, and the decision whether to stick with Fox or skirt a scandal starts to look like an easy one.
“Brands like to take the moral high ground,” says Nicole Carty, a campaign manager for the consumer watchdog group SumofUs. “Moving ads from one place to another is low-risk in the scheme of things.”
That wasn’t always the case. “Fox used to be the place where you needed to go to reach a certain type of conservative audience,” says Rashad Robinson, executive director of Color of Change. For a while, that made Robinson’s job tougher. Back when Glenn Beck was still on Fox, the civil rights group launched a similar campaign to oust him from the network, an effort that began years before Beck eventually left the network in 2009. Back then, Twitter was just three years old and Facebook had 360 million active users, compared to the 1.86 billion monthly active users on the platform today.
“It was completely different in terms of the power of Twitter and all of these platforms,” Robinson says. “The speed at which this happened was much quicker and more direct.” It didn’t hurt that O’Reilly and Fox spent $13 million over the years settling lawsuits filed by O’Reilly’s accusers.
Keeping Brands Safe
This new flexibility for advertisers hasn’t always kept them away from controversy. At times, it’s plunged them deeper into it. During the GamerGate controversy, for instance, trolls angry about Gawker’s criticism of gaming culture called on advertisers to distance themselves from the site. A few, including Intel and Adobe, actually did cut ties, despite the fact that in doing so, they were siding with the trolls. More recently, brands have found their ads featured alongside extremist videos on YouTube, leading companies like AT&T to pull their ads from the platform altogether.
This new world requires brands to be hyper-vigilant about where their ads end up, since algorithms, not ad execs, are deciding where to place them. That’s particularly true given that consumers now have social media megaphones to let the world know if and when brands slip up. In hopes of mitigating that risk, JP Morgan recently shrunk the number of websites displaying its ads from 400,000 to just 5,000.
That activism undoubtedly escalated the O’Reilly scandal. Just days after the New York Times published its investigation, Fox renewed the longtime broadcaster’s contract anyway. But a determined network of online activists had already begun whittling away at advertisers’ loyalty, until one by one, they took their business elsewhere.
“Fox is a corporation and corporations listen to their bottom line,” Carty says. “We had to make it economically painful for them before they took action.”
For Fox, it seems, the economic burden became too much to bear. As for O’Reilly, his $25 million severance package should soften the blow.